Top Factors That Affect The Performance of Tankless Water Heaters


top factors that affect the performance of tankless water heaters

Tankless water heaters have gained popularity during the past few years owing to their benefits. They are portable and you can easily install them at your home or office. They are also referred to as instant water heaters due to their capability of quickly heating water. They can provide hot water only to a single water line, but you can expand them or install multiple heaters to fulfill requirements of your house. It is an energy-efficient method of obtaining hot water for daily use.

Despite a wide range of benefits, tankless water heaters also have some drawbacks. Following problems usually occur in modern tankless water heaters in San Antonio:


Tankless water heaters in San Antonio may not provide a consistent supply of water. They do not heat water continuously and instead, turn on only when you open hot water tap. They can quickly heat water. However, you can observe bursts of cold water, time and again with hot water flow. It usually happens because the heater starts working a few seconds after turning on the tap. Therefore, it stops providing hot water when you turn the tap off and discontinues hot water supply.


Minerals from tap water deposit in water heaters. This problem happens with both tankless as well as traditional heaters. Make sure that you clean your heaters every year. Minerals such as calcium and magnesium are present in hard water and they negatively affect the performance of water heaters. Modern heaters have a digital meter that generates an alert sign when the amount of minerals exceeds the limit. Leaving the minerals deposited will decrease its capability to efficiently heat water.


Gas heaters fail to turn on when there is some problem with gas supply or the venting is not properly installed. It indicates that the heater is unable to turn on despite trying. This problem can occur with both traditional and modern technology. Make sure that you pay your gas bill within due time to maintain a constant supply of fuel. Also, acquire professional services for tankless water heaters in San Antonio so that they can check your propane tank.


You may get a flame failure sign that indicates that the flame cannot generate. It usually occurs due to low gas pressure or some electrical problem. Trying to resolve the problems on your own involves many risks. You should acquire professional services for inspection. The experienced professionals look for gas line issues to ensure that there is a constant supply of gas for the flame. It can also occur if electrical wires are not efficiently installed.


Tankless water heaters are quite efficient as compared to traditional heaters. However, it is necessary to ensure that they do not get corroded to maintain quality performance. If condensation drops on the gas burner, it may corrode metal parts and cause the system to stop working. The risk is less likely to occur, but it is quite difficult to manage. You should hire professional services for installation of tankless water heaters in San Antonio to keep the heat exchanger safe from corrosion.


A decreased water pressure indicates low performance of water heater. It means that the installed system is incapable of meeting the needs of your house. However, it may also mean that that there is low pressure in the main water line. You can acquire professional plumbing services to check that there is no obstruction in plumbing system and water flows smoothly through the pipes.


The modern tankless technology is more complex than the traditional approach. It benefits you in saving energy costs, however, the installation and maintenance of these systems is an expensive task. Only experienced professionals can install it and resolve potential issues. Therefore, instant water heaters are costlier to maintain in the long run. Make sure that you hire a licensed plumber to avoid further damages to the water heater.


Many people install a water filter in combination with instant water heaters to get clean water with ease. You should regularly check the filter to keep it clean. With time, a layer of contaminations deposits that affects the performance. In order to ensure that you receive a smooth supply of water, it is necessary to inspect them on a regular basis. Do not neglect the maintenance of water heater and additional components.


If there is a constant demand of hot water supply more than the capability of instant water heater, then its performance gets affected and it may stop working. The problem arises when you perform multiple tasks at the same time and the system fails to keep up with the requirements. Make sure that you install heaters according to your requirements. You can install multiple heaters to reduce load from the system.


On-demand water heaters can stop working if the venting system is not properly installed. It requires electric or gas supply and a continuous flame to provide hot water. It is not possible without proper ventilation of air. It is necessary to evacuate the extremely hot exhaustion without any delay. Make sure that you hire professional services to install the ventilation system in a secure manner.


Tankless water heaters in San Antonio fail to provide hot water at a constant temperature due to failure of sensors. A sensor ensures that water is supplied at the same temperature as specified. Make sure that a maintenance service checks the sensors every few months to ensure that you receive hot water without any delay. They check that the sensor is properly installed.

Experienced plumbers at Bluefrog Plumbing can fix problems with tankless water heaters in San Antonio. It is a reliable service which ensures that the water heaters stay in optimum working condition. They can help you with a variety of plumbing problems in an efficient manner. Contact them to get professional installation and repairing services for instant water heaters.

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