Most Frequent Causes Of Drain Backups And Clogs Requiring Drain Cleaning Service | Schertz, TX

Most Frequent Causes Of Drain Backups And Clogs Requiring Drain Cleaning Service | Schertz, TX

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Not too many Texas homeowners think about their drains until they become clogged or water starts to back up out of their drains. If you have water backing out of your drains, the issue is oftentimes not in the drain itself, but rather the drain line. If your main drain line is clogged, the water will then start to back up and keep backing up until it finds a place to come out, resulting in water coming out of the drain fixtures. The water that comes out of these drain fixtures is often filled with raw sewage, bacteria, and other pathogens, and no one in Texas wants to deal with that. These pathogens can make both you and your family sick so you want to deal with this issue right away. If you have water backing up out of your drains, you are in dire need of a drain cleaning service. Only a plumber can remove that stubborn clog for good and restore the flow of water to your drains. A plumber can also prevent any more pathogens from entering your home.

Nobody wants sewage or even clean water backing up into their home, but these things happen. Drain backups can have any number of causes, and the only real solution to this problem is to call for a professional plumber for your home. Let’s face it, many of us take our drains for granted until they are no longer functioning properly. We take our cars for inspections, oil changes, and tune-ups. Most of us have an AC unit, and the majority of us have that tuned-up as well as it helps them run efficiently, not to mention keeps the warranty intact, yet how often do we attend to our plumbing? When we do have drain problems, many of us try to fix them ourselves which gives at best-mixed results. On one hand, you have harsh chemicals you can use to try to solve the problem, on the other hand, these same chemicals only partially at best remove the clog and also damage our pipes. This is because these chemicals cause a heat reaction while in our pipes and subject our pipes not only to chemical heat but also cause corrosion. Not only that but these chemicals only remove enough of the clog for water to flow freely for a limited time, before we need more chemicals or when we finally call for the permanent solution to the clog, which is calling a local, TX drain cleaning service.

How do you know when to call for a plumber for your home? Let us examine the most common causes of drain backups and clogs and why a drain cleaning service is needed for each of these causes. Once you know the most common types of backups and clogs and how they happen, you can then know when it is time to make that call to your local plumber.

Bathroom Drains

You go to use the sink in your bathroom or take a shower in your nice home only to find that the water is suddenly backing up out of your drains. Bathroom drains are some of the most prone to back up in the entire home with the possible exception of the kitchen sink. Most drain cleaning service calls are for bathroom sinks or kitchen sinks. The reason that bathroom drains are prone to backing up is all of the abuse they take on a daily basis. Think about everything that goes down your bathroom drains every day in your Schertz, TX home. Soap made out of fat and grease can easily mix with the minerals found in our water supply. This will quickly form a clog. Shampoo, shaving cream, bread trimmings, and even hair from our scalp not to mention toothpaste can all cause a nasty clog. When water can no longer drain through your pipes it is going to back up wherever it can, which includes coming out of your drains. If you have a bathroom drain back up you will need a plumber to remove the clog or clogs that are responsible.

Kitchen Drains

Our kitchen sinks often are subject to much waste which can quickly build up inside of the P-trap. Once your kitchen sink’s P-trap becomes clogged water will no longer be able to drain until you call a local drain cleaning service. Even if you have a home garbage disposal, your sink’s drain system can become clogged. Things like fat, grease, oils from cooking, and food particles can build up over time. Combine all of this with the minerals in our water and you can suddenly have a nasty clog that only a professional drain cleaning service can remove. Do it yourself methods may temporarily remove part of a clog, but unless you use a drain cleaning service the clog will quickly reform and can cause water to back up into your home.

Toilet Clogs

Our toilets are only designed to flush human waste and toilet paper. If you happen to notice water backing up out of your shower drain or your bathroom sink drain you could be dealing with a clog in your toilet’s drain line. While flushing things like too much toilet paper at once, or baby wipes, napkins or cat litter down the toilet may not clog your drain line right away, over time it can and will cause a clog. Once the toilet drain line clogs it can cause water to back up out of other drains such as the bathroom sink or shower drain. If this is happening in your Schertz, TX home, you will need a drain cleaning service to remove that clog that may be deep in your drain line. Once the clog has been removed by your drain cleaning service, the water will cease backing up in your drains.


If you have any of the above types of clogs or worse yet water backing up out of your sink drains or shower drains give bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio a call for prompt drain cleaning service. We service all of Schertz, TX, and the surrounding area with speedy and efficient service designed to get your drains and plumbing system functioning as it should. If you have any questions regarding clogs, water backing up into your home, or if you need emergency service, we are available 24/7 for your convenience as we know you lead a busy life. Give us a call and let us remove the stress caused by plumbing issues!

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