What Are The Benefits Of Regular Drain Cleaning Services? | San Antonio, TX

What Are The Benefits Of Regular Drain Cleaning Services? | San Antonio, TX

A San Antonio, TX home’s efficient running heavily depends on its systems’ maintenance. Since your home is a haven that keeps all the world’s worries at bay, you need it to operate efficiently and be a hub of peace and a healthy environment for you and your loved ones. Therefore, you should have systems such as the HVAC system frequently tuned up and maintained to ensure it serves you through that hot summer or those freezing nights.

On the other hand, you should also have an electrician perform electrical system maintenance and repairs as regularly as possible. Additionally, it is advisable to get a qualified plumber to perform drain cleaning service for your home at least yearly. Unlike popular belief that the drainage system is not destructible, certain aspects are not favorable for it. Therefore, you should have it cleaned at least once every year to restore and, most importantly, maintain its life span. Apart from this, having a regular drainage cleaning service benefits you and your home in the following ways:

Prevent Expensive Plumbing Problems

One of the significant benefits of having a regular drain cleaning service provider for your home is to prevent expensive plumbing problems. Plumbing issues are not only the worst nightmare a homeowner can encounter but also the worst timing emergencies to occur. Plumbing problems tend to happen in the most unprecedented times.

For instance, after a long day, when you get in the shower to refresh, that is when the drain clogs. Or in the middle of the night when you go to the toilet only for it to overflow. To avoid all these scenarios, it is advisable to have a yearly drain cleaning service scheduled for your house. Additionally, with regular drain cleaning, you can prevent plumbing issues such as:

High water bills: Drain damage and clogs can cause your water bill to increase due to issues such as leakages and overflows.

Bust pipes: A drain cleaning service will prevent large clogs from forming in the drain, thus reducing the chances of pipes bursting due to too much pressure. This will protect your home from damage and mold growth from water flooding.

Corroded drain system: Considerable-sized clogs can cause your home drain system to be corroded. Additionally, the corrosion contaminates your house water over time which is dangerous to you and your family’s health.

However, with a regular drain cleaning service, your pipes will have a regular inspection, and any damage signs will be noticed and repaired early before any severe damage. Additionally, in comparison to fixing a plumbing problem, the price of drain cleaning services is worth it.

Professional Solutions and Techniques

The other significant benefit of having a licensed plumber perform drain cleaning service for your home is being sure that they will maintain the integrity of your plumbing system. Unlike over-the-counter drain cleaners, which are a composition of chemicals that will eat away at your pipes, qualified drain cleaning service providers will use safe and efficient ways such the hydro-jet and snake to perform their duties. Additionally, professionals will ensure that the job is done correctly and that all the debris is cleaned.

Improve Your Drain Functionality

Although you may watch what goes into your drain and install guards to prevent all the large objects from going down the drain, it is common for soap scum, hair, and grease to find their way down the drain. When these items get through the pipes, they are dislodged to the lining, causing the pipes’ diameter to decrease.

Therefore, though these materials may not cause a clog right away, they start by reducing the flow of wastewater, thus reducing your San Antonio, TX home drainage functionality. Therefore, when you attain regular drain cleaning service, it keeps your drains functioning at their optimum by clearing the accumulation of these materials.

Speed Up the Drain System

The primary purpose of your home’s drainage system is to facilitate the efficient and, most importantly, fast removal of wastewater from inside the house to the designated disposal area. However, when you notice that wastewater from your sinks takes longer to drain than usual, it is an indication that your drainage system has an accumulation of debris and materials. Slow drainage can also escalate, resulting in a toilet or sink overflow that can be messy and difficult to clean up. However, when you get a regular drain cleaning service for your home, your drains will be clean and healthy, thus having quick wastewater disposal.

Prevent Clogged Drains

As a homeowner, the first thing the plumber will advise you while installing your drain system is to be careful of what goes down the drain. However, no matter how careful you are, items such as greasy items and food particles from the kitchen, soap scum, hair, and other debris will find their way down your San Antonio, TX home drain. With time, these items accumulate, causing an accumulation and thus interfering with the water drainage. The interference, in turn, will cause minor tasks such as brushing your teeth or washing the dishes to be problematic.

Additionally, if left unattended for long, the accumulation of materials ends up enclosing the pipes entirely and shutting the flow of wastewater until the clog is removed. However, when you have drain cleaning service done regularly, the debris and food particles are removed before forming an accumulation. Additionally, these services will save you from the worry and time consumed to find a plumber in the occurrence of a full-blown clog.

It is also important to note that, although the market has many liquid drain cleaners for clog removal, they are not advisable. This is because, for starters, these products have no guarantee of removing the entire debris causing the clog. Therefore, although the water might start draining, another clog is possible.

