Reliable Sewer And Drain Cleaning Company | San Antonio, TX

Reliable Sewer And Drain Cleaning Company | San Antonio, TX

Clogged drains are a common occurrence in many homes. They’re often caused by the accumulation of grease, hair, soap, sludge, and other debris that block your pipes. Signs such as sink taking longer to drain, water pooling in the tub, and strange or unpleasant odors are all indications that you may soon be facing a clogged drain. Scheduling a professional drain cleaning service is the best way to keep your drains running smoothly.

bluefrog plumbing +Drain of San Antonio, TX, provides a quick and effective drain cleaning service that ensures that your drainage system is functioning well and can remove all types of liquid waste from your property. Our team of highly trained, experienced, and licensed plumbers rely on state-of-the-art tools and equipment to inspect and clear clogs without damaging your plumbing system. Read on to find out the causes of blocked drains, symptoms of clogged drains, and the importance of having it professionally done.

Major Culprits for Clogged Drains

Here are the major causes of blocked drains:

  • Tree roots- The leading cause of clogs and blockage in water and sewer mains
  • Hair- Human hair is often the contributor of clogs, especially in the bathtub, shower, and bathroom drains.
  • Soap- Soap scum or residue can accumulate inside the bathroom drain and cause slow drainage or backup
  • Oil, Grease, and Fat– Grease and oil solidify in pipes and cause blockage.
  • Food waste- Food waste clogs generally affect kitchen sinks
  • Flushable wipes and diapers- These are too bulky and can easily clog the sewer line
  • Small toys and objects- Children toys and small objects that are accidentally flushed down the toilet end up causing blockages
  • Cat litter- Cat litter, comprises clay, silica, and sand. When inside the drain, they absorb moisture and form clumps, causing blockage
  • Corrosion of drain pipes- Corrosion of the pipes can happen, especially with older homes causing the pipes to weaken or collapse, causing blockage

Signs That You Need Drain Cleaning Services

To keep your home’s drains happy and running smoothly, let’s look at warning signs you need a professional drain cleaning.

Toilet doesn’t flush

If your toilet doesn’t flush, you might be in for a big problem if material wastes start overflowing. Usually, a toilet won’t flush properly if non-flushable objects like paper towels, toys, too much toilet paper, feminine hygiene products, diapers, or cotton swabs find their way down the drains.

Slow drainage

If you notice that your sink, bathtub, or shower is taking much longer to drain water, it means that there is a problem with the drainage system. The buildup of foodstuffs, soap scum, hair, grease, and sludge in the pipes is often the cause of slow drainage. Regular drain cleaning helps keep your drains clean, fresh, and in top condition.

Smelly drains

If foodstuffs or other particles accumulate in the drain for long, they might start to release a nasty stink, making your home quite uncomfortable to live in. Therefore, if you smell something off emanating from your drains, call a professional right away to root out the source. The pros have the right tools and equipment to access hard-to-reach areas, locate clogs, and safely remove them.

Gurgling sound

Drains should not make any gurgling noise when you flush or drain wastewater down the pipe. If you hear gurgling noises, that means there is trapped air in the pipes or loose joints, and if ignored, it could lead to serious plumbing issues.

Unexplained puddles

If you notice unexplained pools of water on your yard or grass, these are signs of blockage, most likely caused by tree roots. Roots can infiltrate and cause damage to your plumbing system. Contact a professional plumber who can perform a camera inspection to find out the actual cause of the problem.

Importance of Professional Drain Cleaning

There are myriad benefits to your home and your family by keeping your drains clean and functioning. Here are the best five, but the rewards are endless.

Saves you money

The main reason why homeowners don’t hire a company to clean their drains is the cost involved. They don’t realize that if they conduct routine maintenance, they’ll less likely encounter significant plumbing issues in the future that would have otherwise cost thousands of dollars in repairs.

Eliminate foul odors

A buildup of waste within your plumbing system will result in bad smells filling your entire home. Even worse is that the sources of these foul smells are typically untouchable without professional help, and you’ll be stuck with the awful smell until you get your drains cleaned.

Protects your property from damage

Wastewater can overflow and cause extensive damage to floors, walls, electric systems, furniture, and other belongings. Mold can also grow on wet surfaces and pose a health risk to your household. However, if you hire a professional plumber early enough, none of these will happen. Regular drain cleaning will ensure your floors and walls remain intact and robust.

Keeps your family healthy

Clogs can cause leaks, which create an ideal environment for bacteria and mold to thrive. These microorganisms produce allergens, irritants, and in some cases, potentially toxic substances that can cause infections, breathing difficulties, and other health-related problems. However, if you maintain a clean drainage system, you and your family’s health will never be compromised.

Keeps your drainage pipes healthy

Chemicals, grease, and other debris can accumulate in your pipes over time and eventually lead to corrosion and leaks. Having your drains cleaned removes these buildups, so they don’t get the opportunity to corrode pipes. Well-maintained pipes can last for decades without needing a replacement.

Why Choose Bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio, TX

When seeking a professional drain cleaning service, you want a company that can guarantee quality results every time. At bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio, we offer a plethora of plumbing services for commercial and residential properties. Whether you need your drains cleaned, maintenance, repairs, or sewer plumbing services, you can trust us to get the job done right the first time.

All our technicians are highly trained, skilled and have all the necessary tools and equipment to unclog your drains and fix any other plumbing issues that you may have. We are licensed, bonded, and insured, so you can rest easy knowing that your property is in safe hands. Besides, we offer emergency plumbing services at no extra fee since we know that plumbing issues occur when you least expect them.

Don’t let a clogged drain dampen your spirit—give us a call today at 210-876-1629 to schedule professional drain cleaning service and maintenance!

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