Secrets Of Professional Water Heater Repair | Helotes, TX

Secrets Of Professional Water Heater Repair | Helotes, TX

Plentiful, clear hot water from your long-lasting water heater is the goal of our water heater repair team, and we have many tips and tricks for homeowners to keep it properly serviced. Some are not as well-known as others, but when you have bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio on the job, you’ll find out! We’ll keep your tank-based, hybrid, or tankless water heater in great shape and using energy efficiently. We’d love to see you at least once a year to check everything out, and we’re here for all your other plumbing and home services needs in Helotes, TX.

As Long as You Have Hot Water, Are You Satisfied?

While people in your home are mostly interested in whether there’s enough hot water for showers and washing, as a homeowner you want your water heater to perform and last the best that it can. You may have even made the switch from tank-based to tankless so your large family can all get hot showers each day without delay. If energy bills are rising, tankless can help. You can also make the simpler move to hybrid water heaters that use heat pump technology to heat the water in a tank at a much lower energy cost. For all your hot water heater repair needs, our expert plumbers can take good care of you. We’ll use the tricks of the trade to make sure your tank lasts as long as possible without bursting and making a mess. Adjusting the temperature to the perfect level will help you stay clean and healthy while saving energy. Maintaining your tankless water heater will keep it from shutting down due to sediment or a need for vent cleaning. We know what it takes to keep you comfortable and clean in Helotes, TX!

Anode Rod Magic in Your Tank-Based Water Heater

Let’s check the anode rod in your tank-based water heater every few years during routine maintenance, and see how it’s doing. It slowly disappears, dissolving into the tank water to balance the chemistry and reduce corrosion. Depending on your home’s water quality, the anode rod could be made of one of several kinds of metals. As it keeps your tank from failing early, it also provides an additional benefit by discouraging the growth of bacteria which like to grow in dark, enclosed spaces. You’ll know if they’re present when your hot water has a strong odor, but your cold water doesn’t. If you haven’t been getting regular maintenance, that will be a sign that our water heater repair expert should make a visit and catch you up on service. Many homeowners don’t realize the difference that a few simple maintenance services can make, and they miss having the benefit of an up-to-date anode rod replacement.

Two Heaters Are Better Than One

The secret to getting more hot water is sometimes just a simple water heater repair. Many tank-based water heaters have two thermostats and two heaters to cover the entire 40-gallon tank. This provides faster recovery time when you use a lot of hot water, and balances the temperature in the tank. When one of them fails, either from a heater problem or a thermostat issue, you may not notice right away. You can drain great hot water from the half of the tank that’s still heated before the temperature drops and you use the cooler water. You might even think that too many showers or clothes washing has caused insufficient hot water, but no, it can be a malfunction as well that our water heater repair experts can fix. In some cases, it can be even more confusing when only one heater is working, because you get the cooler water first, and then if you wait or just deal with a lukewarm shower, you’ll get lots of hot water later on. Call us for hot water repair if strange things like these are happening, and we’ll get you back to normal.

Tankless Water Heater Odd Behavior

If you have unlimited hot water from a tankless water heater, there are a few things to know. One you may already have heard, the limit for a tankless unit is not how much you can get, but how much at the same time. Depending on the flow rate, you may get many showers and clothes washing, but not concurrently. With a higher flow rate unit, you can get a great shower and wash clothes in hot water at the same time, though! If your family is growing, you might want to think about making an upgrade at some point. Our water heater repair experts can calculate your hot water flow and install the right unit. Another secret for tankless hot water units, especially older ones since newer ones sometimes have a design fix, is a little burst of cold water at first. It’s called a “cold water sandwich” and comes after the warm water starts, so it’s a bit surprising. It’s perfectly normal, though, a result of how the tankless system operates. Newer units often have additional features that eliminate weird behavior.

Slowing Tank Corrosion and Whole-House Plumbing Problems

Water heater corrosion and sediment accumulation can be reduced significantly along with damage to your home’s pipes and appliances. The secret is a whole-house water softener or filter. Our area has extremely hard water, containing many minerals, so ask our water heater repair team about this!

For a top-rated local plumber service with great reviews and HomeAdvisor awards, bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio is your best choice. Our water heater repair experts get to the heart of the problem right away, with same-day service available in Helotes, TX so you don’t have to wait and worry. Make sure to schedule regular maintenance and inspection for your water heater, and call us for water heater repair 24/7 when you have concerns. We’re here to make your life easier!

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