What Are the 10 Most Common Plumbing Issues in San Antonio?

If you understand the most common plumbing issues in San Antonio, you can react accordingly.
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Today’s plumbing issues come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from minor to major. On the minor end, you’re looking at a dripping faucet or running toilet. But for a major plumbing issue, you’re looking at a major pipe leak or sewage backup. Thankfully, there are professional plumbers offering their services to help homeowners. You can easily schedule plumbing services with a single phone call to help with any of these common plumbing issues in San Antonio.

Most Common Plumbing Issues in San Antonio

Before you stress over a failing plumbing system, let’s explore the most common plumbing issues in San Antonio so you may schedule professional plumbing repairs.

1. Leaking Faucets

A leaking faucet is more than an annoyance. It’s also a waste of water that is draining your bank account. A single faucet can drip gallons of water per day.

2. Slow Drainage

A slowly draining sink is typically caused by restricted water flow – a clog or an old, broken plumbing pipe. There are DIY plumbing repairs, but more often than not, a professional should help.

3. Drainage Clogs

A clogged drain usually stems from hair, soap, or even cooking grease over time. These clogs can weaken a plumbing pipe and lead to an annoyingly slow drain. A little maintenance can go a long way.

4. Toilet Clogs

A clogged toilet can be dangerous at times, especially after recent use. If the toilet is clogged and overflows, you’ll have contaminated water seeping onto the floor and causing damage.

5. Constantly Running Toilet

A constantly running toilet can use up to 200 gallons of water each day. The most common cause is a faulty flapper valve, which is designed to control the amount of water flowing from the tank into the bowl.

6. Broken Water Heater

Your home relies on hot water for many things, including showers and washing the dishes. But when your water heater fails to produce enough hot water or is too slow to heat water, it’s often because of sediment build-up or a faulty pilot light.

7. Low Water Pressure

A slow trickle of water from the faucet is often a symptom of low water pressure. It’s a typical problem in an old home. Generally speaking, low water pressure is caused by a leaking pipe or worn aerator.

8. Faulty Garbage Disposal

Your home’s garbage disposal is a useful appliance to have in the home. But a garbage disposal can jam, especially due to grease buildup or debris like bones or other food waste.

9. Pipe Leak

A leaking pipe can often go unnoticed for days at a time. By then, the damage is already setting in throughout the home. Typically, a leak occurs at the pipe joints.

10. Backed Up Sewage Pipe

Perhaps one of the worst plumbing issues imaginable, a backed up sewage line can be an absolute nightmare. The waste and water spewing back into the home can lead to illness, disease, and discomfort.

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