How Important Is A Professional Drain Cleaning Service For Your Home? | Schertz, TX

How Important Is A Professional Drain Cleaning Service For Your Home? | Schertz, TX

One of the most overlooked things in almost every home in Schertz, TX, is drain cleaning, which leads to drains that clog slowly, draining less and less as time goes by, until one day nothing else can get through. The problem is compounded when you consider everything people tend to put into their drains, especially in their kitchen. From the water used to wash dishes, all the way to bacon grease and more, drains have to deal with a heavy load of organic matter and waste which can accumulate, creating stubborn clogs that are difficult to remove. Forgetting to call a drain cleaning service regularly can result not only in clogged drains but also in damaged pipes when you try to remove the clog on your own. Oftentimes, people with absolutely no training will try everything they can think of to get their drain working again until something goes wrong, and they end up having to pay for expensive repairs that would have not been needed otherwise.

One of the biggest problems with dirty drains is that they are unhealthy and could affect your family’s well-being. A dirty drain also smells bad, and that foul odor can quickly spread to the rest of your home. If you’re wondering why this happens, think about your drain pipes as being an intricate line of organic matter that starts to rot and decompose if you don’t provide periodic drain cleaning service to your home in Schertz, TX, the stench of rotting materials will spread around pretty fast. As you can see, a drain cleaning service is not only a luxury reserved for fancy communities, and should be performed by everybody in order to maintain a livable environment within your home.

Still wondering why drain cleaning service is important for your home? Read on to find out what other benefits you can receive from regularly performing this essential task.

Your Pipes Will Clog Less and Drain More

It goes without saying that a good drain cleaning service will keep your drains free from clogs for a longer time. Additionally, because any mineral scale and organic build-up that has accumulated in your home’s pipes will be removed, your pipeline will return to its original drainage capacity, meaning it will perform its task faster and more efficiently. Organic materials, such as grease, hair, bits of food, and soap scum tend to cause clogs that can be difficult to remove no matter how careful you are when trying to prevent anything but water from going down the drain.

One consideration to always keep in mind is the fact that bacon grease can be your kitchen drain’s worst enemy. This is because it cools as it goes down the drain, creating layer upon layer of congealed grease that ends up constricting your pipe until nothing else can get through, leading to having to replace the pipes in the worst case. A regular professional drain cleaning service can prevent these types of issues, saving you a nice chunk of change over the long run.

It Gets Rid of Nasty Smells and Cuts Down On the Need for Constant Repairs

As we mentioned above, organic matter clogging your drains will eventually start to decompose, causing a foul odor that will quickly spread through your entire home. A professional drain cleaning service performed by bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio can quickly remove the source of the stench, allowing your home to smell fresh once again.

But that’s not the only benefit of having clean drains. The techniques used to diagnose the source of the problem in your home’s drains, specifically the video inspection, can help your technician identify any potential problems before they give you grief. This can cut down on costly repairs down the line and can be taken care of when your tech cleans out your drains, allowing you to enjoy healthier and odorless drains for much longer.

Why Liquid Drain Cleaners Can Do More Harm Than Good

If your drain is clogged and plunging doesn’t seem to get you anywhere, you will very likely try to use a liquid drain cleaner from the store, and while this is a fairly decent option, it is not the best and can contaminate the ground and harm wild animals living in your area. These liquid drain cleaners can also severely damage your pipes when used constantly, and will almost always fail to remove a portion of the buildup in your drains, resulting in the problem reappearing once again shortly after. For this, it is best to forfeit the use of chemicals and call a professional drain cleaning service instead.

How Often Should You Get My Drains Cleaned?

There is no set timeline for having your drains professionally cleaned, but it should definitely be a part of your home’s regular maintenance routine. How often will really depend on a number of things, including how much you use your drains, what you put into them, and other factors. Your tech will be able to make suggestions and offer helpful advice on how often you should have the procedure done, but in general, the recommendation is to get your drains cleaned at least once a year.

Preventing Future Clogs

Once you have had your home’s drains professionally cleaned, you should try to avoid repeating the actions that got you in trouble in the first place. The most important thing you can do is keep a close eye on what goes down your drains, which means disposing of grease properly and not simply pouring into your pipes, and letting your hot water run at its highest temperature at least once a week to help remove any organic buildup.

When you are experiencing clogged drains in your Schertz, TX, home, you should not hesitate to call bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio for professional drain cleaning service. With all the tools, experience, and knowledge we need, you can be sure the results will be the best you can get!

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