Plumbing Service Tips: 4 Ways To Fix A Pesky, Leaky Ceiling And How To Prevent Severe Damage | San Antonio, TX

Plumbing Service Tips: 4 Ways To Fix A Pesky, Leaky Ceiling And How To Prevent Severe Damage | San Antonio, TX

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As one of the most flood-prone cities in America, residents of San Antonio are no strangers to detecting and understanding water leaks. In a city that receives rainfall or snow for at least 85 days of the year, you may face a crisis when your ceiling suddenly starts leaking.

You may have no clue how to go about fixing your leaking ceiling and can attempt temporary measures that will keep the leak controlled until you can call a plumbing service in San Antonio, TX.

These simple methods will help you out with your leaky ceiling and preventing severe damage to your property and possessions while the plumber is on its way.

Figure Out the Source of the Leaky Ceiling

Before you begin fixing your leaking ceiling, you need to understand where the leak is originating from. If there is consistent water coming from one area on your ceiling, it’s safe to say that the leak is located somewhere there.

If you’re facing multiple leaks on your ceiling, it might be because of a burst or malfunctioning plumbing pipe. In this case, it’s important to figure out where the plumbing is located (bathroom, or kitchen).

The leak may also be coming directly from your roof, air-conditioner system, or water heating system, in which case the leak will be somewhere around these systems or directly below the roof. When the leaks start during rainfall or snowfall, it’s easy to determine the roof as the source of the leak.

When you can’t figure out the leak source and have multiple leaks, call a plumbing service immediately to prevent large-scale damage to your property.

Drain the Leak Source

Once you’ve determined what the source of the leak is, the best thing to do is prevent any further leaking. If the culprit of your leaky ceiling is the plumbing system, it’s best to turn off the main water supply in your home until a plumbing service comes to repair and replace the damaged parts.

If turning off the main water supply is not ideal, you could try pinpointing if the leak starts when you start using a specific sink, shower, faucet, and so on. Discontinue the use of them until you get a plumbing professional to look at the leak.

If the leak is caused because of your roof, use a plastic tarp to cover the area where the leak is coming from on your roof. It can be a temporary measure until you get it repaired.

Get a Bucket

When you’re unable to locate the source of the leak or it’s too big to be controlled, prevent your floor and possessions from being damaged by collecting the leaking water.

Getting a bucket to collect the water can also give you a good idea of how much water is leaking and if there is an increase or decrease in the water flow at specific times. It can help you identify the leak source since the water flow will increase when a specific water outlet is being used.

Typically, immediately get a bucket as soon as you notice a leak in your ceiling to prevent water damage to your property. It lessens your repair costs in the long term.

Empty the Area

If you have your personal possessions right underneath the leak, they are likely to get damaged without proper protection. While you wait for your plumbing service to arrive, clear the area of the leak of any furniture, items, carpets, and so on.

It will make it easier for your plumber to arrive and immediately start working on the leak without having to clear items out of the way. It will provide them with direct access to the leak to analyze the leak and plug it in temporarily.

When you don’t empty the area in time, your possessions and furniture won’t just be exposed to water damage, but can also have mold and decay problems in the future. If you have people in your home who have respiratory issues, this can be particularly worrying.

Temporarily Plug the Leak

San Antonio, TX is frequently home to bad weather that can make your plumbing service delayed while they arrive at your home. While you’re waiting, you can try to plug the source of the leak yourself to prevent further damage.

You can use a sealant, epoxy putty, plastic tarps, or any other plugging material you have lying around the house for a temporary fix. You can consider drilling a hole in your ceiling if there is no specific leak source. The hole will release all the leaking water at one place and make it easier for you to stop multiple leaks in your ceiling while the plumbing service arrives.

Prevent Severe Damage

When you’re facing a ceiling leak it can be very easy to dismiss it as nothing major and continue with your daily life. However, without proper prevention and resolution, your ceiling leak can wreak major havoc throughout your home.

From your home’s drywall to insulation, leaky ceilings have the potential to permeate the interior structure of your home to weaken and destroy the foundation. The longer you leave your leaky ceilings, the more severe the damage will be.

Plumbing services will not only fix your leaky ceiling, but they can give your home a full inspection to make sure that there isn’t any other hidden fault when it comes to your plumbing system.

Contact a Plumbing Service for Quick Resolution

Getting regular inspections by a plumbing service in your home will also prevent ceiling leaks from occurring in the first place. Most services in San Antonio, TX operate 24/7 because there is no good time for a plumbing emergency to occur, and they cater to it accordingly.

Feeling Bogged Down by Your Leaky Ceiling? Our Experts Are Here for You

Leaky ceilings can cause long-term damage to your home and possessions when not properly monitored and repaired in time.

Our plumbing professionals at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio can rid you of your leaky ceiling in no time while explaining the whole process to you. Our affordable and reliable technicians will minimize the damage caused by your leaking ceiling while making sure it doesn’t happen again.

Call our experts now at 210-876-1629 to fix your leaking ceilings.

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