Why Business Owners Need a Professional Plumber on Speed Dial | San Antonio, TX

Why Business Owners Need a Professional Plumber on Speed Dial | San Antonio, TX

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Quick and easy access to certain services can make business or property owning a little less stressful when things go wrong. For example, you definitely want to have an experienced commercial plumber on your speed dial list of essential services. That’s because plumbing issues may not only make life miserable for staff and customers, they can cause many business operations to grind to a halt.

Needless to say, for business and commercial enterprises, that can negatively impact profit margins. An experienced plumbing service provider, such as bluefrog Plumbing + Drain serving the greater San Antonio, TX area, can be a lifeline when the hot water fails to flow, or the public or staff toilet backs up. Their team can dispatch an expert commercial plumber to help in emergency when you’re trying to protect your bottom line.

6 Plumbing Problems That Business Owners Dread

If you own or run any kind of business, you are likely familiar with most of the following, scenarios, perhaps second hand as horror stories from colleagues, or perhaps from first-hand experience. Commercial and retail establishments are particularly vulnerable when plumbing systems fail or run less than optimally. When problems occur, the best advice is to stay calm – and call a plumber.

No Hot Water Supply

Hot water is essential to many businesses, especially for medical facilities and those that deal with food preparation. In fact, licensing may be contingent on the availability of hot water and smoothly running plumbing infrastructure. And really, hot water is critical for the hygiene protocols for almost any type of commercial enterprise. There is an array of reasons why hot water may no longer flow to your establishment. It could be an issue with a water heater or one of its many component parts, or it could indicate a broken pipe. A professional plumber can evaluate the situation, make the repair and get things back to normal quickly.

No Water

An even more problematic circumstance is having no water at all. This often causes businesses to shut down completely, which, for some, can be a disaster. Problems can range all the way from unpaid water bills to broken pipes or connections. If you’re a business owner, it likely doesn’t matter if water is now pooling in the basement or in the ground somewhere on the grounds of your property: it just means lost business and downtime. You need an expert plumber with the right set of diagnostic tools to make your nightmare go away.

Clogged Toilets

Clogs and blockages in a commercial sewage or wastewater system are often the result of certain industrial materials being flushed. These can range from grease to physical objects, or gradual accumulations of waste solids. Good staff hygiene requires working toilets. And if you offer restroom facilities to the public, they simply must be in good working order. Call a plumber, who has the right knowledge and equipment to get to the bottom of the problem before serious damage is done to your business reputation.

Recurring Clogged Drains

Similarly, when there is a physical obstruction or blockage anywhere in the pipeline, water can back up from drains in commercial sinks and toilets. And that can potentially lead to destructive and expensive damage to drywall, tiles and flooring. The foul odors that emanate from clogged drains can also be a problem, turning off customers and generating an air of neglect around a business. In some cases, noxious fumes from backed up drains can actually be a health hazard. A fully equipped commercial plumber, armed with video diagnostic tools, a plumber’s “snake” and various other devices can assess where the source of the blockage is located, then fix it fast.

Flooded Basement and Storage Areas

It’s hard to miss a basement or underground storage area filled with water. Floods can occur in the San Antonio, TX area alongside other types of extreme weather events. It’s during storms or earthquakes when plumbing infrastructure may be under pressure from unusual amounts of precipitation or sudden shifts in the water table. These types of plumbing-specific problem could also result from a broken sump pump or a burst pipe caused by something as basic as an overgrown tree root. You may need a plumber to assess what is causing the flood, repair the problem and assist with the clean-up. Especially if business owners are planning on making insurance claims, calling in a certified plumbing specialist is the best course of action in this instance.

Continually Running Toilets

This situation is a waste of good water and good money. Running toilets and silent toilet leaks can stem from a failed toilet flapper. A flapper with a broken seal can cause the toilet float to fall out of level, keeping the water in a toilet running. The unwelcome sound of a toilet running may also indicate a broken seal or connector somewhere else within the plumbing stack. You need a pro to diagnose exactly where the problem lies and fix it so you can stop flushing hard earned money down the drain.

Keeping all operations and component parts of your business is really important. Even something as simple as clogged staff bathroom can demoralize staff, contravene health and safety standards and give the entirely wrong impression of your commercial or retail outlet to inspectors and customers.

If your business, commercial or retail establishment are experiencing any of the issues described above (or others not mentioned here), don’t hesitate to give the experts at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio, TX a call. Their team serves the greater San Antonio, TX area 24/7. From emergencies such as flooding and sewer backups to less urgent scenarios such as low water pressure and advice about new plumbing systems, professional plumbing service providers can get your business’ water and waste infrastructure flowing smoothly again with as little downtime as possible.

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