What Are the Most Common Tools Used by Plumbers? | San Antonio, TX

What Are the Most Common Tools Used by Plumbers? | San Antonio, TX

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Are you curious about the specialized equipment and tools that professional plumbers bring with them to provide plumbing services? If you have ever had the chance to check out their tool kit, you must have noticed numerous different tools. The tools kept by them are used for multiple purposes that specifically help to fix issues like faucets, clogged, leaking, jammed pipelines and water flowing.

Here are some of the common tools every plumber has in their tool kit to fix the plumbing issues in houses, offices and any other place.


1.    Pipe Wrench

Among the typical tools of plumbers, a pipe wrench is known as the most important tool that is used for basic plumbing purposes. You can say that pipe wrench loosens and tightens pipes, additionally, helps to fit the pipelines.

Actually, they usually have two types of pipe wrench; one for turning and the other one is for gripping.

Do you ever see or use the pipe wrench? Well, there are serrated teeth of pipe wrench which makes it easy for professionals to grasp the fixture.

You noticed that plumbing professionals prefer to wrap a cloth or any coverage around the wrench jaws, this helps to save the final fixture from damage. This is one of their tips to ensure harmless services!


2.    Sink Wrench

Though the piper wrench is a vital tool for plumbing services, this cannot diminish the importance of wrench in the plumbing ensemble.

Professionals consider wrench as the adjustable, highly effective and versatile tool in plumbing services. The wrench is specifically used for fixing the supply lines of sinks and for compression fitting.

Like-wise the pipe wrench, the sink wrench has two wrenches; large and small. Added to this, sink wrench is of many types highlighting the taper locking wrenches, screw wrenches and adjusted wrenches.

Maybe you are aware that sink wrench helps to fix position of sink faucet. In such case, it is essential for them to use most suitable wrench that efficiently loses and tighten the pipes.


3.    Plier

Majority of people are known with the term plier as the word itself reflects the meaning to hold or turn anything.

Absolutely right! The tool plier in their toolkit is used to hold the bolt and nuts. It can also help to turn irregular shaped objects. Besides, it helps to hold hard-pipes.

Let’s talk about the manufacturing of plier.


  • There are jaws in plier that are wide opened.
  • There is an adjusting screw that helps to adjust it according to the fixture.
  • There are two hands of plier that make it easy to hold


4.    Screwdrivers

Screwdriver! A little tool used in plumbing service that must have seen by all.

Basically, this is the tool used to fix the objects by screwing or unscrewing the connections. There are many types of screwdrivers that particularly used for dealing with screws, nuts and nails in a respective manner. Within the plumbing toolkit, range of screwdrivers is kept that is varied by shaped and sizes.

If you ask me about the most common screwdriver among all, it is quite difficult to select anyone. Though, the plus-shaped and star-shaped screwdrivers are frequently used by plumbers as well as by us in our home.


5.    Pipe Bender

How can it be possible not to highlight the pipe benders while discussing tools used in plumbing services!

The pipe bender is one of the tools in plumber’s toolkit that is used to bend different pipes that are specifically made of stainless steel and copper.

Here, the question raised in your mind that what is the actual work of the pipe bender?

The pipe bender is used to fit the pipes and repair the leaking joints. This is the quickest and cheapest tool to fix plumbing problems.


Benefits of the Pipe Bender

  • With the help of the pipe bender, it is easy to bend the pipe in any direction.
  • It helps to deal with obstacles on various curves of pipeline
  • It helps to mould the angles in the required direction efficiently.


6.    Plumber’s Putty

Do you have any idea about the issues faced by plumbers? There are countless plumbing issues that are experienced by them in their routine.

Here, the sealing are the two common issues faced by the majority of people. To fix this issue, they might use plumber’s putty. It is a flexible and soft plumbing tool that is used to create seals for watertight. This tool is majorly used to seal drains and faucets.

Here, you might have confused with Teflon tape that seals the joints of pipe. No! Both are completely different tools that are used.


7.    Toilet Auger

Lastly, there is a discussion of a toilet auger that is also an effective tool in plumbing service. Let’s know a little bit about the design of toilet auger!

There is bulb head to toilet auger that also has inner cable to maintain the wrapping compression. The toilet auger offer guard to fixtures with the help of porcelain.

They may use a toilet auger to clean the toilet easily. There is a high opportunity for them to get safe and cheap cleaning of toilet obstructions.


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