Scrub Out Your Drains And Clear Those Clogs With Our Professional Drain Cleaning Service | Helotes, TX

Scrub Out Your Drains And Clear Those Clogs With Our Professional Drain Cleaning Service | Helotes, TX

You may not want to think about what sticks, grows, and smells so bad in your drain and sewer plumbing, but at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio, we do. We enjoy cleaning out your drains in Helotes, TX, whether it’s an urgent unclogging call or an annual whole-house drain cleaning service. We want to leave them running freely throughout your home, fresh and clear of developing clog materials both at your sinks, toilets, tubs, and showers, and in the pipes that connect them and lead to your sewer. The process of clogging isn’t just a matter of too much paper or other matter flushed at once, it also develops over time.

Grease, soap, and other products stick to pipe walls, even deep down in your walls, and slowly gather other material that’s passing by, from food and hair to who knows what else. A slow sink isn’t always a matter of a quick cleanout, the original cause may be far down the line, slowing the flow and allowing other clogs to more easily accumulate as well. Our drain cleaning service is performed by experienced plumbing professionals who think about the big picture, and make sure they provide the best fix for the situation, not just the short-term answer. After all, drain problems can be much more than an inconvenience, water damage and wastewater overflow can require significant repairs and disinfection as well.

Things That Slow and Foul Your Drains

Even though your drains are designed to take waste away, there’s always some that stays behind, gathering with other bits, providing a place for bacteria to grow, and otherwise causing trouble. It can be organic matter, items dropped down drains and toilets, hygiene products, and more. Solid, liquid, and greasy materials find ways to tangle up into clogs, taking advantage of P-traps and pipe joints, corrosion on pipe walls that provides something to cling to, and any other way that they can gather. One way plumbers have found is when horizontal drain pipes aren’t slightly tilted as they should be, the water flows on more easily than solid matter, and clogs drop out of the flow on their own accord. Inside your drains, expect the unexpected, and don’t forget that we’re also concerned about sanitary problems as well as flow issues. Backups and overflows can be quite dangerous to your health.

Ways We Clean and Scrub Your Drains

Video checks of clogs help us understand whether it’s a job for an auger, snake, or another tool. Our hydro-jet equipment blasts clogs apart if they’re not solid objects like toys, and it also helps clear out organic material and bacteria so your pipes stop having that unfortunate odor coming from the sinks. We tailor the process to the condition of your pipes, with older and more corroded pipes getting a more delicate touch to avoid damage. For whole-house drain cleaning, we can clean your pipes back to the pipe walls, taking care of build-ups naturally occurring as the water slows to change course in elbows and tees. We reach in with our devices and extract or break up material as appropriate, ensuring that we don’t just push clogs further down the line for more trouble later. It’s important to avoid partial clearing, too, which may seem successful but provides a narrowed path that easily catches hair and other items for a quick return of trouble in the near future. A proper, professional drain cleaning service keeps trouble away!

The Added Cost of Cleanup and How We Help You Avoid It

A toilet overflow is alarming, but even more so if your bathroom floor is not tightly sealed and wastewater can seep into the subfloor through cracks or down the adjacent wall. You’ll wind up with water damage that can require tearing up and rebuilding, otherwise the wood rots and mold forms, and bacteria grows in place. Disinfecting is also part of wastewater cleanup. Sink problems can also cause water damage of course, including backups due to clogs further down the line that cause jets of wastewater from the sink whenever the toilet flushes. Since our drain cleaning service is provided by a plumbing company, we know plumbing and can hunt down even complex drain problems with experience.

Leaks and Corrosion in Your Drain Pipes

We’re careful when providing drain cleaning service in older pipes, and when our video inspection uncovers damaged pipes or advanced corrosion, we’ll let you know. With clear information about what’s going on in your pipes, our plumbers can recommend solutions including pipe replacement or a whole-house pipe replacement, something homeowners experience maybe once in a typical long-term homeownership. We help you protect your investment, and when necessary, upgrade it for the long term too.

Sewer Specialists as Well

Backups in the lower levels of your home can be caused by sewer line trouble slowing the progress of wastewater downward, and even from heavy rains getting into your damaged sewer line. Our plumbing experts can help identify any potential problems with the sewer line using video inspection. Sometimes there’s a massive clog down in the sewer line that we can break up, hydro-jet, and get out of the way for a resolution without any further concern. If not, we have a number of excellent repair solutions for sewer line damage as well.

For the Top to the Bottom of Your Home’s Drain Flow, We’ve Got You Covered in Helotes.

From the plumbing vent on the roof to your sewer line below, our bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio drain cleaning service in Helotes, TX finds trouble where it’s likely to lurk, then clearing it. Call us for emergency drain cleaning service and general plumbing issues, complex drain problems and slow drains, and preventive drain cleaning services as well. We’re here to keep your drains flowing smoothly! Call today.

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