Know This About Your Professional Drain Cleaning Service | Helotes, TX

Know This About Your Professional Drain Cleaning Service | Helotes, TX

The essence of a drainage system in any home cannot be overstated. It is the single part of the plumbing system responsible for draining the wastes away from your Helotes, TX home to the septic tank of the municipal main sewer system. Unfortunately, some homeowners don’t consider drain cleaning services unless they are clogged, which is too late. It can be annoying to deal with a clogged drainage system, but you could ensure that the drains remain healthy if you take the necessary precautions.

Additionally, it is a great idea to invest in routine drain cleaning from a professional at least once every year. This ensures that any developing clogs are cleared before they worsen to cause a plumbing emergency. Though there isn’t much that you should know regarding drain cleaning, there are a few things that you should always keep in mind. The following things will give you a greater understanding of drain cleaning service providers and help you practice hygienic services that are better for your health and your drainage system.

Chemical Drain Cleaners Are A Big No

Whenever you are experiencing a clogged drainage system, pouring down a chemical drain cleaner to clear the obstruction is the last thing you want. Even the store-bought or over-the-counter drainage cleaning chemicals (famously called liquid drain cleaners) specifically meant for drain cleaning are not good for this. To remove the obstruction using the chemical drain cleaners means that you’ll have to pour almost a full bottle of the cleaning agent down the drains. The chemical drain cleaners use chemical reactions to remove the blockage. This could be damaging to the pipes and the plumbing system.

The reaction results in heat that might burn the plastic pipes or make the steel and copper piping begin to rust. Additionally, the chemical drainage cleaner will, at one point, end up in the septic system, killing the bacteria used to digest the solid wastes in the septic system. This disturbs the septic ecosystem, which might result in it filling up unless it is pumped and bacteria re-introduced.

Unfortunately, the use of chemical drain cleaners to clear an obstruction is just butting a band-aid on a wound. They don’t completely remove the blockage, and it is just for some time, after which the blockage will be back. Hence, even after potentially damaging your pipes, the obstruction isn’t properly cleared and, at times, not cleared.

The chemical drain cleaners also produce strong fumes that might result in teary eyes, headaches, or make you develop breathing issues. Hence, have a drain cleaning service performed by a professional to ensure that your drainage system is free from clogs. They use environmentally friendly methods such as hydro-jetting and use of drain snakes.

Pay Enough Attention to Flushing

Besides accidentally flushing the smartphone down the toilet, plenty of other things should be flushed down the toilet. Sanitary napkins, wet pipes, toys, hair, soap particles, condoms, female sanitation items, and bottle caps are non-flushable and should never be thrown down the drains. Instead, you should dispose of them using other methods. Because they are not soluble and some of them expand when they come into contact with water, they could result in a major clog.

Again, whenever these items find their way into your drains, do not try extracting them yourself. Rather, hire a professional drain cleaning service provider in Helotes, TX, to retrieve them. The professional will also clean the drainage system to remove any developing obstructions, averting a greater risk of pipe bursts. As mentioned above, please DO NOT use chemical drain cleaning solutions because they will do more harm than good to your plumbing.

Do Not Worsen Things

One of the mistakes some homeowners always tend to make is saving a call to the drain cleaning services provider for last. They call the plumber after they have exhausted all their DIY drain cleaning solutions. Others even consider foregoing the call. Unfortunately, the problem will have worsened by the time they call the professional drain cleaning services provider.

Using metal rods to remove the clog might make it firmer and damage the pipes. Hence, when the drain cleaning services provider comes to clear the clog, they’ll deal with a larger issue that will cost the homeowner more. DIY drain cleaning will only make the problem worse.

Be Careful of The Electronics

Nowadays, everyone has a smartphone, and it is rare to see someone using their phone. Furthermore, people are now adopting smart systems in their homes. These systems are controlled using smartphones and home hubs. Smartphone use has become common, and you could find people taking them to the bathroom. This is where the issue arises.

Accidents arise, and your smartphone might fall deep inside the drains. You should not use any water whenever this happens and immediately call a drain cleaning service provider. If your phone is water protected, the professional will retrieve it for you, disinfect and dry it. You can then take the phone to an electronics repair shop for further inspection. The first reaction for some people is to reach for the phone themselves.

Unfortunately, they only push the smartphone further down the drain instead of retrieving it. Knowing that the smartphone is your smart plumbing system’s remote control can cause major inconveniences in your home. Though this isn’t guaranteed that the smartphone will be working, you could use information retrieval systems to retrieve some crucial files. Trying to reach the phone also exposes you to germs which could make you sick.

Ease of Access is Helpful

It is a great idea to ensure that the drainage cleaning service provider can access the drainage system easily when you invite them home to clean it. This makes sure that they can easily work and will not deal with clutter in the job. For instance, if the professionals access the pipes beneath the sink, you should remove the items under the sink cabinet. Additionally, remove any items that may block the way whenever the drain cleaning service provider is carrying a tool or replacement pipes.

Dependable Plumbing Services

The drainage system ensures your Helotes, TX home is clean by carrying away the waste to the septic tank to the main sewer system by your municipality. As you can see, many things could help you and your drains if you leave the drain clean service to the professional. For thorough cleaning of your drains, call us at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio.

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