Several Things You Should Know About Tankless Water Heater Repair | San Antonio, TX

Several Things You Should Know About Tankless Water Heater Repair | San Antonio, TX

Nowadays, some residential and commercial property owners are focusing on improving the energy efficiency of their homes through the use of environmentally friendly methods. With constant technological advancements, it has become easier for the average San Antonio, TX homeowner to use innovative techniques to achieve their goals without compromising their comfort. A tankless water heater is among those inventions which have made it possible for homeowners to lower their water and energy utility uses at home.

Research by the Department of Energy indicates that homes use 41 gallons per day. Such homes could benefit considerably from installing a tankless water heater. Studies suggest that the unit might be about 24%-34% more energy-conscious than the conventional water heater. The research also indicated that enlisting the help of an experienced tankless water heater repair professional to install one at your home might ensure that you benefit from a 27%-50% savings in energy usage.

Although tankless water heaters are pretty expensive than conventional water heaters, they have higher durability. They also have lower operational and energy costs. While traditional water heaters have a service life of 10-15 years, tankless units can offer your San Antonio, TX home for over 20 years. However, the units can only hit such lifespans with routine maintenance. Remember, this does not mean that tankless water heaters are immune to problems and damages because of routine wear and tears. Below are several things you should know regarding tankless water heater repair.

Common Problems with Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heater issues are inevitable; that is a reality. The unit cannot reach its lifespan without developing some issues here and there. Though tankless water heaters typically have lower maintenance needs. The unit might experience some problems that are unavoidable with passing time. Below are some of the main issues that a licensed tankless water heater repair professional can help you notice and fix.

Clogged Exhaust Pipes

A certified tankless water heater repair professional can install three distinct systems. Based on your selection and preferences, the water heating unit at your home can be powered by electricity, propane, or natural gas power in heating water at your home. If the water heater at your residence uses natural gas or propane in its operation, it is most likely to be integrated into a network of several exhaust pipes. The exhaust pipes are supposed to remove the poisonous gasses that facilitate combustion.

Tankless water heaters have a prompt that displays a safety code if the unit senses its exhaust pipes are blocked. Because the piping network usually leads to your home’s exterior rats, debris, bird’s nests, and dust sticks and might result in blockages, disrupting the natural gas flow. To remain in front of the problem, seek the help of the tankless water heater repair professional to inspect your pipes outside your home for the presence of any clogs.

If the tankless water heater unit displays an error code, it might be because of a hole or a crack in your gas pipes. Ask your repair technician to inspect the pipes. Hazardous gas leaks can result from loose exhaust pipes.

Low Hot Water Capacity

Typically, tankless water heaters are designed for an endless supply of hot water at your San Antonio, TX, on-demand to meet the daily household needs. The unit installed at your home by your nearby tankless water heater repair professional should produce sufficient hot water for daily routine activities like dishwashing or showering. If you constantly run off the hot water at your home when showering, doing laundry, or dishwashing, that is a sign that the water heater is overloaded.

If your home uses a small unit, it might not be able to produce sufficient hot water for simultaneous uses. Enlist the help of an experienced tankless water heater repair expert to see whether they can offer you a replacement service. This problem can be resolved by deactivating the water heating unit while running by resetting it. Furthermore, tankless water heater repair professionals might tell you to limit the simultaneous use of hot water at different outlets. This helps prevent the system from shutting down constantly.

Suppose it seems improbable to limit your household hot water use. The tankless water heater repair expert might recommend you install another unit or replace the existing one with a higher capacity unit.

Whatever the solution you take, your San Antonio, TX home will have a constant hot water supply. Meaning no one will take a cold shower anymore.

Ignition Malfunctions

Natural gas- or propane-powered tankless water heaters feature a hot surface ignition system engineered for igniting the combustion gas. Investing in a water heater with such an ignition system might have several benefits, including outstanding fuel efficiency and low emissions. These igniter models consist of small electrical parts made of silicon. If you cannot get hot water at your home, this might be a sign that the electrical components of the water heater’s ignition system are damaged.

After switching on the tankless water heater at your home, the ignition system components become warm gradually. The hot surface then ignites the in-flowing natural gas before reaching the gas burners. That is why insufficient hot water at your home is a sign of ignition problems in the unit. The problem can also stem from a closed gas or water valve. You can consult your tankless water heater repair expert in such a situation.

Enlist their help to inspect the water heater to identify the problem with the gas or water valves or the ignition system. Ask them to help you determine whether the water heater is getting enough gas and water supply.

Mineral Buildup

Mineral deposits in your tankless can prove fatal. They are caused by accumulating minerals dissolved in the hard water on the heater’s walls. Luckily, there are signs that you can watch out for to know when you have a mineral deposit problem. They include discolored hot water from your water heating unit or a musty smell in extreme cases.