Additionally, these products can cause permanent damage to your drainage system since they contain harsh chemicals that break the clog. Therefore, you might end up spending more by having to replace your entire drainage system. Thus, in case of a clog, it is advisable to use a qualified plumber to perform a drain cleaning service since they will help maintain the health of your pipes.

Rid the House of Foul Odors

Is your San Antonio, TX home always having a foul smell you can’t get rid of? If you have never had a drain cleaning service for your drains or it has been a long time since the drains were cleaned, your drain could be the problem. When materials like soap scum, food particles, grease, and hair accumulate in the drains for a period, they eventually decay and rot. As the accumulation decomposes, it produces a foul odor that gets back into your house through the pipes.

Additionally, the decaying matter creates a perfect environment for the formation and thriving of mold and bacteria that also cause a foul smell. A drain cleaning service by a professional will help flush the clog in time to keep it from decaying. Additionally, it will keep your house smelling fresh and clean while protecting your family throughout the year.

Quiet Noisy Drains

Does your home’s drainage system make weird or gurgling noises when draining water? If so, this indicates that your drains might have an underlying clog. When items such as hair and soap scum accumulate in the drains clogging the pipes, it is more problematic, or water passes through these pipes and goes down the drain.

Therefore, the wastewater changes direction to get past the clog creating an air pocket within the pipes. This air pocket causes a weird noise as the water passes it. Although these noises are easy to ignore as they do not interfere with the daily running of the house and the wastewater stills drain, you should not let it continue for long.

This is because the unattended clog will eventually turn into a full-blown clog. Therefore, when you have a regular drain cleaning service for your home, the plumber will eliminate all the accumulated substances, quieting down the gurgling noises and preventing the looming complete clog. 

Prevent Multiple Drain Clogs

The other significant advantage of having a regular professional drain cleaning for your home is the prevention of multiple drain clogs. In most cases, the pipes of a drainage system all lead to one main outlet. Consequently, if all the drains in your house are clogged, it could mean that this is not a problem for the individual pipes.

Instead, the problem could be that the main outlet sewer line is clogged; thus, the individual pipes have nowhere to pour their water. Multiple clogs are not only frustrating, but they also make your whole house unusable until resolution. Therefore, it is best to have a regular drain cleaning service for your home to avoid such an occurrence. 

Although the main pipe clogs are difficult to remove, a qualified drain cleaning service company will have all the necessary tools to restore the system to normal. In addition, they will come equipped with a snake that helps remove the clog. And in instances where the clog does not work, they will hydro-jet, which involves using high-pressure jets to dismantle the accumulation and remove the debris.

Prevent Water Damage Due to an Overflow

A few parts can make your San Antonio, TX home inhabitable, and one of these parts is the toilet and an overflowing sink. Imagine getting home from work to find your water-filled kitchen or bathroom floor. When a significant-sized clog blocks waste water from draining to the correct destination, the water flows back to the house through the pipe.

Therefore, this causes your toilet or sinks to overflow and splash the water to the ground. A water overflow from your toilet or sink can cause damage to your home, which can be both bothersome and expensive to fix. Additionally, if the water overflow comes from the toilet, dirty water will fill your bathroom floor, making the house smelly and hard to be in, especially if the clog isn’t fixed in earnest.

Also, due to the overflow, your home could retain moisture, resulting in mold growth that can be hazardous to the family and challenging to fight since it spreads fast. However, if you have an annual drain cleaning for your house, debris and material accumulation will be avoided, thus preventing damage to your house from water overflow.

Improve Your Family’s Health

As mentioned earlier, clogged drains are a hub for the infestation of fruit flies and offer a conducive environment for bacteria to thrive. Therefore, clogged drains left unattended for long periods can be hazardous to your family’s health. With the possibility of mold formation, bacterial infections, and unsanitary flies roaming in your house, it would only be a matter of time before your family ends up in the hospital. However, having an annual drain cleaning service for your home leaves your drains sanitary and clean and keeps your family safe and healthy.

Eliminate Fruit Flies

Is there a fruit fly presence in your San Antonio, TX home? If you keep a bowl of fruits in the kitchen or love having flowers in your house, it might explain where they are coming from. However, if they are still there without fruits or flowers, the fruit flies might be coming from your drainage system.

When grease, soap scum, and food particles accumulate inside the drain pipes to create a clog, they form a conducive environment for thriving bacteria, insects, and flies such as the fruit flies. These flies and insects will therefore find a way into your house through the pipes making it difficult to get rid of them.

Although you may try using fly repellant spray or pouring baking soda and vinegar down the drain, these will only be temporary fixes to the main problem. Although the ones in the house might die, in the drains, there will continuously be breading of these flies making the circle endless. Additionally, using these chemicals on your drain might damage the pipes rather than fix the problem.

Therefore, the most effective, efficient, and safe way to eliminate fruit flies from your home is through using professional drain cleaning. When the accumulation is eradicated through drain cleaning, the environment will cease to exist, eliminating the flies without using home remedies daily.

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