Water Heater Repair: What Do the Noises Coming from Your Water Heater Mean? | San Antonio, TX

Water Heater Repair: What Do the Noises Coming from Your Water Heater Mean? | San Antonio, TX

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The most obvious sign that your water heater is not functioning properly is when you get cold water from the shower. However, the water heater may also be having problems while still heating the water normally. It is, therefore, necessary to have regular maintenance of your heater even when it is functioning properly to avoid the accumulation of small problems to big ones.

You do not have to buy a new water heater every time it breaks down but you can always get it repaired by a qualified plumber. A water heater is an appliance that is used every day of the year and therefore it is very likely that it will have problems at one point and when it does, you will recognize that you have taken its convenience for granted. You can get a water heater repair in San Antonio, TX to ensure that you continue to enjoy the convenience of hot water.

What Are the Common Signs That Show That Your Water Heater has a Problem?

The most noticeable sign that you need a water heater repair is the fluctuation of the water temperatures and delay in water becoming hot. The water will be hot, cold, and lukewarm sometimes and this is what makes most people know that the heater has a problem. This could be caused by sedimentation of mineral deposits on the heater or it could be a problem with the dip tube. This means that you require repair.

You may also notice that the amount of hot water quickly runs out and this is a problem with either of the two heating elements of the water heater that are connected to thermostats. This problem could also occur if your water is much smaller compared to the amount of water that it is supposed to heat for the whole household. If you notice a reduction in the amount of water, you can contact a professional plumber in San Antonio, TX for a water heater repair.

Another common problem of a faulty water heater is the let down of hot water that is discolored. Dirty cold water means that the water source is also dirty but when it is the hot water that is being discolored, it means the steel that makes your water heater tank is rusty and they, therefore, need to be changed. Clogging of the water outlets by dirty deposits is another cause of discoloration that needs cleaning. Another problem is a noisy water heater which requires repair.

There may also be leakage and dripping from the heater signifying that you require to get your water heater repaired. This occurs due to the pooling of water inside the tank. Another sign of a faulty water heater is a bad smell in the water that means there are bacteria in the water heater that need to be cleaned and then drain the water. If the thermocouple readings of the heater are incorrect, ensure that you get that water heater repair before it is too late.

How Can You Take Care of Your Water Heater?

You should know whether your water heater is an electric water heater or a gas water heater. If you are working with an electric water heater you should ensure that you can safely operate it or you need a plumber. It is important to drain water from your water heater at regular intervals by using a hosepipe to drain the water and allowing it to run until a quarter of the tank is emptied and the water that is coming out is clean. Draining water from the water heater removes dirt, sediments, and deposits and enhances the efficiency of the heater and the cleanliness of the water.

Regularly monitor the temperature of the water heater on the thermostat because temperatures that are higher than 140 degrees could cause increased corrosion of the heater, accumulation of deposits, and high electricity bills reducing the efficiency of the heater and necessitating a water heater repair. The temperature that works best for the heater is 120 degrees.

Regularly confirm how the pressure relief valve is functioning by adjusting the valve. When the lever is raised and then lowered, a functional water heater should drain a huge amount of water heater. If this does not happen, you should contact your plumber to get the water heater repair. When you are traveling, you should adjust the thermostat so that the water will not be heated.

Regular maintenance of your water heater will save you the cost of buying a new one every time it breaks down. A well-maintained water heater can last for more than 10 years. It is advisable to consult a professional plumber to do your water heater repair every time you notice a problem.

What Causes Noise from the Water Heater?

Different types of noises may come from the water heater depending on what is the underlying problem. A rumbling noise occurs as water passes through the sediments at rising temperatures. Since there is an accumulation of sediments, the tank needs to be cleaned and drained. A popping sound also signifies that there is a collection of deposits and sediments that need to be flushed out.

Excess accumulation of deposits may raise the pressure in the tank which can burst if it is not a good model. Screeching noises mean that there is obstruction of water at the inlet of the heater and therefore the valve needs to open fully. Sizzling sounds are caused by leakage of water from the water heater and this is a problem that will require you to book an appointment with a professional because you cannot be able to repair the water heater.

A humming noise is a sign that the upper element of the heater is faulty and will require to be tightened. Clicking sounds are normal noises that can be heard from a tankless water heater and, therefore, they should not worry you. Ticking sounds occur when there are changes in the pressure inside the water heater and require adjustment of the temperature.

A knocking sound occurs after water is shut off abruptly at the taps and it goes back to the water heater making that noise and this can destroy the heater and, therefore, you need a plumber to come and do your water heater repair.


Water heaters are essential household appliances that help you enjoy hot showers and hot water for other household uses. They require regular maintenance because they can get worn off. Simple problems can be repaired at home but complex issues require you to hire a plumber. You should ensure that the plumber does your water heater repair and is highly qualified. Call us at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain today!

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