Fix These Bad Odor Causes With A Drain Cleaning Service | Boerne, TX

Fix These Bad Odor Causes With A Drain Cleaning Service | Boerne, TX

It’s there, but you prefer to ignore it because it is difficult to remove a persistent odor from your drains without a true understanding of the cause and the ability to safely access it. It is strongly advised that you do not ever place your hands, fingers, or arms into a drain to try to remove a clog or discover the source of bad odors in your Boerne, TX, home plumbing. Equally, you should not place any hangers, rods, sticks or other DIY plumbing fix into the drains. Instead, book a drain cleaning service with a reliable, trusted, and professional plumber.

There are many aspects of your home’s plumbing that can fall prey to bad odors. A garbage disposal is a necessity for most homes. Although you may have read that lemon peel, ice cubes or coffee grinds can get rid of unpleasant odors temporarily, this is not a long-term nor a recommended fix.

Certain appliances, such as garbage disposals and dishwashers have a list of non-recommended substances that should not be used in conjunction. For example, grease, coffee grounds, potato peels and eggshells are not to be put through sink garbage disposal systems, or you’ll find yourself needing a drain cleaning service sooner than desired.

Many homes also have a dishwasher. They are well-known for their bad smells, which may be caused by an accumulation of food waste trapped in the exit pipe. Dishwasher malfunctions can also lead to odors.

It can seem like the drains in tubs and sinks are just begging for something simple and sturdy to knock a foul-smelling clog loose, or you might think pouring a chemical drain cleaner will do the trick to clear odors without professional help. It is certainly tempting to consider fixing your shower drain or other large, easy-to-access drain yourself. However, DIY clog removal can cause further plumbing problems. It is best to leave the diagnosis and drain cleaning service to professionals who are experienced in this area.

Many people think it’s a waste to hire a plumber to do such a small task. But it is always safer to pay the nominal fee to have a professional locate the source of the problem and address it. Not only does a plumber have access to a wide variety of professional tools, such as inspection cameras, drain snakes, and hydro-jets that can locate and remove the issue, they have the expertise to clear any foul odors quickly and safely.

Top Causes of Bad-Smelling Drains

Bad drain smells could be caused by bacteria or gunk buildup in pipes that can only be removed during a drain cleaning service that uses professional equipment. This is particularly true if the clog is severe, causing back-ups and other unpleasant side effects. Consider everything that goes down your drains, including hair and dirt, food scraps, and more. A smell can develop when any of these items are stuck in pipes. The bacteria that latches onto these products are primarily responsible for the foul smell.

A dry P-trap can also cause foul smells to emanate from drains in your Boerne, TX, property. If it hasn’t been used recently, it is possible that flushing the drain and refilling the P-trap during a drain cleaning service will solve the problem.

Typically, to prevent sewer smells from escaping the drain, drain lines are fitted with a goose-necked section of pipe. However, the trap’s water evaporates when the sink isn’t in use. When empty, the gas can then enter your home through the empty drain. You can prevent P-traps drying out by running a little water at each faucet once per month.

All your drain pipes are connected to a network of vent pipes that bring fresh air into your home and allow wastewater, gas and other unpleasant odors to escape. A blocked drain/waste vent system can be cleared during a professional drain cleaning service. Clogs in the main vent stack can lead to a variety of problems, including smelly drains. If vent pipes are not installed, a professional plumber can help install them in the right locations to prevent further issues from occurring.

You may also notice strange smells coming from your basement sump pump. This could be because you are directing wastewater from washing machines and dishwashers to the sump pump, rather than through your main sewer line. Washing machine wastewater buildup at the sump pump can cause a buildup of unpleasant odors.

You can arrange for a sump pump drain cleaning service, or get a professional plumber reduce the number of pipes that drain into the sump pump and thus reduce the smell. To prevent bad odors from entering your home, make sure the sump pump’s cap is properly fitted.

Grease, fats and oils stuck in the kitchen sink drain and cause a rotten egg smell or undesirable mold growth. There are some DIY fixes, including using baking soda, boiling water, and vinegar to reduce smells. However, you can also request professional assistance.

Commonly, stink can be caused by food scraps that have been left in the kitchen garbage disposal. Moldy or rotten smells are signs that a clogged garbage disposal needs to be cleaned. A professional drain cleaning service can help to clear stubborn food buildup, mold growth and unwanted bacteria.

A drain trap is an essential component of shower, sink, and tub drains if you want to stop sewer smells from entering your Boerne, TX, home, and prevent bathroom clogs from causing unpleasant smells. Blocked drain catchers are surprisingly responsible for off-putting bathroom smells.

Sometimes, the cleaning service needs to extend beyond your drains. Water quality issues can lead to unpleasant smells while faucets or water-based appliances are in use. A rotten egg smell can be caused by sulfate-reducing bacteria getting into the hot water heater.

Contact a professional plumber from bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio for a drain cleaning service if you suspect an unpleasant smell is coming directly from the water heater or any of your household drains.

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