Important Questions To Ask A Plumbing Service Provider | San Antonio, TX

Important Questions To Ask A Plumbing Service Provider | San Antonio, TX

The importance of having a professional plumber you can trust to help you deal with all your plumbing issues cannot be overstated. Whether you want to install a new plumbing system for a newly-built home, do a whole-house re-pipe, clean your drainage system, fix a leaking pipe, or fix a dripping faucet, you need the expertise of a professional plumbing contractor.

Therefore, if you do not have a trustworthy professional plumber already, you need to find one before you can get hit by a major plumbing emergency. Unfortunately, finding a reliable plumbing service is never easy. This is because although there are many plumbers in San Antonio, TX, most of them lack the skills, experience, and willingness to offer quality services and resolve complex plumbing situations with the urgency and seriousness they deserve.

Therefore, before you can decide to trust a plumber with your plumbing system, you need to do your due diligence to minimize the risk of settling for an incompetent person. To this end, you should be courageous enough to ask tough and uncomfortable questions and walk away if you are not convinced. Below is a rundown of the question you must ask a plumber before hiring them.

Are You Licensed?

The plumbing industry is regulated by the local authorities. This is because incorrectly done plumbing jobs could put you, your family, and even the people living near your home in grave danger. Qualified plumbers need to be duly licensed.

If you hire an unlicensed plumbing service provider even by mistake, many things could go wrong. For instance, if you have any valid warranties on your plumbing infrastructure, you may end up voiding them and losing all the privileges they afford you.

Therefore, before you can fall for marketing gimmicks from a particular plumber, you need to ask them if they are duly licensed. Good plumbers should be willing to display their licenses for everyone to see. If a given plumbing service provider is not willing to show their licenses, or you have a reason to doubt if they are duly licensed, you should avoid hiring them.

Are You Insured?

Some plumbing jobs are known to be quite risky. In some cases, the person doing them could be at risk of getting hurt. For example, if a plumbing job involves accessing an overhead tank, the person doing it could be at risk of fall injuries. Besides, some plumbing jobs might put your home at risk of suffering serious damage. For instance, if you have a slab leak, repairing it could put your home at risk of sustaining serious structural damage,

Good plumbing service providers in San Antonio, TX ready themselves for such risks by ensuring they are adequately insured and bonded. This means that if someone gets hurt, you will not be the one to be held financially liable since their insurance would take care of them. Similarly, if an insured and bonded plumber damages your home, their bond company will take care of the repairs, and you will not have to spend your money on them.

Therefore, before you can settle for any particular plumbing service provider, you need to ask them if they are insured and bonded. If the answer is negative, hiring them would be too risky, meaning that you should avoid them completely.

Do You Have Any Experience and References?

Given the technical nature of plumbing installation, maintenance, and repair jobs, plumbers seem to get better at their work with experience. Indeed, the longer a plumber has been in the industry, the better they are at handling the various plumbing issues you might run into. In any case, a plumber who has been in the industry for more years is likely to be familiar with more plumbing situations, including the most complex ones.

Besides, a plumber who has been providing professional plumbing services for more than a few years will have references you can use to determine their suitability. A good plumber will refer you to the projects they have handled in the past, making it easier for you to know what you can expect by hiring them. Therefore, before you can decide to hire a particular plumbing contractor, you need to ask them how long they have been in the industry and if they have any references. If a plumber has not been in the business for more than a few years, you should not risk hiring them.

How Will I Pay?

Every plumbing has a unique pricing structure and terms of payment. Some will charge a flat rate, while others prefer hourly rates. Besides, some expect you to pay some money upfront, while some will expect you to pay after the job. Before you can hire a given plumbing service, you need to ask how much you will pay and how you will pay. This will help avoid misunderstandings and conflicts.

Will I Get a Warranty?

Of course, you want to be sure that the plumbing service you will hire will do a quality job and that they will be willing to take responsibility in the event of mistakes or poor workmanship. Good plumbers in San Antonio, TX offer warranties to assure their clients of quality services. With a warranty, it will be much easier for you to hold your plumbing contractor accountable if something goes wrong. Therefore, before you can sign the papers allowing a plumbing service provider to start working on your plumbing system, you should ask them if you will get a warranty for the job done. If the answer is negative, you should walk away.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for a dependable plumbing contractor to handle any plumbing situation in your house, bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio is the answer. We have been in the business for many years, and we are a household name in our community. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our company and services.

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