What Are The Causes Of Bathroom Clogs And How Can A Drain Cleaning Service Help? | Cibolo, TX

What Are The Causes Of Bathroom Clogs And How Can A Drain Cleaning Service Help? | Cibolo, TX

The bathroom drains are an essential part of the home’s plumbing system. They are responsible for draining the wastewater away from your bathroom tubs, showers, and sinks into the septic tank or the main sewer line. Clogged or blocked bathroom drains are some of the main issues for Cibolo, TX, homeowners. These clogs might cause severe plumbing problems like backups, overflowing sinks, and foul odors, compelling a homeowner to call for help from a professional drain cleaning service like bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio.

Although some clogs might be easy to remove, others are highly complex and need the services of an experienced or a skilled plumber to remove using state-of-the-art drain cleaning tools. This is why we highly discourage DIY drain cleaning. Without proper inspection tools, you cannot know whether the blockage is complex or straightforward, meaning that you might end up damaging your drains more. Therefore, regardless of the blockage’s extent, ensure you always call an expert in drain cleaning to unclog the bathroom drainage system. Below are the causes of clogged bathroom drains.

Dirt and Debris

You are mistaken if you think dirt can’t make your drains clogged. The debris and dirt from cleaning your shoes or pet paws might accumulate over time inside your drain pipes and result in blockages. If the dirt combines with the hair inside the drainage system, it’ll prevent the wastes from smoothly flowing inside the drains.

The drain cleaning expert you hire must use suitable cleaning materials to ensure your drains are shiny again. They should use cleaning augers and high-pressure drain cleaner to suck out the dirt, allowing the surplus and dirty water from your bathroom to flow seamlessly into the septic tank. Therefore, to prevent the dirt from building up in your bathroom’s drains, wash off the dirt or mud on your shoes or the pet outside your house.

Tree Roots

Is your drainage system located adjacent to growing trees? A minor crack on the pipes makes them prone to root penetration; the roots enter the pipes and find their way up into the drainage system in search of nutrients contained in the drain wastes. The tree roots ultimately block the pipes, reducing and impacting the smooth and seamless flow of the wastewater from the bathroom into the sewer line. Getting a drain cleaning service to re-route your drainage system to areas that don’t have any overgrown trees is necessary. Further delaying the re-routing means the continuously growing trees will compromise the entire drainage system.

As the roots enlarge and move towards your drain pipes, they may burst, resulting in severe water damage inside your compound. The overflowing wastewater can damage the structures and property, resulting in a sizable financial fortune to cater for the drain cleaning service company to remedy the complex mess. You can’t afford to postpone this bathroom problem.


Animal fur and human hair are among the most frequent reasons that cause shower or bathtub drain to become clogged. This is as a result of their non-biodegradable properties. Over time, the hair builds up in the drains, resulting in a clog that prevents the wastewater from flowing freely through the drains into the sewer line or septic tank.

An experienced drain cleaning professional will be of great help when unclogging the blockages. They will use various modern tools to remove the blockages to ensure that the wastes drain freely into the septic tank. The plumbing expert will also use the plumber snake to remove the stubborn hair accumulations. Your drain plumber might also fix hair strainer drain guards in Cibolo, TX, home’s bathroom drainage exits to prevent the possibility that the bathroom clog might recur because of human hair or animal fur.

Mineral Build-Up

Mineral accumulation can also cause bathroom clogs. The mineral accumulation is commonly caused by hard water within the drain pipes. The dissolved particles settle inside the pipes, resulting in a clog. Suppose you haven’t enlisted a drain cleaning service to help you regularly maintain your drains. In that case, the minerals will accumulate at one point inside the bathroom drain, causing a blockage that can stop dirty and used water from flowing into the sewer lines. A homeowner might notice instances of slow drains and backups of the wastewater.

Removing a mineral-rated blockage requires a seasoned drain cleaning service expert to dismantle your drain piping and flush them. After they unclog the drains, the expert may install a water softening system on your primary water supply line to reduce the instances of mineral accumulation that results in drain clogs.

Plants and Leaves

Most homes in Cibolo, TX, have trees and plants in their compound which also can accumulate in the drain pipes beneath. If the drain pipes crack, the plants and leaves might find their way into the drainage system, especially during rain. The drain cleaning service you enlist must have the required skills to remove the leaves and plants blocking your bathroom drainage system and flush them out.

Corroding Pipes

If the drainage pipes are made of steel or metal, they are prone to corrosion over time. The metal prevents the wastewater from flowing through the sewer line if they bend and rust. The clogs caused by this might also result in additional plumbing problems of bursting or leaking pipes, resulting in adverse repercussions for your property. A drain cleaning service expert can address the issue by replacing the damaged and old pipes with new ones, reducing any chances of corrosion.

Soap Scum

Because soap is the most frequently-used product in your bathroom, it is expected that you might get a clog because of soap scum. If you don’t create a regular maintenance plan with a reputable drain cleaning company for an annual or bi-annual cleaning, the soap might accumulate in the drains.

The soap residue accumulated in the drains reduces the piping diameter, making the water stand in your bathtub or bathroom floors. Over time, they might cause backflows since the water can’t flow into the sewer system or septic tank. It becomes an urgent problem that needs to be addressed by professional drain cleaning services by performing pressure cleaning.

Reliable Plumbing Services Are a Phone Call Away

Clogged drains are among the leading plumbing problems in most residential and commercial properties. This problem requires expert plumbing services to remove the blockages hindering the wastewater from flowing into the sewer line or septic tank.

Therefore, if your home has any drainage issues, call us at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio. We have skilled and well-trained drain cleaning service professionals to handle all the drainage system issues promptly.

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