Is It Time for You to Call a Professional Drain Cleaning Service? | San Antonio, TX

Is It Time for You to Call a Professional Drain Cleaning Service? | San Antonio, TX

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Have you noticed your neighbor has a drain cleaning company sitting in their driveway? Did it start to make you think about whether you should be worried about your drains? It is something to think about because homes of the same age tend to have the same types of problems, so if your neighbor needs plumbing services it may be time to think about your drains as well.

Predominantly, you may want to think about the last time you had your drains cleaned. If you can’t remember, this alone may be a sign that it is time to seriously consider booking a drain cleaning service with your local plumber. At the very least, you may want to schedule to have your drains scoped. This is an easy process that looks down your drains and inspects them for clogs or buildup. A tiny camera is threaded down the drains and can help you spot trouble spots before they become emergencies.

After all, it is always better to proactively react to a drain issue then find yourself dealing with a major backup out of the blue. Drain back-ups can be messy, costly, and smelly and that is why it is recommended that every homeowner hire drain cleaning services at least once every ten years. For homes that have issues with sewer lines backing up, the recommendation is usually once every year. Of course, your plumber can offer you a better recommendation, but at the very least you should be keeping tabs on the situation at all times. 

Starting to wonder whether or not you should call a plumber? Here is a shortlist that describes the many benefits of routine cleaning. These benefits should help you see why your neighbor was smart to call in a plumber for routine maintenance and should help convince you to call your plumber.

Quicker Drainage

Does it ever seem like it takes a while for the sink to empty after you wash the dishes? Does it seem like your shower is having a hard time keeping up with you? Is there water around your feet once you finish that still needs to finish draining? These are signs that your drainage system is not working as quickly as it should be. While this may just be an inconvenience at first, eventually it can lead to a real problem. 

Imagine if your shower started turning into a bath because the water was simply pooling around you. Water should not gurgle down a pipe. In fact, if you start to hear prolonged gurgling this is another sign that your drains are starting to back up. The good news is that this problem can be easily fixed if you hire a company to come to clean your drains. Cleaning is a relatively quick process and you can have your drain cleaned within a day. 

Once your drains are cleaned, you will immediately notice the difference. There will no longer be standing water in the drain and you can stop worrying about it overflowing or standing.

Prevent Leaks

One of the most common plumbing issues that all homeowners face from time to time is leaks. Leaks usually occur when a pipe weakens. One of the main reasons that pipes weaken and corrode because of the buildup of chemical deposits or food particles that sit along the side of them. This build up slowly eats away at your pipes, but you can prevent this from occurring by simply removing the buildup.

Regular drain cleaning in San Antonio, TX does just that. A good and thorough drain cleaning removes all debris, food particles, chemicals, and wastes from inside of your pipes. Clean pipes do not have to worry about corrosion occurring from the inside, which means that you should not experience as many leaks. This extends the lifespan of your pipes by quite a bit and probably saves you from having to call an emergency plumber.

Prevent Foul Odors

One of the worst parts of backed-up drains are the foul odors. If you have not scheduled drain cleaning in San Antonio, TX in a while, you may already notice some foul odors wafting out of your pipes. Although it would be nice, pouring bleach down your drains is not going to be enough to stop the foul odors from continuing to permeate your home. In fact, over time the odors are probably just going to get worse. This is oftentimes what causes basements to smell so badly.

A pipe does not even have to be clogged in order for the bad smells to start. Over time the debris and food particles that sit inside your pipes actually start to build up. It is this rotting debris inside your pipes that causes the smell, so even if your pipes aren’t blocked, they can start to smell. 

Even worse, there are flies commonly known as drain flies that actually like the odor and will swarm down your pipes towards it. They will eventually lay their eggs in the debris and then you will suddenly be dealing with an infestation of flies near your drains. This is obviously not a very great situation to be dealing with, and one that can only be cured by a plumbing service. Mold and mildew can also grow in your pipes in the same areas causing breathing issues within your home. Routine drain cleaning however can prevent all of these scenarios from occurring.

Call in a Professional Plumber for Help

At this point, booking your own drain cleaning service is probably starting to sound great. bluefrog Plumbing & Drain of San Antonio, TX can help you restore the integrity of your pipes. Give us a call today and we will schedule a drain cleaning, so you never have to deal with the hassle of drain flies, leaky pipes, or a sewage backup.

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