Pet-Proofing Your Plumbing To Reduce The Frequency Of Needing Of A Drain Cleaning Service | Schertz, TX

Pet-Proofing Your Plumbing To Reduce The Frequency Of Needing Of A Drain Cleaning Service | Schertz, TX

Are you a pet lover? What pet do you keep? Some homeowners cannot live without a pet. However, some of the pets that you probably keep might have an impact on your plumbing. Some homeowners leave nothing to chance regarding their furry friends, mostly cats and dogs. You might have seen a person risking closing a street to ensure they encounter a dog prancing and playing on the other roadside.

Dogs are among the most kept pets. You might see homeowners walk them in the morning or the evening. Some think that the pups are among the most intelligent pets. They are hard to ignore and have this magnetic pull, especially the dog lovers, probably because of their floppy ears. Although you might develop an insatiable love for your furry friend, your plumbing system suffers from their activities, and you might need to have a drain cleaning service more than you had been used to.

With the fluffy cuteness of your cat or dog, there comes a lot of hair. Unfortunately, your sewer lines and drainage system despite hair. The drains don’t know how to handle the hair, including human hair, and they are not also designed to. Your furry friends also threaten the plumbing system, especially with their furrowing and digging outdoor activities. Hence, can a homeowner pet-proof their plumbing? Below are some measures to ensure your dogs don’t affect your plumbing. If such measures aren’t taken, you might have to enlist a drain cleaning service in Schertz, TX, now and then.

Installing Drain Strainers

If you have a furry friend, you should have a plumbing service install a drain strainer over the bathroom sinks and bathtubs. During grooming, the fur from the pet might find its way into the drains, and a drain strainer prevents that. Hence, since the pup’s fir will not get into your drains, you will not suffer the effects of the severe clog.

This preventative measure ensures you don’t need a drain cleaning service or a regular monthly pipe repair. Further, ensure that you brush your pet before placing them into the shower or a bathtub for a wash or a bath. This ensures that the excessive hair and debris lodged between its claws are removed. Hence, it will not find its way into the drains during bath time. Hair and excessive fur are notorious for forming drain clogs or constricting the drain pipes.

Hence, it is critical that if you have a furry friend, you enlist a plumber for a routine drain cleaning service to ensure that you don’t fall victim to drain clogs. However, even with meticulous maintenance, some plumbing issues may arise. Hence, if you notice water pooling or witness slow drainage after or even during grooming, contact a reliable and experienced plumbing service provider in Schertz, TX, for further inspection of the drains.

Prevent Outdoor Excavation

Do you have a digger on your hands? Then ensure that you keep an eye on the dog’s outdoor activities. Otherwise, you might have a nasty clog that needs a drain cleaning service. If the furry friend digs too deep into your yard, it might hit the sewer or drain lines. This has the potential to result in sewer line cracks.

This is an issue on several fronts:

  1. Sewer line cracks might spring a leak onto your yard, producing a pungent smell that makes your home uncomfortable.
  2. Materials such as debris and dirt might enter the sewer lines, resulting in a clog or blockage. Hence, you might see wastewater backing into your shower drains or toilets. Whenever this happens, you’ll have to hire an emergency plumbing service for a drain cleaning service.
  3. The bacteria within the sewer might make your furry friend sick, meaning you might have to spend a fortune to pay the vet to attend to your pet.

Hence, the plumbers advise that if you have a pet, pay attention to their outdoor activities and ensure they don’t dig too deep to the extent that they might reach the sewer line.

Keep the Toilet Lid Closed

Your furry friend naturally sheds fur throughout the day, particularly when wet. Hence, if your pet is a toilet drinker, ensure that you always leave the toilet bowl shot. This prevents any formation of fur-related clogs in your toilet. Hence, you won’t need to urgently enlist a plumbing service provider’s assistance.

The open toilet lids also might pose a potential danger to your furry friend if they are young, light, and playful. They might jump or fall into the toilet, potentially injuring themselves or even drowning. Hence, if the toilet lid is damaged, enlist a professional plumbing service in Schertz, TX, to repair it. Make a point of always ensuring that the lid is closed to avert a catastrophe.

Protecting the Pipes

Have a plumbing service to pet-proof your piping. For instance, the dogs are fond of or usually nib on items randomly when teething. They enjoy chewing on things from your chair legs, shoes, and car wheels to your piping. Nibbling on various objects is among your dog’s common pass-time activities. Hence, any homeowner with a pet must have a plumber cover any exposed pipes around their home and offer a drain cleaning service. This is because should the pup get its mouth on your piping, the homeowner might be in for a severe plumbing issue. Do you have some pipes that are broken? It means that your home might experience low water pressure.

If the plumbing is out of balance, it might result in backflows into your home. Sewer backflows are unsightly and might result in hygiene-related infections and contaminate your home’s water. You also might have to enlist a plumber to remove any alien materials that might enter the sewer or drain lines through the openings caused by the pup on the pipes. Does your water look discolored or even taste off? Contact a reliable plumbing service for backflow testing and sewer line repair.

Pets and furry friends are essential for some homeowners. However, there are several steps that a homeowner ought to take if they have or plan to keep them, as discussed above. Otherwise, they might find themselves looking for plumbing service providers and drain cleaning services because they have a severe clog or sewer line damage.

Do you have a pet at home and need a plumbing service to pet-proof your drains, sewer lines, and other plumbing fixtures? Don’t hesitate to call our reliable plumbers at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio to install filters, drain cleaning services, and other pet-proofing plumbing services.

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