Is it Time to Replace Your Toilet? | Tips from Your San Antonio, TX Plumber

Is it Time to Replace Your Toilet? | Tips from Your San Antonio, TX Plumber

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There are a lot of items in your home that you probably worry about replacing. Your stove, electrical system, HVAC system, refrigerator, television, etc. One that you may not think about much is your toilet. Unless you need to call the plumbers, most people think very little about the toilet. It simply exists and (hopefully) does its job without any problems. 

However, like most items in your home, eventually it will need replaced and it is better to do it before it becomes an emergency that forces you to call in emergency plumbers in San Antonio, TX. The following is a brief overview of some common signs that may indicate it’s time to give a new toilet some serious thought. While you may not need a golden throne, you want a toilet that efficiently takes care of the job, and if you can get one that is extremely water efficient that is simply a bonus.

Cracks Are Starting to Appear

While this seems like common sense, a lot of people don’t pay enough attention to their toilet to realize that it is starting to crack. Most toilets are tucked away into corners or small spots in the bathroom, so it is reasonable that you don’t spend much time looking at the base or the back of the toilet the way experienced plumbers would. 

While porcelain is a fairly strong material, over time it does wear down and become more subjectable to small cracks that lead to large cracks. Cracks usually appear near the base of the toilet due to the constant pressure exerted on the base. This leads to leaking and puddling which can ruin your flooring or simply cause the toilet to crack while in use. Both situations are not where you want to find yourself, so at the sight of any cracks it’s time to replace your toilet. 

Your Toilet Has Become Wobbly Over Time

From time to time every toilet starts to wobble, but you don’t need to call in the professionals for every little tilt. Most of the time the screws that are located at the bottom of the bowl have started to loosen up a bit and simply need tightened. 

However, sometimes toilets wobble because continual leaking has caused water damage to the floor under the toilet. In this case the screws start to lose their grip because the surface they are inserted into is not firm. In this scenario you may not always have to replace your toilet, but you certainly have to deal with the case of water damage before it becomes even worse. (Think toilet in your living room). Certified plumbers in San Antonio, TX should be able to investigate and break down the issues for you. 

The Toilet is Always Clogged

Clogs can mean a variety of things, so before replacing your toilet simply because of clogging its best to call the plumbers. The clogs may be stemming from the pipes or from the toilet, but if they are coming from the toilet it is time to upgrade. Older toilets that are low flush tend to have problems with clogs. A clog that occurs more than once a week is a sign that you should consider replacing your toilet. 

Low-flush toilets do have a lot of water-saving benefits, so you don’t necessarily have to choose a different model just to prevent clogs. You simply need a newer and more effective option that is able to move wastes without causing clogs. Talk to your local plumbers for recommendations, their line of work makes them a great resource. 

Constant Repairs

Outside of clogs, a toilet that needs repaired continuously is a toilet that needs replaced. Like major appliances in your home, once you start pouring money into old appliances you can easily start hemorrhaging money. Even the most reasonable plumbers in San Antonio, TX have service costs, labor costs, and part costs attached to visit. If you have to call the professionals out on a regular basis it would be much cheaper to just buy a new toilet. 

The Toilet Won’t Stop Running

Everyone has heard the joke about the refrigerator running, but a continually running toilet is no joke. A toilet that is always running is wasting water, and can get very expensive. While a little leaking isn’t harmful, a little leaking every day of the month can cause your water bill to leap up tremendously.

If your toilet is leaking most plumbers would advise you to take a look at the fill valve inside the tank. Sometimes it simply needs pressed back down. Then take a look at the rubber flapper to see if it is damaged or in the wrong spot. If you can’t find a problem with either, then it is time to consider a new toilet. Plus, if you are constantly having to mess with the flapper or the valve, it may be time to consider a new toilet anyhow as this is a sign the toilet is starting to show signs of wear. 

Your Toilet is Simply Old

Some old toilets function well, especially if they are not in high traffic bathrooms. However, the older the model the higher the chances that it is very inefficient. This means that it likely wastes a large amount of water and is not environmentally friendly. In 1992 the EPA created an Act to reduce the amount of water that is wasted by toilets. If your toilet predates that, it likely wastes gallons of water every flush.

These are just a few of the many signs that your toilet may need replaced. Ultimately the choice is yours, but you do get the perk of choosing the color and style of a new toilet if you decide to replace your older model. bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio, TX can install any type of toilet into a bathroom, so give us a call and update your bathroom today.

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