Reasons Why You Run Out Of Hot Water Frequently & Need Water Heater Repair | Cibolo, TX

Reasons Why You Run Out Of Hot Water Frequently & Need Water Heater Repair | Cibolo, TX

Imagine coming home, ready and planning to pamper yourself after spending a long day at work in Cibolo, TX. You start filling hot water in your bathtub while setting the mood. However, halfway through, you notice that the water has turned lukewarm or even downright cold. Then after a few minutes, you remember that you were cleaning the dishes several days ago, and the water ran cold gradually. This can be one of the most frustrating experiences, especially if it happens in winter.

Whenever the water heater doesn’t provide you with enough hot water, there is a lot at stake besides your comfort. The efficiency of most appliances at your home nowadays depends on a consistent and reliable hot water supply. This article will explore why your home quickly runs out of hot water frequently and how a water heater repair technician can help.

Sediment Build-Up

Texas is among the states having hard water, with the hardness averaging at 200 PPM. Hard water contains dissolved minerals, mostly lime, calcium, and magnesium. The dissolved minerals can accumulate on the heating element on your water heater, reducing its heating efficiency. Hence, you should enlist the services of your trusted water heater repair technician to conduct routine maintenance of the unit, including its flushing.

As time passes, the sediments of the minerals dissolved in hard water form when the water is heated. This grime has a higher density than water, meaning that it sinks to the bottom of the water heater tank and settles at the bottom. The water heater normally has two water heaters, one located at the bottom and the other at the top. When water is heated in both directions, it is adequately and evenly heated, meaning that you’ll have a constant flow of hot water. However, the accumulation of these mineral sediments at the bottom of the tank might affect the heating element.

It builds up a layer of insulation around the heating element, reducing its heating efficiency to almost zero. At times, the layer of sediment may be so large that it even reduces the water holding capacity of the water heater tank. For instance, it is possible to find a 40-gallon tank holding 25 gallons of water because sedimentation has used up the 15 gallons.

Besides insufficient hot water supply, the other telltale signs of sedimentation in your water heater tank include:

  • Smelly or cloudy hot water.
  • Rumbling or popping sounds from the water heater tank
  • An unexplainable sudden increase in your energy utility bills.

Most plumbers and water heater manufacturers recommend flushing a water heater at least once per year. However, should you decide to flush the water heater yourself, a lot may go wrong. Hence, it is advised that you enlist a reliable water heater repair professional. These professionals are familiar with the issues related to the buildup of sediments. The plumbers also have the necessary tools to complete the water heater repair seamlessly without causing more issues like flooding or spills.

The Age Of Your Water Heater

Like any plumbing appliance or fixture, the water heater deteriorates over time, particularly when it approaches the end of its expected service life. The EPA estimates that the lifespan of the conventional is about 8-12 years on average. However, this doesn’t mean that the unit cannot live past the expected lifespan. You could extend the service life of your water heater with routine maintenance and inspections. Besides the fluctuating temperatures, if the repair costs are too high and frequent, that is a sign that the water heater has outlived its use.

Like other water heater repair tasks, installing a new water heater unit should be done by a professional in Cibolo, TX. They will do the job properly and safely in the first instance. The technicians also know the Texas codes, ensuring that you can get the permits promptly. Some water heater repair companies can connect you to some funding options to ensure you have an environmentally friendly unit.

Most water heater manufacturers require the unit to be installed, repaired, replaced, or maintained by a licensed professional as a warranty condition. Installing, repairing, or replacing the unit yourself might effectively void the warranty.

Undersized Water Heater

If you had purchased the water heater when staying alone, you might begin lacking hot water frequently, especially if you now have a family. The unit could not keep up with your Cibolo, TX home’s hot water needs. You could also have done some remodeling of your home and installed or added new appliances and fixtures, which might increase your home’s hot water consumption. This issue might also arise if you had overlooked the size of the water heating unit when you were moving houses.

The other obvious signs that your water heater is undersized include heavy condensation, a lot of rust on the burners and flow tubes, and premature water heater malfunctioning. The other factors to consider when choosing the water heater size include:

  • Hot water usage patterns in your homestead.
  • Your family or home size
  • The number of bathrooms or appliances
  • How old are your family members?

Upon contacting your trusted water heater repair service, they should guide you regarding getting the rightly sized water heating unit. They will consider the above factors to determine the accurate size of the water heater to help you upgrade.

Broken Equipment

Failing to have a water heater repair and maintenance done regularly causes more than an accumulation of sediments. You could also run out of hot water because the dip tube is broken. The dip tube’s purpose is to push cold water to the bottom of the tank for heating. Hot water moves upwards to the top of the tank, where it is fetched whenever there is a demand. A broken dip tube means that cold water is no longer being pushed to the bottom of the tank for heating, and it mixes with the hot water at the top of the tank, resulting in lukewarm to cold water. Hence, ensure that you invite a water heater repair technician to inspect the unit for damages, including checking whether the dip tube is broken.

Being a critical plumbing fixture in your home, you must ensure that the water heater operates in the top condition. Enlisting the services of a water heater expert can help you attain that. Do you need routine water heater maintenance at your home? Call us today at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio.

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