How Professional Drain Cleaning Can Protect Your Plumbing System | San Antonio, TX

How Professional Drain Cleaning Can Protect Your Plumbing System | San Antonio, TX

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How often do you think about your drains? If you are like most people in San Antonio, TX, it’s not very often. And then, it’s usually because there is a problem.

Since they are typically hidden from sight, it can be easy to overlook your drains until they malfunction. What starts as a slow drain can quickly escalate into a total blockage.

With today’s DIY craze in full swing, you may think you can handle any drain cleaning problem on your own. The truth is, homeowners just don’t have the tools or experience to get the job done. Usually, a homeowner will spend more money for less-than-stellar results than if they had called a professional.

When it comes to something as important and complex as your plumbing system, it is wise to always hire a pro. They will make certain that the job is completed on schedule and without causing further problems.

Why You Need Professional Drain Cleaning

Before you spend a small fortune on chemical drain cleaners, talk to a plumber about the effects of readily available drain clog remedies and DIY repair attempts. They can tell you that there are more than a couple of excellent reasons to choose an expert for your drain cleaning needs.

First, you could actually do more damage to your plumbing system by trying to fix it yourself. The harsh chemicals in drain cleaning products can cause your pipes to get corroded. Once this happens, the structural integrity of the pipes is compromised and leaking can occur.

When a plunger doesn’t take care of the clog, some people try to force it out by poking something down the drain. You should never try to jam something into the drain to clear a blockage. With enough force, you could easily poke through a pipe without ever clearing the clog.

Not only do these do-it-yourself methods cause potential damage, they simply don’t work. All they are good for is costing homeowners a fortune in chemicals and repairs. This is a job best left to a professional with drain cleaning experience.

Drain cleaning involves more than just a clog removal procedure. Having regularly scheduled cleaning can keep your plumbing system working more efficiently, longer. Here are a few ways it can protect your plumbing.

Remove Build-up Before You Have a Problem

While some clogs are due to a single object obstructing the pipes, blockages in your drain often build up slowly. Hair, beauty products, cleaning products, food scraps, and other items collect on the inside of the pipes, eventually closing it off completely.

When you opt for professional drain cleaning, you will set up a schedule for service. You will schedule future cleaning routinely, making sure that your drains are serviced on time. Regular cleaning dramatically lowers the chances of having a drain blockage.

Regular drain cleaning helps keep your pipes in peak shape. With your plumber taking care of the scheduling, you won’t forget about your drains until it’s too late.

Regular Inspections Can Help Spot Potential Problems

When you have a plumbing professional in charge of your maintenance, you will get a thorough inspection of your system. That way, they can find out what is going on without having to take apart your pipes.

When you get your plumbing system inspected, your professional can see if there are any problems caused by the clog, like leaks from the extra pressure. You can find out about problematic areas before you have to call for emergency plumbing service.

Only Safe, Approved Methods Are Used

Homeowners in San Antonio, TX expect quality results. With a skilled expert in control of cleaning your drains, you get a guarantee of quality workmanship. No amateur can give you the peace of mind that you get when you work with professionals.

So, how does a professional clean your drains?

The Drain Cleaning Process

When you contact a plumbing professional for services, it can help to know what they will do when they arrive at your home. Here is a general guide to help you understand the work that will be done.


Before work can begin, your plumber must know what is inside your pipes. Each cleaning begins with a thorough inspection. A camera is typically run down to see inside the pipe. This will show your plumbing specialist any clogs, damage, leaks, or ingrown tree roots.

Removal of Average Blockage

When the obstruction has been found, the next step is to remove it. Your San Antonio, TX plumber uses an assortment of specialized tools, including a snaking auger. The right tools are essential in making sure the job is done quickly and efficiently.

Removal of Serious Blockage

Sometimes, snaking a drain just isn’t enough to clear the clog. That’s when it’s time for hydrojetting. This is a more advanced professional procedure that involves pumping a stream of water under high pressure through the pipe. Hydrojetting reaches every part of the pipe, both removing the clog and thoroughly cleaning the inside.

This advanced process is also used for intensive cleaning of your drains, which can prevent many problems from happening. The force of the water pressure washes away corrosive minerals, along with grease, hair, and cleaning products. Done regularly, it can prevent trouble and keep your drains flowing easily throughout the seasons.

One of the best ways to ensure that your plumbing system works at its best is to have your drains regularly cleaned by a professional. bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio, TX offers high-quality professional drain cleaning services to keep your plumbing working for years to come. We can set up a schedule for recurring service, so you can lower your risk of problems. Contact us today at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio for more information on all our professional plumbing services.

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