Plumbing Service: Costly Plumbing Mistakes And How To Avoid Them | San Antonio, TX

Plumbing Service: Costly Plumbing Mistakes And How To Avoid Them | San Antonio, TX

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Every home, either commercial or residential, has a plumbing system. These systems are essential in ensuring that your home has enough water or gas and the wastes are washed away easily. Therefore, maintaining and servicing these plumbing systems should be on top of your to-do list.

However, people make plumbing mistakes that turn expensive later. If you leave a simple repair problem unattended, turning into a full-blown replacement in the future, which is costly. To save some dollars on your plumbing, ensure you never make the plumbing mistakes we shall discuss below.

If the said mistakes happen, you will need professional plumbing service in San Antonio. We have plumbers on standby to give you professional help 24/7. Below are the plumbing mistakes that may prove costly down the line and what you can do to avoid them.

Ignoring the Plumbing Problems

How frequently do you service or inspect your plumbing system? Many homeowners give their plumbing systems a thought only when they have a severe problem. They do not think of the thousands of liters of water lost by ignoring a minor issue like a leaking faucet or the severe strain on the pipes caused by high water pressure.

You should not ignore these minor plumbing issues. They might lead to expensive plumbing system emergencies whose replacement and repairs may cost you a fortune. Act immediately when the plumbing problem materializes. Acting swiftly to respond to these issues is the only way of avoiding irreversible plumbing problems.

Call a plumbing service in San Antonio, TX for assistance immediately. A licensed and skilled plumber in San Antonio, can inspect your plumbing system, identify the issue, and provide a cost-effective and permanent solution to the problem. Therefore, you remain at peace with no stress, knowing you will not deal with the expensive plumbing emergency in the future.

Hiring the Wrong Plumber

Among the most common plumbing mistakes, most homeowners make this mistake. Homeowners select any plumber who charges them favorably, not considering their skills. The plumber performs shoddy work and leaves you with an even worse problem for the future.

When choosing a plumbing installation and repair technician, ensure you call a certified service provider. Do not cut corners by hiring DIY enthusiasts and unqualified plumbers. Although they offer their plumbing services at a lower cost, they do not offer a service guarantee. You also do not have an assurance they will do the plumbing job properly.

Avoid making this costly mistake—instead, contact bluefrog Plumbing +Drain of San Antonio if you require plumbing maintenance, installations, and repairs. We can help you with whichever plumbing service is necessary for your business or home. Our plumbers in San Antonio, TX, are certified and highly experienced in all plumbing areas.

Use of a Wrong Drain Cleaner

Any homeowner wants their drains to be healthy and fully functioning. Installing a strainer to hold the debris, food particles, and hair is among the effective and most common ways of keeping the drains healthy and clean.

Never pour oil or grease down the drain because they may solidify and stick within the pipes. If you do not care for your drains, you could end up having a catastrophic plumbing emergency that may cost much in replacements and repairs.

The other way of ensuring that your drains never clog because of accumulation of blockages is by getting a professional drain cleaning. Licensed plumbers use a drain camera to inspect your drain’s interiors and address the problems. Knowing that your drains will not get clogged gives you peace of mind. Using a professional drain cleaning ensures that your kitchen and bathrooms will not have unpleasant smells and molds. There will be no pests and vermin, like roaches attracted by the blockages within the pipes.

Are you planning to get a plumbing service to clean your drains in San Antonio, TX? Ensure that you are calling a licensed number locally to avoid other problems in the future. Hiring unlicensed and inexperienced plumbers can result in expensive problems. Instead, call contact bluefrog Plumbing +Drain of San Antonio. With our highly experienced, fully equipped, and licensed plumbers, we will clean your drains with tested and proven materials, leaving your drains healthy and clean.

When You Do Not Take Winter Precautions

Piping replacement is expensive, especially if there is significant damage. High water pressure is among the leading cause of leaking pipes. Too high-water pressure strains the pipes, eventually leading to leaks in the plumbing system.

However, high-water pressure is not the only cause of leakages in the pipes. Not insulating your pipes in winter also can cause leakages in your plumbing system. When the pipes are left unprotected, the water flowing through them freezes, which may cause the pipes to burst. Purchasing insulating blankets for the plumbing pipes is the only way of avoiding this costly mistake.

Before winter sets in, schedule a plumbing service in your home. The San Antonio, TX plumber will inspect the plumbing system thoroughly and insulate your unprotected pipes. If there are any problems, they will sort them out before they turn serious.

If you are not planning to go for a holiday during winter, slightly open your faucets for warm air to circulate inside the pipes. Also, open the cabinet doors for warm air to reach the piping under your sinks. For further assistance, call a plumbing service at the earliest.

Taking Your Water Heater for Granted

If the water heater tank is in your basement, you need to take more precautions. Your water heater’s efficiency declines if you fail to clean the sediment buildup inside the water tank. It may eventually make your water heater tank leak.

Ensure you get professional plumbing services for a plumber to inspect for any problems in your water tank. Installing a leakage detection system close to the water heater tank is also helpful. The detection system is vital in warning you of a water leak.

Install a tankless water heater to avoid these expensive problems. With a tankless system, you will never worry about water leaks. Contact a licensed plumbing service in your area to help install the tankless heating system.