Whenever you notice such signs, enlist the help of your closest tankless water heater repair professional to flash the unit. To ensure the problem doesn’t arise again, the technician may recommend you install a whole-home water softener to ensure the water getting into the tankless water heater is soft.

Signs That an Experienced Water Heater Repair Expert Is Needed at Your Home

After you are acquainted with some of the common issues that you might experience with a tankless water heater, it is time to know the signs to watch out for. As aforementioned, a water heater is an expensive and vital plumbing fixture. Hence, you must know when to seek the services of a professional tankless water heater repair expert. Remember, the longer you postpone seeking the attention of a plumber to repair your San Antonio, TX unit, the more the chances that it will completely break down.

Lukewarm Water

If you start getting cool to lukewarm water at your home, the tankless water heater might have an improperly sized or a malfunctioning gas valve. An experienced water heater repair professional resolved in no time. However, mineral buildup within the heat exchanger might also cause the issue, resulting in a limited flow of warm water. Your plumbing technician could also provide professional descaling services.

Constantly Fluctuating Water Temperatures

Do you get sandwiches (sessions of hot water when you activate the system, turns cold, and later becomes hot) of cold and hot water in between baths? It might be the right time to call in a professional tankless water heater repair technician. This problem is typically caused by the remains of hot water in the water heater’s piping after some have left the outlet.

This might happen because of the wrongly-sized gas line with respect to the tankless water heater at your home. The other cause may be the system’s damaged plumbing crossover or flow sensor, resulting in hot and cold water mix-up. You will need tankless water heater repair regardless of the cause. The repair technician will offer practical and timely solutions to ensure your home has a constant flow of hot water.

Non-igniting Gas Burner

The other sign to watch out for is a non-igniting gas burner. If your San Antonio, TX gas burner doesn’t ignite or produce a flame, it might have a poor ventilation service. The poor ventilation results in excess condensation that could put out the flame. In some cases, the issue might be because of a damaged or loose flame rod, or its gas valve is open when it should be closed. A reliable tankless water heater repair professional can identify what causes the issue and recommend the necessary solutions.

No Hot Water

The lack of water under some circumstances is the other issue you might face with a tankless water heater. The ignition could be damaged or faulty if the water heater’s red flame rod does not spark whenever you activate it. Lack of hot water might also be experienced in the case of a closed shutoff valve, an issue that can be resolved by opening the valve. In winter, you might experience problems with the hot water supply within your home because of frozen pipes. Enlist the help of a reliable tankless water heater repair expert near you to have pipes winterized and insulated to protect them from freezing.

Low Water Pressure

A blockage inside the water lines or on the water filters might cause the hot water pressure to reduce. This situation might also be caused by having several hot water appliances in simultaneous use. The low hot water pressure might also be caused by leaks and your hot water plumbing, a particularly severe problem. If your home has low water pressure, it might be taking you longer to shower, resulting in more energy bills. Seek the help of your trusted tankless water heater repair professional to inspect the hot water system to identify the cause of the low pressure and resolve it.

Extremely Hot Water

Is the water you get from the shower or hot water faucets too hot? This might mean that the thermostat settings are too high. You could reset the thermostat readings to a more acceptable level. The other reason why the tankless water heater might be producing the scalding hot water is because of faulty temperature sensors or sediment buildup.

If the water temperature remains unbearably high even after adjusting the thermostat, only one card is left in your pocket. Enlist the help of a professional tankless water heater repair expert to inspect the unit and detect where the problem is. They will also repair it to ensure you don’t suffer injuries from the scalding hot water.

Maintaining a Tankless Water Heater

Even with all the knowledge of the signs and problems that affect a tankless water heater, you should have some maintenance tips to preserve the unit’s efficiency. Hence, you won’t have to keep calling a nearby water heater repair expert in San Antonio, TX.

Annual Maintenance Inspections

To ensure your unit remains in top performance and avoid frequent, unplanned repairs, ensure you have a maintenance plan for the unit. Enlist the help of your reliable plumber to offer annual inspections to the unit. The plumbing expert can diagnose and repair any minor issues before causing further damage. Additionally, you shouldn’t perform any DIY work on your tankless water heating unit because you may make the damage even larger.

Counter Water Hardness

Water hardness is the leading cause of most water heater problems, regardless of the type. Hard water has calcium and magnesium minerals dissolved. These minerals can stick on the walls of your water heater, resulting in scaling. Consequently, your heater might lose operational efficiency, meaning that it’ll take longer to heat the water. Fortunately, you can enlist the services of your reliable tankless water heater repair professional in installing a strainer to trap the mineral deposits and thoroughly clean the unit’s interiors. Ask them to install a water softener and integrate it with your plumbing system.

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