The Dire Consequences Of Neglecting Your Home’s Drain Cleaning Service Needs | Helotes, TX

The Dire Consequences Of Neglecting Your Home’s Drain Cleaning Service Needs | Helotes, TX

The pipes, drain lines, sewer lines, and waterways are among the main mechanisms at which the wastes produced in various Helotes, TX homes are cleared out and cleaned. These are similar to a person’s intestinal tract that also carries the waste products from the body similarly. Drains are a standard part of the plumbing system in any residential or commercial property. The drainage system is in virtually all plumbing areas, from the toilets and kitchen to the bathrooms.

This ensures that all wastes, solid or liquid, are carried safely from your home into the municipal main sewer system or the septic tank. From there, the wastewater is taken for refinement or treatment. Due to the importance of the drains in ensuring sanitation and the overall working of your home, homeowners must ensure regular cleaning and maintenance.

However, it is recommended that you enlist a plumber for a drain cleaning service instead of doing it yourself. DIY drain cleaning might make the problem even worse. For instance, you might use liquid drain cleaners that might corrode the pipes or even puncture the pipes when you decide to use a drain snake to eliminate the clog. Below are the consequences of ignoring your drainage system.

Health Risks

Probably the most severe consequence, clogged drains could be the reason why you are suffering some health complications. The incidences such as overflowing toilets and sewer backups are sanitary emergencies that should be dealt with appropriately by a professional emergency plumber. Not having a drain cleaning performed might expose your home and family members to a host of bacteria, vile odors, and other toxic contaminants.

Whenever the drains are clogged, critters, pests, and vermin might find a haven to live and breed. The mice and rats can navigate the clogs and sewer lines, looking for a corner or a point where they can live. They can pose an even more significant concern when they subsequently find a way into your home. Fortunately, a routine drain cleaning service can ensure that these pests don’t thrive in your drains.

The fruit flies that buzz from a clogged drainage system are another nuisance. Although harmless, they make your kitchen or toilet unappealing and dirty. Furthermore, some flies have been found to cause maggot infections or Myiasis on open wounds. Hence, you should have a drain cleaning service and maintenance done regularly by a professional.

Poor Drainage

Whenever there is a blockage within the drains, the first sign that you are likely to notice is that the wastewater isn’t flowing smoothly and as fast as it should. This means that an obstruction has developed down the drain, constricting the diameter of the drain pipe and preventing the seamless flow of the wastewater.

However, no obstruction comes out of the blues. It is a result of a long-time accumulation of wastes such as hairs, grease, grime, and other forms of debris. The blockage results from water pooling in the tub, toilet, or sink, which takes some time to drain away.

If not handled or addressed properly and early, it progressively worsens. Hence, you are advised to enlist for a drain cleaning service in Helotes, TX, preferably once every year, to ensure that you don’t become a culprit of ignored drains. You don’t want to wake up to water refusing to drain and backing into your living space, bathroom or kitchen. However, poor drainage is just a benign and easily solvable problem compared to other issues that might arise by ignoring a routine drain cleaning.

Leaks and Bursts

Taking the consequences, this might be the worst yet. The blocked or clogged drains that have had the obstruction for some time might begin leaking the refuse and wastewater. Such a plumbing emergency might affect the walls and structures at your home. In such a case, you need emergency drain cleaning to ensure your Helotes, TX home isn’t affected by the seeping sewer water and wastewater.

The bursts and leaks might also exacerbate the damage scale and costs, meaning that you might suffer significant water damage or even a health emergency. Whenever the sewer line bursts and begins gushing wastewater in all directions, you are in trouble, and drain cleaning service alone might not be enough to resolve the problem.

Dirty Water

Dirty water flossing from those faucets and showerheads is a sign of trouble. It is where as a homeowner, things begin getting out of hand. You are entering the more concerning territory of the issues caused by obstructed drains. It might become dirty whenever water is allowed to settle for a long time and allowed to pool. This is an issue that mainly happens when there is an obstruction in the water line. However, a problem in the drainage system might also affect the water in the water lines.

The issue might be caused by stuck wastes, grease, and food starting to decompose or rot, paying homage to many pests and bacteria. These will make the pooled water and the entire drains dirty. Unfortunately, they pose a severe health risk to you and your family. Hence, never neglect your drains or ignore having a drain cleaning service. Ensure that the drains are cleaned at least once every year. The professional will clear and remove any developing clogs before they become a disturbance to dirtying the water.

Smells and Odors

Whenever the kitchen drains and sinks are clogged, you might notice a pungent smell or odor whenever in the kitchen. You might even see some fruit flies buzzing in your kitchen. This happens when the clog isn’t big enough to block wastewater flow, though large enough to trap food particles and other organic wastes from flowing through the drainage system.

When the trapped wastes start rotting, they throw that filthy stench and foul gasses, making your kitchen uncomfortable and unsanitary. Hence, you should have a plumber come over for a drain cleaning service whenever you notice an odor in your kitchen. The professional will clear out the clog and clean the drains to ensure all the wastewater and solid wastes flow seamlessly.

Drain Cleaning Services and Other Plumbing Jobs Done Right!

How often do you have your drains cleaned? Do you clean the drains yourself? It is recommended that homeowners retain a professional plumber for drain cleaning at least once every year. By doing this, the professionals can catch any developing blockage before it turns catastrophic. Don’t hesitate to call us at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio today for a reliable and thorough drain cleaning service.

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