The Advantages Of Preventive Water Heater Maintenance Over Reactive Water Heater Repair | Cibolo, TX

The Advantages Of Preventive Water Heater Maintenance Over Reactive Water Heater Repair | Cibolo, TX

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If you decide to have our water heater repair and maintenance team perform annual maintenance on your hot water system, what advantages does that have over simply having problems repaired? Can you change to a maintenance-based approach after many years of water heater repairs on an as-needed basis, or is it important to start from the time the hot water system is installed? At bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio, our team can show you the differences between regular visits to your Cibolo, TX home to perform routine maintenance on your water heater, and waiting until you don’t have hot water anymore or notice leaks from your protective valve.

Emergency Water Heater Repair Visits

Our water heater repair team is ready to respond when you’re not getting any hot water, or when you hear or see signs that your water heater is in distress, such as noises in the tank or water from the overflow pipe. You might also experience leaks from the tank itself, which can indicate that it’s time for an emergency water heater replacement.

Routine Water Heater Servicing

For basic water heaters, typical routine repairs will be for insufficient hot water or other thermostat and heater-related problems. Many units have upper and lower heaters, resulting in odd behavior when one fails. You’ll either get a long wait for hot water, and a smaller amount after that, or the small supply is delivered first, followed by unheated water from the other half of the tank. During water heater maintenance, these components are typically checked and adjusted so the water heater temperature is hot enough for hygiene, but not enough for scalding. The EPA recommended setting is 120 degrees F.

Annual Water Heater Maintenance

Many of your water heater maintenance items provide better hot water and longer life for the unit, but wouldn’t normally be obvious to the homeowner and so might not be attended to with a water heater repair. During maintenance, we check items like the anode rod, which helps prolong the tank’s life by reducing corrosion, and the temperature and pressure valve, which is a critical safety item that might not reveal problems unless it is checked. We also provide a critical piece of information: the condition of the tank and the degree of corrosion, helping you to plan ahead when it is nearing time to replace the unit before it causes water damage or even flooding as the tank fails.

Is Your Water Heater Not Supplying Enough Hot Water?

Insufficient hot water might not be a matter of overuse by household members, it might be an issue with the operation of the heating elements. For many water heaters, it’s not an all-or-nothing issue. Maintenance can reveal partial heat operation and get it fixed.

Hot Water That Smells Bad

If your anode rod is not replaced in time, typically during maintenance, bacteria may grow and cause a foul odor in your hot water.

Tank Corrosion and Your Water Heater’s Lifetime

Monitoring your water heater tank’s corrosion during maintenance is essential to predict when the unit is likely to fail, so you can replace it on your own schedule.

Temperature and Pressure Valve Issues

Under the right conditions, your hot water tank can be put under stress by increased temperature or internal pressure. This is an even greater concern towards the end of your tank’s life when corrosion has weakened the tank material. Our water heater repair technicians will check the protective valve and make sure it’s in good shape to help avoid tank leaks or explosions. In some cases, the valve may release small amounts of water due to brief overpressure situations or because it is no longer functioning correctly. If you notice signs of puddles, still present or dried up, our experts can check your valve for proper functioning.

The Multipurpose Anode Rod

Your water heater’s anode rod provides protection against tank corrosion and also helps keep bacteria from growing in the dark, warm environment of the hot water tank. The anode rod is made of one of several kinds of metal, which dissolves into the water to balance issues like hard water that can accelerate tank corrosion. It usually takes several years for the anode rod to need replacing, and regular maintenance will involve inspecting and replacing the rod if needed.

Hot Water Leaks Under the Slab

Hot water problems including constant heater operation and insufficient hot water may be caused by leaks in hot water piping. You’ll probably notice these leaks if they’re out in the open, but in some homes, the main plumbing is set up under the concrete slab, and your hot water leaks may occur there too. The signs are similar to those of a slab leak, with the addition of warmth, especially when the water is pooling under the slab and creating a warm spot or damaging flooring.

Hybrid or Tankless Hot Water Systems

Hybrid water heaters require many of the same repairs that standard tank-based models do, with the addition of repairs and maintenance for the compressor and other components related to the hybrid’s heat pump technology. Tankless hot water systems simply heat water as it passes through, activated by the flow of water whenever a hot water valve is opened sufficiently in your house. Our plumbing experts can help with repairs and maintenance on these water heaters as well.

Expert Water Heater Repair, Maintenance, and Replacement in Cibolo, TX

For regular water heater care and urgent water heater repair and replacement, our team at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio can help you get the most out of your Cibolo, TX hot water system. Our maintenance services and inspections can keep your water heater performing as long as possible and address issues such as leaks, water quality problems, and reduced hot water supply. Give us a call to put our water heater repair experts to work for you.

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