What Are The Signs That You Need Sewer Line Repair And Not Just A Drain Cleaning Service? | Cibolo, TX

What Are The Signs That You Need Sewer Line Repair And Not Just A Drain Cleaning Service? | Cibolo, TX

The plumbing system is essential for comfortable living and hygiene at your Cibolo, TX home. It comprises the fixtures, drainage system, appliances, and the water line. Whenever a problem arises, homeowners must enlist the help of a plumber to inspect, diagnose, and fix it. Unfortunately, some homeowners always use their DIY skills to fix plumbing issues.

This has several drawbacks. First, by trying to fix the issue yourself, you might make it worse. Additionally, this might void any warranty you had, not to forget that you expose yourself to the risk of injury. One of the main problems homeowners might experience is a broken sewer line. Although some people still try fixing this issue themselves, you must hire a plumber for a drain cleaning service or sewer line repair instead. 

You should never ignore sewer line issues. They will result in backups into your home and other problems that are expensive to fix. Additionally, having a sewer system that is out of commission results in many inconveniences, not forgetting that it stinks. Similar to many plumbing issues, the sooner you enlist the help of a plumbing company for the sewer line repair and drain cleaning, the better. But what are the main signs that you have a broken sewer line?

Constantly Changing Toilet Water Levels

 One of the main signs that your sewer system is broken is if the water levels of your toilet are constantly changing. At one time, you have an entire toilet bowl, and next, there barely is any water left. This isn’t a regular occurrence. It is a sign that there may be a deep clog in the sewer system, resulting in a backup. Instead of guessing the reason for the phenomenon, you better hire a plumbing company for an inspection. If the issue results from sewer issues, the plumber will offer drain cleaning services and repair any problem to ensure that the toilet has sufficient water for a flush.

Whenever You See Unwanted and Disturbing Pests

The other sign that you might be dealing with a sewer line issue is when you keep seeing bugs, pests, critters, flies, and rodents at your home. Whenever you notice an influx of critters at your home or fruit flies buzzing near the drains, it is time to call a plumbing company for a sewer or drain inspection.

A blockage within the sewer line mainly causes the issue. Hence, the sewer line repair professional will offer a drain cleaning service to remove the obstruction from the sewer line to ensure that there isn’t a haven for these unwanted pests.

Stinky Smell

Have you noticed a pungent smell whenever you pass near the drains? That is a sign that something is amiss down there. Sewer or rotten egg smell is the most telling sign that everything isn’t alright in your sewer line. Whenever you notice this, it is time to enlist the help of a plumbing company for a sewer inspection and sewer line repair. Ignoring this issue has the potential to result in another costly plumbing issue. A regular drain cleaning service can go a long way in preventing the pungent smell.

When You Have A Soggy Lawn

Is your Lawn constantly Soggy even when it has not been raining? Pooling of water in your yard might point to a sewer leak. A soggy lawn might make the vegetation start rotting, throwing a pungent smell. Additionally, it poses an injury hazard to you and your family, not to forget the unsightly look it gives to your Cibolo, TX home.

Hence, ensure that you take note of where the puddles or pools of water are and seek the help of a plumbing company for a sewer line repair. They will pinpoint the exact location where the sewer line has a leak and use their tools and experience to fix the issue. If a clog is the cause of the leak, the professional will also offer a drain cleaning service to remove the obstruction.

The Water Is Slowly Draining

Letting your drainage system remain clogged by hair, toys, dirt, and debris is never good. Whenever your drains are clogged, it takes longer for the wastewater to flow into the sewer lines or septic system. This should be a cause for concern to any homeowner, especially if it has been a long since they’ve had a drain cleaning service. If it takes longer to drain, you could be staring at a flooding issue at your home.

Hence, you must enlist the help of a plumbing company in Cibolo, TX, for a routine sewer inspection and maintenance. Whenever they detect an issue within the sewer line, the professional will offer a repair service to ensure that your sewer system is clear and wastewater can seamlessly flow. Don’t be like some homeowners who resort to chemical drain cleaning solutions to clear the blockage within the sewer line. This might have more harm than good. Instead, they should hire a plumber for a drain cleaning service to clear the blockage.

Gurgling Sounds Emanating From the Sewer System

Have you heard your drainage or sewer system producing some strange sounds? That signifies that all isn’t well within the sewer system. Gurgling and other odd sounds that emanate from our drains are never a good sign. Call a professional plumbing company for drainage and sewer line inspection whenever you notice these strange noises. If there is a blockage, the professional will offer a drain cleaning service to clear the sewer line. However, if any other sewer line issue causes the issue, they will offer a sewer line repair service to address it before it worsens.

Professional Sewer Drain Cleaning and Other Plumbing Services

Have you noticed either of the above signs at your home? Then you could be having a sewer line issue. Because of the material that flows through the sewer system, issues within the sewer line might result in hygiene-related health issues such as cholera. Hence, you should enlist the assistance of a plumber to inspect the drains and sewer system.

If the professional notices a problem with the drains, they will offer a sewer line repair or a drain cleaning service to ensure waste and wastewater flow appropriately into the septic system. Call the reliable, experienced, and licensed bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio plumbers at 210-876-1629 today for a sewer line repair or inspection.

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