Tankless Water Heater Repair: How To Troubleshoot Common Issues With A Tankless Water Heater | San Antonio, TX

Tankless Water Heater Repair: How To Troubleshoot Common Issues With A Tankless Water Heater | San Antonio, TX

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With tankless water heaters, you can save more on both costs and energy. Additionally, the unit requires lesser attention. However, like most devices, unexpected issues can occur at any moment.

You can troubleshoot the common issues with a tankless water heater. Timely repairs ensure that the unit runs smoothly for several years. A tankless water heater repair service in San Antonio, TX, can take care of the problems efficiently and on time.

It helps to be aware of various troubleshooting methods. Then, you can avoid further damages and check if the plumber is performing the tasks reliably.

Troubleshooting Common Tankless Water Heater Issues

Tankless water heaters usually have higher energy efficiency than most standard tanks. However, any malfunctioning internal component consumes more energy and stresses the device. It leads to a reduction in its longevity.

Fortunately, most tankless water heaters display an error code when an issue occurs. It helps you identify the problem instantly. Call a tankless water heater repair service in San Antonio, TX, to fix the issue without any delays.

Read on to know the troubleshooting methods for common issues and prepare to take action at the earliest.

Lack of Hot Water

Do you notice that the water temperature is no longer consistent? At times, the water may not turn hot at all. Start by checking the unit’s electrical power. Then, inspect its water and gas supply.

The gas burner may have ignition issues if it does not generate sparks. Meanwhile, cross-check if the taps are open optimally to restore water flow. Any inconsistency in water flow can be due to a blockage within the pipes.

Finally, check if the unit displays an error code. Any error blocks the unit from heating the water until you repair the previous issue. Call a tankless water heater repair service to resolve the issues and reset the system. You can then receive hot water again.

Fluctuations in Water Temperatures

A tankless water heater may deliver too cold or too hot water if it experiences any issues. First, check if you set the temperature too high or too low. Then, you can adjust to an optimal water temperature.

If it does not solve the issue, inspect the interior of the tankless water heater. Excess accumulation of sediment or mineral deposits may prevent the heat from transferring to the water. Another reason for blockage could be debris and dirt.

A tankless water heater service fixes the unit’s venting system to avoid the accumulation of debris and other sediments. They also flush the device to eliminate mineral deposits.

Ignition Issues

If your tankless water heater displays the no ignition error code, you must identify the issue and resolve it promptly. Ensure that the gas and water valves are fully open. Half-open ones do not allow smooth ignition.

Then, see if the device ran out of natural gas or propane. You can contact the gas company and notify them of the issue.

If the above methods cannot resolve the problem, contact a reliable tankless water heater repair service. The chances are that you are likely dealing with more significant issues. Professionals inspect the device and replace any damaged parts to restart ignition.

Strange Noises from the Burner

Your tankless water heater may be making some noise while operating. However, any strange or loud noises usually indicate some trouble within the unit. Make sure not to overlook the issue as it may soon worsen.

The common causes include the following:

  • Loose debris or dust over the fan
  • Weakening venting system
  • Inadequate combustion
  • Improper gas pressure
  • Unstable burner flame
  • Unclear flame

You have to clear the debris and dust on the fan and surrounding areas. Repairing the venting system and combustion parts also solves the issue. Call a tankless water heater repair service to inspect your unit and replace the necessary parts without any delays.

Venting Obstruction

The vent of your tankless water heater is most likely functioning poorly because of an obstruction. Most units display an error if the exhaust or air supply portion has a blockage.

Inspect all its vent pipes and check for any loose connections. Any gaps or holes can lead to a gas leak. You may risk fire hazards if you overlook the issue.

Common venting problems include:

  • Your unit is close to other objects such as pipes, shelves, and rods.
  • A rodent, bird’s nest, or wasp is blocking the vent.
  • You are not maintaining the clearance requirements of the tankless water heater.

Look for clearance instructions in the manual of the unit. If possible, clear the blockages on your own. However, the obstruction may be inside the device itself or within the venting pipes. Contact a professional tankless water heater repair service to clear the hidden blockages.


Corrosion may occur within a pipe in the unit or any of its surface areas. It soon leads to leakages. The reasons for corrosion include improper vents and mineral build-up. If the damages are extensive, you may have to replace your tankless water heater.

Call a reliable tankless water heater repair service as soon as you notice corrosion signs. Professionals inspect the unit and find out the most effective solution. They may replace the pipe with a better quality one.

If you require a new tankless water heater, experienced plumbers suggest efficient models available in the market.

Choose a Professional Tankless Water Heater Repair Service

You can depend on a professional service to repair your tankless water heater. Timely repairs contribute to extending the unit’s longevity. Reach out to bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio today if you need a water heater repair in San Antonio, TX.

Our licensed plumbers provide high-quality repair and maintenance services 24/7. We examine your tankless water heater and replace any inefficient parts promptly. Moreover, guaranteed services are available to ensure durability. Our prices are affordable as well.

Call us at 210-876-1629 anytime and schedule your appointment. You can also visit our official website to receive more information on our tankless water heater repair service.

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