Three Common Toilet Problems and How to Fix Them

Resolve common toilet problems with expert plumbing service.
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A modern plumbing system is surprisingly fickle. Within your walls and floors, there are countless networks of pipes intermingling. These pipes deliver fresh water to rooms and appliances throughout your home while also transporting waste from the bathroom to the sewer system.

Over time, these pipes and fixtures tend to break down or suffer from various issues. Your toilet is especially prone to complications. From leaks to flooding, there are countless toilet problems homeowners can face. Luckily, most of these issues are relatively common and simple to fix. Here are three common toilet problems and how you can handle them.

A Constantly Running Toilet

One of the most significant issues you may happen upon is a toilet that won’t stop running. When a toilet is running nonstop, the water is constantly flowing into the back tank via a fill valve. This situation is a waste of water and money. You’re paying for every gallon deposited into the tank each day. Typically, the issue lies within the fill tank.

To address it, check the flapper. If it does not seal the flush valve opening properly, water from within the tank will leak into the bowl. Replace the flapper as needed. If the water level is high enough to spill into the overflow tube, the fill valve may need cleaning or replacement.

Toilet Leaks

The next most common toilet issue you may stumble across is a leaking toilet. No one likes a leaking plumbing system, no matter how small or inexpensive. A toilet leak must be addressed promptly or the resulting water damage will ruin your floors and subfloors.

A leak at the water supply valve may be caused by a loose supply line connected to the valve. Tighten as needed. The bolts securing the tank to the bowl may also require tightening if the leak stems from there.

Toilet Fills Slowly

When you flush your toilet, you expect fresh water to fill the bowl quickly. If not, and you are dealing with a slow refill, then chances are something has gone wrong with the water supply valve. Thankfully, a slow filling toilet is a relatively simple, easy fix to tackle.

Check the water supply valve; ensure it is completely open. Then, look at the fill valve assembly within the tank and clean any accumulated debris. The fill valve assembly is quite complex, so always be sure to address the manufacturer’s instructions when dealing with any part inside the tank. When in doubt, consider hiring a professional plumber to handle the job.

Most of these common toilet issues are relatively simple to resolve. However, if at any time you feel uncomfortable repairing a broken toilet, pick up the phone and call bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio. We work with homeowners each day, handling toilet leaks, running toilets, and broken fixtures with professionalism and ease.

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