Water Heater Repair: Pros And Cons Of Tankless Water Heaters | Universal City, TX

Water Heater Repair: Pros And Cons Of Tankless Water Heaters | Universal City, TX

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All households need hot water, but when your water heater is breaking down or it requires a replacement, getting the newer tankless water heater may be ideal for you. If you’re spending more money on water heater repair than necessary, it’s time to switch to a new water heater.

There are many water heater options available in Universal City, TX when you’re in the market looking for one. You can consult your water heater repair technician about what qualities your new heater system should have to get better clarity on what you should be looking for.

Functioning of a Tankless Water Heater

Tankless water heaters can heat water directly without using a storage tank. When you turn on the hot water, cold water travels through a pipe into the unit where it is heated.

You don’t have to wait for a storage tank to fill up before you’re able to begin using hot water in a tankless water heater. They can provide up to 15 liters of hot water per minute. Talk with your water heater technician to find out whether a tankless water heater is ideal for your requirements.

Compact Size

One of the best features of having a tankless water heater system is its compact size. If you live in a small, modest home, having a tankless variant can save you quite a bit of space that you can use to store other possessions.

Tankless water heaters can also be mounted on a wall if you’re looking to free up floor space. You will require a water heater repair specialist for the installation of a tankless water heater.

Energy Savings

A conventional water heater is always turned on and reheats your water automatically whether it’s being used or not. With a tankless variant, electricity is only used once you turn the hot water faucet on.

Most water heaters are up to 150 or more liters. When your heater isn’t constantly reheating large volumes of water every few hours, your energy savings will be quite substantial.

Continuous Supply

With conventional water heaters, as soon as the hot water in the storage tank runs out, you have to wait a while for the water to be heated and fill the storage tank. With a tankless water heater, the water keeps heating as you’re using it.

You would need to wait a minute or two at most for your tankless water heater to produce hot water. If it’s taking longer than that, call a water heater repair technician to see if there are any problems with your tankless heater.

Longer Lifespan

The average storage water heater system can last a household for a decade, provided that you’ve been getting it regularly maintained and inspected. Your water heater repair technician can give you a good estimate of how long your water heater still has to go before it needs to be replaced.

A tankless water heater, on the other hand, can last for 20 years. Manufacturers usually offer extended warranties too due to the long lifespan of these heaters. It can save you replacement costs down the line.

Available in Gas and Electric Models

Regardless of whether you’re looking for an electric or gas model, you can find both types available in different tankless water heater models. Your water heater repair technician would be able to tell you what’s most ideal for your home in this case.

With a gas water heater, you might have to re-route your gas lines to make the connection possible. Electric variants can save you the hassle but end up increasing your monthly electricity bills depending on your household’s usage.

Limited Hot Water Supply

Tankless water heaters typically can only cater to one faucet at a time. It means that if your household has multiple outlets running hot water at once, someone is bound to get cold water.

Larger units are available that can cater to your entire household but come at a higher price tag. Your water heater repair specialist can advise you on the best tankless water heater that can handle the load of your household’s hot water needs.

Initial Costs

You’ll find a range of tankless water heaters available at different price tags in Universal City, TX, but these systems usually come at higher prices when you compare them to conventional water heaters.

While month-to-month costs will be lower compared to conventional water heaters, many individuals may not be willing to pay a steep price upfront. Your tankless water heater may also qualify for tax credits due to higher efficiency which is something you can check with your local water heater repair specialist.

Is a Tankless Water Heater Ideal for You?

Depending on your and your household’s requirements, getting a tankless water heater can be better or worse for you. There needs to be thorough research and a consultation with a water heater repair specialist will let you understand whether getting this system is ideal for your household.

There are other types of water heater systems like solar heating, storage tank water heaters, and so on that your plumbing expert can tell you about. Knowing all the options available will make research easier too.

Weigh the pros and cons of getting a tankless water heater for your home before you start looking at different options available.

Feeling Confused About What Water Heater to Buy? Our Experts Are Ready to Help

Getting a new water heater system to replace your old one can be a daunting task that requires in-depth knowledge and analysis of different types of water heater systems available in the market today.

Our plumbing professionals at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San AntonioUniversal City, TX can help you make the right choice when it comes to fulfilling your hot water requirements and helping you save money simultaneously.

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