Finding A Good Plumber | San Antonio, TX

Finding A Good Plumber | San Antonio, TX

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Even the best-kept home in San Antonio, TX, will need a plumber at some point. But where do you find a reliable one? An idea may be to or ask a friend or family member for a recommendation, but what if that choice is unavailable? You could type “Plumber near me” on your mobile and search the internet, but which professional do you pick from the many results returned? How do you know they are any good, maybe they have paid to be top of the search results? You should check whether they have a high customer satisfaction score, and chances are that you have found bluefrog plumbing and drain of San Antonio.

Why? Well because we have earned a hard-won reputation for the highest quality work at affordable prices. We are always on call 24/7, so whatever plumbing job you need, you can always rely on bluefrog plumbing to help.

When Do You Need a Plumber?

You may have noticed that the water in your sink has been draining more slowly. You may have a clog. Clogs happen when there is a build-up of grease, food, and other materials on the inside of pipes. This restricts the flow of escaping water; you need to act quickly as eventually the water will be completely blocked. We at bluefrog recommend a regular inspection of your plumbing system. Remember that spotting a small problem early will prevent it from becoming a bigger and more expensive problem to fix.

Blocked and Overflowing Toilets

What causes a blocked toilet? It may be that you have flushed something down the toilet that you should not. Items like wet wipes or sanitary towels that cannot dissolve in water will build up over time and cause a blockage. We recommend that you do not use harsh chemicals to remove any blockage. Overuse of these chemicals can weaken the joints and seals around the pipes and cause leaks. Nor will they remove any children’s toys that may have been flushed down the toilet. We also recommend that you do not keep re-flushing a blocked toilet as it will certainly overflow. You do not want to clean the harmful bacteria and germs from the overflow. A plumber from bluefrog is equipped with protective clothing to clean up the mess safely.

Sewer Line Is Backing up

If having one blocked sink or toilet was bad enough, if all your sinks, bathtubs, and showers will not drain away, you may have a clogged sewer line. If you can see discolored water gurgling back up and smell sewage you need to call an emergency plumber immediately. Potentially hazardous bacteria and viruses could be entering your home posing a severe health risk. Do not attempt to sort this out yourself, a bluefrog professional is properly equipped to tackle this safely.

Burst Pipe

You need a good plumber in this case. Water can flood your home rapidly and cause extensive damage. First you need to turn off your water supply. Do you know how to do this? If not, then find out now, quick action can save you thousands of dollars by avoiding water damage to carpeting, furniture, and building infrastructure. it is probably a good idea to turn your electricity supply off too, you do not want to electrocute yourself or your friendly plumber! Once you have safely protected your home, call bluefrog plumbing, we are ready 24 hours a day to come to the rescue.

Standing Water Around Your Home

Are your water bills larger than normal? Have you spotted puddles of water around your house? Are your lawns green and damp even when it has not rained? Then you could have a slab leak. Nearly all houses are built on a concrete slab foundation with water or sewer pipes underneath or in the concrete. When the house shifts over time it could damage water and sewer pipes under the house. Tree roots are another cause of damage. These leaks could have been going on for some time and will be causing considerable structural damage to your foundation. You need to call a plumber from bluefrog now!

Low Water Pressure

Have you noticed low water pressure when you have a shower? The most common cause is that there is a leak somewhere on your property. Check your recent water bills if they have increased you probably have a leak somewhere. Low water pressure could be due to clogging or corrosion building up in older pipes. In the case of corrosion, there is little option but to replace the pipework. If your water heater has a faulty valve this may also be the cause of low water pressure. You need an experienced plumber from bluefrog, to find the cause of the low pressure and perform the correct repair.

Cold Water in the Shower

If your water heater is over ten years old and/or is needing more frequent repairs, it may need replacing. Your water heater may need upgrading to one with a greater capacity if it is straining to cope with several appliances being on at once. With such a bewildering selection of water heaters on the market, you need a qualified technician from bluefrog to help you decide which is the best choice for you.

Regular Maintenance Reduces the Need for Repairs in TX

We strongly recommend that you have your plumbing system regularly maintained. Regular cleaning of pipes and drains will remove any clogs and prevent blockages. Regular service of your water heater will maintain the warranty and keep your unit running at peak efficiency, saving you money in the long term.

Standing Out from the Rest – bluefrog Plumbing

Most plumbing companies claim to offer the best service for the lowest price. bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio will not charge you a premium for an out-of-hours call. We provide transparency with all our pricing, so there will be no hidden shocks on the bill. We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We are proud to serve the good people of San Antonio, TX.

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