Not Having Extra Batteries for The Sump Pump

Sump pumps are vital in preventing basement flooding. However, they are sometimes not enough. If possible, consider having an extra pump and batteries to use in a sudden power blackout.

Replacing the appliances in your basement or restoring the basement itself is an expensive undertaking. Taking some extra precautions helps you avoid this. For instance, maintain and test your sump pump regularly. It helps your basement remain intact, so you will not have to replace it or the appliances immediately.


The best thing a homeowner can do to avoid expensive plumbing replacements and repairs gets a plumbing service in San Antonio. Please do not postpone it or wait because more components of your plumbing system may end up getting more damaged. Ensure that you schedule or plan for plumbing maintenance early enough.

If you want to avoid dire plumbing problems, do not delay scheduling for the plumbing maintenance. Sometimes, homeowners think they only have a minor problem. In reality, the problem may be more pronounced and might take more time to remedy and cost you more.

DIY Plumbing

There are many DIY tutorials for repairing and replacing many plumbing systems. Some homeowners prefer following these tutorials to complete the repair or replacement themselves. However, repairing or replacing a plumbing system involves disassembling it and later assembling it.

While disassembly may be easy, assembling the plumbing parts may prove challenging. It is partly because the homeowners do not take enough time to learn and remember how to assemble the parts. This is among the many reasons you should not attempt DIY plumbing. The homeowners end up spending more on repairs and installations.

Professional plumbers have enough experience to tackle any plumbing-related problem. They also inspect the system to check for other issues and rectify them. Avoid DIY plumbing and contact a plumbing service.

Failing to Replace The Inefficient Appliances

Plumbing appliances have a limited lifetime. At some point, they will not be efficient any longer and stop working, eventually. Thus, you get higher energy bills per month. Are your plumbing appliances acting up? Do they do what they are supposed to? If a plumbing appliance does not function as it is supposed to, it is a sign of declining efficiency.

Your energy and water bills increase when the plumbing appliances become ineffective. Do you want to avoid more skyrocketing bills next month? Get a plumbing service for the inspection of your plumbing system and appliances.

The plumber will inspect the appliance, test it, and determine whether it is time to replace it. Ensure to invest in appliances that are energy-efficient to save you some money. Energy-efficient appliances are durable and environmentally friendly.

Get a plumbing fixture having a WaterSense label or an Energy Star unit. Do you need help with the make and model to buy in San Antonio, TX? Contact bluefrog Plumbing +Drain of San Antonio for plumbing help.

Improper Use of Garbage Disposal

Having a garbage disposal unit helps you manage wastes. However, this does not mean that you can put anything into the garbage disposal unit. Overloading it damages the motor, rendering it ineffective. Ensure you read the garbage disposal unit’s manual before using it.

If there are doubts or questions regarding its proper use, call a plumber for guidance and help. To install the garbage disposal unit, hire a professional plumbing service.

Maintaining and servicing the unit regularly is the only way to avoid costly replacements and repairs in the future.

Why Should You Get a Professional Plumbing Service?

One mistake a homeowner might make is hiring the wrong plumber. The best choice a homeowner can ever make for plumbing repairs, maintenance, and installation is to work with a licensed plumber. Poor or low-level repairs and installations can cause many problems like costly replacements and frequent repairs. Below are some benefits you get by hiring a professional plumbing service.

They Are Fully Equipped

We can never recommend that you DIY your plumbing. It is costly, and you may also make a mistake that might prove expensive and difficult to reverse. For instance, a homeowner may buy a hydro jet to clean the sewer line or the drains. However, they have no training in the use of equipment, besides being expensive.

Professional plumbers have all the equipment necessary to solve your problem quickly and cost-effectively. With bluefrog Plumbing +Drain of San Antonio plumbing, you schedule an appointment once, and we will fix your problem on the same day. Count on us to give you the best plumbing services in San Antonio.

High-Quality Services

By hiring an experienced or a licensed plumber, you are assured of exceptional services for every appointment. Therefore, you get to relax and have peace of mind, knowing that you will get a professional plumbing service. Regardless of how complex the issue is, the plumber will fix or resolve it.

You get assurance that they will fix the problem permanently. Some plumbing companies even schedule routine follow-ups to ensure you get the value for your money. They also inspect your plumbing system to ensure no other underlying issues are there.

The high-quality services are one of the best benefits a homeowner gets by hiring a professional plumbing service.

You Are Assured of Insured Plumbers

Plumbing installation and repairs may be dangerous. Therefore, it is vital to ensure that the plumbers have various insurance covers. The danger is to both the plumber and your family. That is why there are municipal and state regulations on plumbing.

If you hire an uninsured plumber and get injured on the job, you take care of all the medical expenses. However, if the plumber was insured, the health or medical insurance company will handle the medical expenses.

Professional Plumbing Services in TX

Are you in need of plumbing service in San Antonio, TX? Please, get in touch with bluefrog Plumbing +Drain of San Antonio. We have experienced and licensed plumbers specializing in plumbing installation, maintenance, and repair of any kind.

Over the years, we have been helping the homeowners in this great city, and we still do. Call us today at 210-876-1629 for any plumbing-related service, any time. To learn more about our services or schedule an appointment, visit our website today. Do not make the mistakes above, be at the front of any plumbing problem with bluefrog Plumbing +Drain of San Antonio.

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