Plumbing Service: Protect Your Plumbing System And Property By Looking For These Common Malfunctions | San Antonio, TX

Plumbing Service: Protect Your Plumbing System And Property By Looking For These Common Malfunctions | San Antonio, TX

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The plumbing system is a complex series of interconnected piping, appliances, and other features. When one component malfunctions another will be affected. To prevent this from happening, a preventive maintenance plumbing service is highly recommended. Understanding how your plumbing system works and what to look for will also help to reduce the number of malfunctions your plumbing system experiences. When it comes to plumbing care, a professional and licensed plumbing company is imperative. Amateur plumbing repair can actually cause more issues to occur. If you live in or around the San Antonio, TX, area, and are in need of a professional plumber, contact the staff at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio.

Common Plumbing Malfunctions You Should Look For

Your home’s plumbing system care starts with you. Although preventive maintenance can greatly reduce the number of plumbing issues you experience, it may not be able to stop all of them from occurring. Plumbing malfunctions occur for a myriad of reasons and some cannot be predicted. Therefore, it is imperative you pay close attention to your plumbing system and contact a professional plumbing service when you recognize an issue.

Sump Pump Issues

The sump pump is a device used to remove water from your basement. Not every home has a sump pump, however, if you do, it would be located at the lowest point in the home. Sump pumps are worked by diverting excess water out of your basement and back into the ground. When the ground becomes oversaturated with water, it can start to seep into the basement, causing flooding. Flooding in the home is an issue for a variety of reasons, the main one being, damage to the structure of the property. Flooding can also lead to mold and bacterial growth, which is unsanitary and unhealthy to live in. To accommodate for this issue, sump pumps are installed and can prevent flooding from happening altogether.

Sump pumps are typically ignored until they are needed. These plumbing appliances do not work unless it is needed. When heavy rains pour and the basement begins to flood the sump pump will start working. If this does not occur, you may be experiencing a sump pump failure. If your sump pump is failing, contact an emergency plumbing service provider for urgent repair.

Sump pumps may fail for a variety of reasons. Sump pump clogging, electrical issues, or too much water, can cause sump pump failure. The solution to these problems is a professional plumber. If you live in the San Antonio, TX, area, and are having trouble with basement flooding, contact the staff at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio for all of your plumbing needs.

Water Heater Issues

The water heater is another important appliance that can typically be found in the basement. The water heater can sometimes be located in the attic or garage of the as well. The water heater is an extremely important appliance. The water heater is part of the water supply system and deals with loads of water daily. Periodic maintenance of this appliance can go a long way. The water heater can experience many malfunctions. Preventive maintenance plumbing service will help prevent water heater malfunctions and extend its lifespan. On average, water heaters are said to last 9 to 12 years. This number can differ greatly depending on how well you care for it. Once your water heater appliance reaches the 10-year mark, it may be best to have it serviced twice a year. Experts recommend annual maintenance checks, but you know your home best. If it is faulty, an increase in plumbing service may be beneficial.

The water heater can experience many malfunctions, the key to protecting this appliance is by preventing them from happening altogether. You may be able to recognize issues before they become serious by paying attention to the following signs.

  • Noise
  • Discoloration
  • Smell

If you hear noise coming from your hot water, it could be a sign, there is too much sediment build-up or foreign bodies present in the hot water tank. This can affect the quality of the water. Sediment builds up is also one of the leading causes of tank damage and leaks. Discoloration and odor in your hot water is a sign that something is seriously wrong. If these issues only occur when the hot water is turned on, your water heater may be the culprit. If it turns on regardless of how or cold water you will still need to contact a professional plumbing provider for urgent plumbing system inspection and repair.

Clogged Drains

One of the most commonly experienced plumbing system issues are clogged drains. A clogged drain may not seem like a serious issue at first, but it can quickly turn into one. There are many over-the-counter chemical drain cleaners to rid your drains of clogs. Although these chemicals can be effective at times, they can damage your drains. Chemical drain cleaners are not always sure to work either. The way they were designed to work is acid. It is poured down the drain where it will dissolve the clog. When clogs ear thick and stubborn, it would be extremely difficult to dissolve, creating an even more serious clog. Stubborn clogs that cannot be removed by common methods such as hydro-jetting and or snaking will need to be removed manually from the source. This method of clog removal is costly and necessary for serious clogs such as this.

To prevent a serious clog from occurring it is recommended you have a plumbing service provider professional clean your drains, on an annual or biannual basis. Another way to prevent clogs from occurring is by preventing things like hair and other objects from becoming lodged in the drain. Use a hair catcher or strainer in your drains to lessen the chances of this occurring.

Professional Plumbing Service

Professional preventive maintenance plumbing service is the best way to prevent these malfunctions from occurring. The next line of defense is your awareness and attention to your plumbing system and property. If you notice something, do not hesitate to call a professional to inspect and repair it. If you live in or around the San Antonio, TX, area, and are in need of plumbing service, contact the staff at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio today!

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