How Can You Avoid A Costly Water Heater Repair? | Universal City, TX

How Can You Avoid A Costly Water Heater Repair? | Universal City, TX

Are you still using a tank-type water heater for your home in Universal City, TX? If yes, it’s a must to properly care for your unit to avoid a costly water heater repair. Read this article for helpful tips on avoiding major problems with your water heater and why you need to purchase a tankless water heater as a replacement.

How Old Is Your Water Heater?

A conventional water heater can last as long as 10 years when properly maintained. If yours is more than 7 or 10 years old, you may need to get a new unit entirely. Just make sure to properly maintain the water heater to avoid more problems down the road including costly water heater repair.

Part of water heater maintenance is to drain the unit to get rid of the sediment build-up in the tank. How many times you’ll have to do this in a year depends on your plumbing. If you have low water pressure or have hard water in your plumbing, you may have to do this more than once a year. You can try installing a water softener to soften your water and call a plumber in Universal City, TX to resolve your low water pressure problem. Get a water pressure gauge to check your home’s water pressure and it must not be below 40 PSI.

If you don’t get rid of the sediment build-up in the tank, expect to have issues with the efficiency of your unit. You may likely end up calling a plumber in no time for water heater repair when you fail to address the sediment buildup. In some cases, you will need more than just water heater repair. If the tank is damaged, your only option is to get a new unit.

One thing to keep in mind as well: if you’ve called a plumber for water heater repair more than once a year, you might consider getting a new unit. Remember, the repair costs can add up over time. You will be able to save more money when you get a new unit. Talk to us if you need help deciding which type of water heater to install for your home.

Don’t Ignore Problems with Your Water Heater

Appliances tend to lose their efficiency over time, so you may likely encounter issues with your water heater if it’s old or you don’t properly maintain the unit. The problems you will likely encounter include fluctuating water temperatures, no hot water, very hot water, discolored water or the water heater can no longer heat your water.

You can avoid a more costly repair when you don’t neglect your water heater. As soon as you suspect something is wrong with the unit, please make sure to contact a plumber right away for water heater repair. Don’t wait for the problem to become a major plumbing emergency. For example, failure to remove the sediment build-up can lead to water leaks.

Don’t worry, our plumbers at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio are always here to help. Get in touch with us if you need help with your water heater and our team will quickly dispatch a plumber to your home or office.

Benefits of Tankless Water Heaters

One of the biggest advantages of installing a tankless water heater is that it requires less maintenance compared to a tank-type water heater. As long as you hire a licensed plumber to properly install the unit and follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to use the tankless water heater, you will not have any issues with your unit. You can avoid a costly water heater repair if you know how to take care of it. You can also reduce the chances of having a flooded home without a tank. Consider installing a tankless water heater to enjoy the benefits below:

Savings – Compared to the conventional water heater, there’s no standby heat loss with the tankless water heater as you’re not constantly heating the water. So if your priority is to conserve energy and save money, we suggest you switch to tankless water heaters if your unit is old and is no longer efficient. With the tankless water heater, you only consume energy when you’re actually turning on the shower, helping you save more money. Talk to us if you’re ready to install a tankless water heater or if you need more information about tankless water heaters.

Saves Space – If you don’t have enough space for a tank in the basement, install a tankless water heater in your bathroom. You can basically install these compact units in your bathroom wall, helping you save up some space. Just make sure you get a professional installation service to avoid problems with your unit.

Lasts Longer – A tankless water heater can last as long as 20 years, which means there’s no need to buy another water heater every 10 years. The only disadvantage of installing this type of water heater is that it’s more expensive than the regular water heater. However, you do get to save more money in the long run because the unit lasts longer and there’s no standby heat loss.

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