Plumbing Problems You Cannot Solve Through Diys


plumbing problems you cannot solve through diys

Plumbing problems arise in almost every other household in San Antonio, TX, and some of them are even recurring, thus require continuous maintenance. Many of the plumbing issues are very simple and straight forward to resolve, like fixing a minor leaking tap or thawing a pipe to unfreeze it. But there are some plumbing problems that worsen if you apply any novice DIYs available on the internet. Such major plumbing damages require a professional and experienced emergency plumber in San Antonio, TX.

These problems are:


Water leakages are the most insidious issues that remain undetected for long periods of time and when they finally become visible, they have already damaged the entire structure and walls of the home.

If the leak spreads in size, its damages encompass all the building materials in its vicinity; destroying the warping wood and damaging the plaster of your walls. Leaks need immediate repairs, without any delay as soon as they are noticed. Since detecting the immensity of the damages is difficult, it is necessary that you call an emergency plumber in San Antonio, TX who would not only fix the pipe leaks but will also find out the reason why the pipe began to leak in the first place.


The main water line that supplies water to your home from the municipal water authority is although very immune to damages, but can still break in certain cases.

In case your water line breaks, you would not be receiving any water at all. If the water pressure in your home decreases or if you notice that water is rising from the front pavement of your home, call an emergency plumber in San Antonio, TX right away because these are indicative of a broken main water line.


The sewer line flows out all the waste water from the pipes of your home to the main municipal sewer line which is beneath the street.

The sewer line is susceptible to corrosion and can also be damaged if tree roots grow into it. In some cases, the sewer lines break underground and remain unnoticed for a long period of time. Following are some signs which hint that you have a broken sewer line.

  • Uneven water level in the toilets of your home
  • Various drains in the house are clogged
  • There are stains of water in the basement
  • There are damp water spots in the lawn which are emitting foul odor

If you do observe any or all of the above symptoms than there are high chances that the sewer line of your home has broken. It would then require the immediate attention of an emergency plumber in San Antonio, TX.


Blocked toilets and clogged drains are very common pluming problems. Many people fail to realize that they are not only a nuisance, but might also be damaging the wood of the floor or the surrounding structures if the waste is leaking below the surface.

Although the blockage can be cleared with a plumbing snake or a plunger, but in some cases the drain is clogged is to such an extent, that an ordinary diligence will not be able solve the problem. For such cases, where you are unable to clear the blockage, call an emergency plumber in San Antonio, TX as soon as possible, because this issue can also lead to a sewer backing up.


A sewer system backing up is the worst and nastiest type of pluming problem that can occur in your home because it can lead to all the waste flowing back into your house. Even if you handle the horrible smell of it, the waste will have to be cleaned off which will be even worse.

A sewer backup is usually caused by clogged drains if they are not dealt with on a timely basis.

You can yourself resolve a minor clogged drain with a plunger but in case of a sewer backup all the waste material is gushing out of the toilet. Thus calling an emergency plumber in San Antonio, TX becomes the only option as it can be very damaging to health as well.


As the temperature drops to 0⁰C, water expands and can result in burst pipes. In case if it does not result in a burst pipe, it would definitely freeze the pipes, which will stop the flow of water.

In case if there is a burst pipe, the plumber might even have to replace the whole section of the pipe, depending on the damage. This necessitates the requirement of an emergency plumber in San Antonio, TX, because fixing this issue requires an experienced individual. If you decide to it yourself, you will end up installing the pipe in an unprofessional manner which will cause problems later on.

If the pipe hasn’t burst, but instead frozen, then you can resolve the issue by thawing the pipe. But there are some frozen pipe conditions which require an emergency plumber in San Antonio, TX.

If you are not able to detect the location of the frozen pipe or if you are unable to access the frozen pipe area, calling an emergency plumber in San Antonio, TX would become necessary.

In case if the pipe has already been frozen a plenty of times before, then the process of persisted thawing would have affected its endurance. If you feel that a particular section of the pipe has frozen too many times, then it would be a good idea to replace that section.

All of these issues require the attention of an experienced and qualified emergency plumber inSan Antonio, TX who can professionally fix all the plumbing damages in a time-sensitive and cost-effective manner.

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