How to Know it’s Time to Replace Your Plumbing in San Antonio, TX


how to know it’s time to replace your plumbing

Plumbing is an important aspect of your home and you should take full care to ensure that there is no neglect on your part. Knowing the right time to replace your plumbing can be a conundrum, but we will provide you with a handful of tips to locate signs that you require a plumber in San Antonio, TX.

It is always good to have a professional plumber in San Antonio, TX check your plumbing and ensure there are no long term problems on the horizon. It’s always better to nip the problem in the bud, rather than wait for the time when costly repairs become a necessity.

If you have not had an inspection for ages, the following signs can help identify the need for plumbing services.


Pipes tend to catch rust with the passage of time since they are in constant contact with water. The condition of your pipes depends a lot on the last time you replaced the whole plumbing system. Debris from the flowing water can accumulate within the pipes, leading to corrosion and rust which in turn can endanger the purity of the water coming into your home.

Although most modern systems use pipes made of brass or PVC, older plumbing systems have pipes made  of galvanized steel, cast iron and lead. The material for the newer pipes can last for up to 30-100 years. The older pipes, though, eventually succumb to rust and corrosion.

Lead pipes specifically present a health hazard, as corrosion in these pipes can result in water with high concentration of lead, which is toxic in nature. High intake of lead in children and even adults serves as a health hazard leading to a plethora of degenerative diseases.

If your piping is made up of old material, you might want to replace it with the piping made of the latest, more sustainable materials. The slightest neglect in this regard can result in severe consequences. To protect yourself from the risks, you should immediately get the services of a plumber in San Antonio, TX to find a solution.


Identifying and locating leaked pipes can be a hassle, but leaked pipes are an indication that you should have your plumbing replaced as soon as possible.

If you have a puddle of stinky water accumulating under any of the joints of your pipes, you should immediately check for a leak. A leaky pipe can signal a drastic increase in your water bills, since you’re wasting water 24/7.

If you experience low pressure in the taps, you can call a plumber in San Antonio, TX. The plumber will help you locate the exact location of the leak, and will guide you regarding what the future course of action should be. Irrespective of the size of the leak, you should never make the mistake of neglecting or ignoring it. Leaked pipes require immediate action; failure to take urgent action can result in severe problems like water purity being compromised and stinky smells within the house.


Unless you use well water or live in a rural area with a meager water supply, discolored water is a high cause of concern. The concern should be in regards to what exactly is causing the water to lose its color and how the discolored water can affect your hygiene and lifestyle.

Brown or yellow water is a sign of excessive rust or corrosion within the pipes. If your plumbing is old and has lead pipes, the corroded materials can seriously affect your health.


When the water flow within your taps stops gushing and starts trickling, you may be suffering from low water pressure. Low water pressure can result from a variety of reasons, all of which call for the replacement of your plumbing through an experienced plumber in San Antonio, TX.

Low water pressure can be a signal of leakages in the water pipe or accumulation of debris or corrosion within the pipes. Whatever the reason behind it, low water pressure calls for an extensive revamp right away.

If you are experiencing or have witnessed any of the signals mentioned above, then you need to evaluate the option of replacing your plumbing. To rid you of all the doubts, regarding the replacement, we have compiled a list of benefits which you will experience once you go through with it.

  • Bigger pipes and better performance. You can bid adieu to the regular problems of low water pressure and water discoloration once you have your plumbing replaced. The new plumbing will be flawless and will ooze perfection. Moreover, you can also have the pipe size set according to your own preferences; if you want them big, set them big or vice versa.
  • The replacement can be done within a couple of days. The reason why most people shy away from replacing their plumbing is because they are not sure of how long the task will loom over them. With new techniques and machinery, rest assured the task will be done within a couple of days.
  • Replacement Pipes have incredible life spans. One of the biggest benefits of replacing your plumbing is that the new plumbing system will be superior and last much longer. As mentioned before, most of the new pipes made from brass, copper and PVC can last for anywhere over 30 years. Copper pipes, installed by a professional plumber in San Antonio, TX, can at times last up to 100 years as well, with no imminent risk of corrosion or rust.

If you need professional plumbers in San Antonio, TX for inspecting or replacing your pipes; you should get in touch with BlueFrog Plumbers. We have years of experience providing high-end services at great value-for-money prices. And most importantly, we know what we are doing and will never let you down!

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