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Plumbing Service | San Antonio, TX

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Having a trusted plumbing service is like having a trusted family doctor. You always know who to call when a plumbing emergency occurs. Smart home owners will get to know their plumbing service provider through regular maintenance service calls. But it’s in an emergency that the true value of a quick responding, expert professional service becomes apparent.

When Should You Call A Plumber?

Your senses should tell you when a plumbing issue may be looming. Or, if you’ve ignored the warning signs, you might have an event you can’t ignore on your hands, like no water or a burst pipe or flooding.

So you can call a plumbing service when the following signs pop up, or you can call a service when an emergency breaks out. Your choice. If you’re in the greater San Antonio, TX, bluefrog Plumbing + Drain can handle either situation with equal skill and care.

  • Unpleasant smells can indicate a blockage, contaminated materials damaged by water, or mold. If you smell mustiness, it could be a number of things gone wrong. If you smell sewage, something is definitely off.


  • Weird gurgling or gushing sounds are usually a sign that water is being impeded in its flow, either by a blockage or broken pipe infrastructure.


  • Unusually low water flow or no flow can indicate a blockage, leak or broken pipe. So can a lack of hot water, which can also lead to problems with water handling equipment.


  • An unusually high water bill suggests that water is escaping somehow – perhaps through a leaking pipe behind your home’s walls or underground. Although there may be no signs of an immediate problem, this is always worth investigating.


  • Flooding or water dripping where it shouldn’t. This often happens in the basement at the sources for water entering and leaving the building. It can also indicate that there is a drainage problem, or cracks in the pipe infrastructure outside your home.


  • Damp or sunken patches in the yard can suggest problems with a septic system, or dislodged or damaged water pipes. This is a common problem on properties with older trees that have extensive root systems. It can also occur during severe weather events, when community water and sewage infrastructures are suddenly taxed.

Why DIY Plumbing Never Works Out

Yes, it’s tempting to try and fix things yourself when things go wrong around the home. But plumbing disasters are not the time to test out your handyman skills. Most plumbing service issues will benefit from the attention of a plumbing professional. Here’s why:

  • Plumbers have expertise gleaned from years of training, apprenticing and on-the-job experience. You can’t beat that with a YouTube how-to video.


  • A plumbing service specialist will carry all the requisite tools of the trade, including state of the art diagnostic equipment and custom wrenches and pipe cutters.


  • A reliable plumbing service guarantees the work of their technicians. And if an insurance claim or municipal standards inspection is involved, the certifications and documentation that come with a professional can prove invaluable.


  • Too many DIY jobs end in bigger disasters. A certified plumber will offer a quote on the job, fix the problem right the first time and back up their work with a guarantee.


  • When working with sewage pipes, sump pumps and drains, a degree of personal hazard is usually present. Plumbers are often exposed to toxic gases and substances, and they know how to handle those exposures safely. You might not be able to – and that could put your family at risk.

And speaking of safety…

A Few Safety Tips for Service Calls During the Pandemic

Making service calls requires following new safety and hygiene protocols during this period and post-pandemic. Any reputable business springing back into action will have them in place, including plumbing services, so don’t be afraid to ask before a technician visits your home. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Make sure you understand your local public health guidelines around trades and home service calls. If work can be put off, consider delaying service calls as long as possible. At the same time, don’t live with a potentially disastrous situation out of fear. Use good judgement to make the call on whether to invite a professional repair person into your home.


  • Don’t hesitate to ask the plumbing service provider about the precautions being taken, and quiz the individual technician making the call as well. What is the company doing to ensure everyone stays safe?


  • Prepare for someone coming into your household from outside the domestic bubble. Remind everyone in the household that they must keep 6 feet away from the plumbing technician at all times. Encourage family members not to watch the technician work, but to stay in another part of the home when a plumber is making a call. If you want to watch, maintain that safe distance. Open doors and clear a path so the plumber touches as few surfaces as possible.


  • Some plumbers will install temporary plastic barriers around their work area. But you will still need to clean and disinfect the area they worked in once they leave.


  • Provide access to soap and water for proper hand washing. Your plumber will appreciate the gesture, even though they are likely carrying sanitizer.

If your household is experiencing issues with plumbing, don’t hesitate to give the experts at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio, TX a call, even if some public health restrictions remain in place. From emergencies such as flooding and sewer backups to less urgent scenarios such as low water pressure and advice about new plumbing systems, professional plumbing service providers can get your home’s plumbing infrastructure flowing smoothly again, safely and quickly.

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