Is Water Softener the Solution to All Your Hard Water Problems? | Water Softener Installation in San Antonio, TX

Is Water Softener the Solution to All Your Hard Water Problems? | Water Softener Installation in San Antonio, TX

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Have drinking and using hard water for your daily household chores and bathing in San Antonio, TX, taken a toll on you and your family? Are you still trying to figure out whether a water softener installation might be the answer to your problems?

Read on and find out why a water softener installation in San Antonio, TX has the potential to fix everything!

What is a Water Softener?

A unit that removes excess minerals from hard water is called a water softener. It replaces extra calcium and magnesium ions from hard water with sodium or potassium ions. A water softener system may use about 25 gallons of water each day and can be even more effective if the hardness of water is correctly detected before the water softener installation process.

Why Do You Need a Water Softener?

Water that is high in mineral content is referred to as hard water. While hard water is not fatal or toxic, it sure is problematic. To figure out whether water softener in San Antonio, TX will actually be effective or not, it is important that you understand what issues emerge when your home has a hard water supply. Following is a list of problems caused by hard water that can vanish if you install a simple water softener in San Antonio, TX.

Scale Deposits in Water Pipes and Appliances

Clogged pipes, filters and fittings are one of the most common consequences of hard water. They eventually wear out, break or start leaking. This significantly reduces the lifespan of the infrastructure installed to cater to water supply. If you’re not sure about scale deposits in your water pipelines, look in your cooking bowls or kettles for any visible mineral deposits. Installing a water softener will prevent scale deposits and increase the lifespan our affected appliances and infrastructure by about 30%!

Stained Toilet Hardware, Sinks and Tubs

If mineral residues leave behind stains, know that it is a sign that you have hard water supply in San Antonio, TXThese stains result when water evaporates and leaves behind plaster-like foam consisting of magnesium and calcium. These stains ruin your faucets and toilet hardware, and give an unpleasing look to your tubs and sinks.

Brittle Glassware and Cutlery

If you have been using hard water at home, it is likely that despite using a dishwasher your cutlery looks stained. Hard water not only stains your glassware but also makes it brittle. So even a minor mishandling will cause your cutlery to break easily! Water softener installation in San Antonio, TX will be effective in this situation and will remove these minerals to help you clean faster and more effectively. A good installation in San Antonio, TX will make your detergent and soap usage goes down by up to 50%.

Faded Towels and Clothing Items

While fabrics tend to fade eventually with time, hard water catalyzes this process. It leaves extra mineral substances on your towels and clothes that take away the softness and smooth texture of the fabric, leaving it to be scratchy and rigid. So if your bed linen does not feel the same way it did before the wash, take it as a sign that it’s time for water softener installation in San Antonio, TX. Soft water will effortlessly bring life to your clothes!

Dry Skin and Damaged Hair

You can almost immediately tell if something is wrong with the water when it touches your skin. Hard water may not ‘feel’ too different but your skin and hair will show drastic changes if you no longer wash them with soft water. The extra calcium and magnesium amounts block pores, irritate skin and cause increased inflammation and black heads. The mineral deposits also accumulate around soaps and prevent any lather or foam to form. Water softener installation in San Antonio, TX will permanently solve these problems and you will no longer have to get expensive salon appointments.

Increased Water & Repair Costs

Have you noticed a sudden increase in your water bills? This is probably because the clogged pipes make it harder for water to flow through. This ends in you using more water than you would otherwise. Hard water also necessitates regular maintenance which adds to your financial burden. One-time investment in water softener installation in San Antonio, TX will save you from all the additional repair costs and water bills.

Busting Myths about Water Softeners!

All these benefits and you still can’t rub off the rumors around water softeners? Here’s a list of some common misconceptions about soft water systems that you should be well-aware of.

  • ‘They add lots of sodium or salt in drinking water’: A minimal quantity of salts is used just to take minerals out of water.
  • ‘They make water pure’: A water softener installed in San Antonio, TX only removes metals and minerals from water. It should not be confused with filtration systems that treat contaminants.
  • Water Softeners make water leave a film residue on skin’: Soft water leaves no residue. The slick feeling on your skin is of your body’s natural oils getting rid of hard water mineral residues.
  • ‘They increase electricity bills’: Water softeners do draw electricity but this increase in bills is way lower than the damage incurred by hard water.

Water Softener Installation

If you are living in San Antonio, you should employ BlueFrog Plumbing’s quality water softener installation and repair services. We install the best brands of water softeners and our process is completely transparent.

Are you still not sure about getting a water softener? BlueFrog Plumbing experts offer free diagnostic services to help you determine if you will benefit from a soft water system or not. Our team of professionals ensures that you get appropriate advice and you take the best decision.

Call BlueFrog Plumbing at 210-876-1629 now and avail great discounts on brilliant services by San Antonio’s number 1 plumbing company!

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