Drain Cleaning Service: 5 Foods To Never Throw Down Your Drains | San Antonio, TX

Drain Cleaning Service: 5 Foods To Never Throw Down Your Drains | San Antonio, TX

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Do you mind what goes to the drains? If you throw the food wastes down your drain constantly, you will soon need professional drain cleaning services. The food waste that is improperly processed may congeal down the drain.

The solidified waste may become problematic to handle by blocking your drains. The congealed substances may cause the bursting of the water pipes at worst. In such a scenario, you need to replace the affected pipe with a new one. It would be an expensive undertaking. Luckily, At bluefrog Plumbing +Drain of San Antonio is there to help resolve any plumbing issue you may have in your San Antonio, TX home.

These problems may be avoided by minding what you throw into the drains. Here, we will look at the food items you should never toss down your drains. However, this does not excuse the other foods the articles omit. We select these because they pose a greater risk to your drains. It would be better to dispose of these foods differently.

1. Coffee Grounds

Most of us love a nice cup of hot coffee to refresh ourselves in the morning. The love for this beverage has forced many people to brew it at home. However, this has come with its risks. You may be tempted to toss the coffee grounds into the drain. However, avoid this at all costs. The coffee grounds might accumulate down the drains, causing a clog. Therefore, you end up calling a professional drain cleaning.

The dense packing turns into a paste that can affect your drains negatively. By causing clogging, backflows can arise in your drains. You can use the coffee grounds in various ways, including as fertilizer. They contain vital minerals necessary for plant growth, including potassium, calcium, nitrogen, iron, and magnesium.

If your drains get clogged, call a professional drain cleaning service like At bluefrog Plumbing +Drain of San Antonio to remove the blockages and clogs. While cleaning your drains, the plumber will inspect for any other issues and advise you on how to resolve them.

2. Oil, Greasy Foods, And Fat

Some homeowners pass bacon down their garbage disposal units, while some pass their greasy food into the drain. What these homeowners fail to understand is the damage extent of their actions. If you are one of such homeowners, you must stop the habit if you care about your plumbing system.

While oil, fat, and greasy foods are viscous liquids, they thicken and solidify when tossed into the drain. When such happens, they block your drains. Enlisting professional drain cleaning services is the only way to eliminate them.

Luckily, bluefrog Plumbing +Drain of San Antonio is here to help you. Our technicians allow the greasy foods, oil, and fats to cool down and scrape them into the trash bin. They then use a special tool called the hydrojet to pressure wash the drains, leaving them as clean as new. They then check if the blockage affected any other part of your plumbing to ensure your plumbing system is operating optimally.

3. Pasta, Bread, and Rice

Are you aware of what these three foods have in common? They are starchy foods, never through starchy foods into your drains. The starch accumulates on the sides of your plumbing, blocking and clogging your system. Constantly throwing rice, pasta, and bread into your drains will invite the services of a drain cleaner soon.

While you may take all precautions to prevent this, sometimes accidents arise. Your kids might have been throwing food remains in the drains, causing them to accumulate inside for some time. Starch is notoriously difficult to eliminate. The other big issue with starches is they expand after absorbing water. The starches grow several times their original size, resulting in clogged drains. You need drain cleaning services to remove the starchy food particles and clogs from your drains.

Besides clogging the drains, starches also produce a filthy smell after they decompose inside the drains. The foul smell causes discomfort and other hygiene issues at home. Hire professional drain cleaning services like At bluefrog Plumbing +Drain of San Antonio to prevent the starches from making your house smelly.

4. Stringy and Fibrous Vegetables

Which type of fruits and vegetables do you use at home? Do you mind if they find their way into your drains? Many vegetables and fruits are fibrous. When tossed down your drains, the fibrous strands tangle around the grinder of the disposal unit, clogging and preventing them from functioning. Therefore, it is better to toss the fruits and vegetable wastes into the trash bin.

Extensive drain cleaning services are necessary when your drains get clogged with vegetable and fibrous fruits. Getting the sticky and fibrous materials off your drains can be very hard. At bluefrog Plumbing +Drain of San Antonio, we discourage DIY works on your plumbing as they may cause extensive and costly damages. Let our technicians help you with the cleaning and repair services.

While cleaning the drains, our technicians will inspect the plumbing to ensure it is fully functional and has no impending issue.

5. Eggshells

Many misconceptions exist regarding whether eggshells can be tossed into the drains. Some say you can do it without a problem, while others complain that eggshells block and clog your drains. Why take the risk? Eggshells have membranes, and when tossed into the drains, these membranes wrap themselves around the grinder.

They end up financially harming you. When the eggshells wrap around the grinder, they may accumulate and cause a blockage. By taking a gamble with your drains, you incur more repair costs. At worst, you need a replacement if the pipes burst.

Do you have such a problem at your home? Worry not because bluefrog Plumbing +Drain of San Antonio has got you covered. We will dispatch a technician to provide drain cleaning services, ensuring that you avoid the inconveniences. They are also licensed and skilled to undertake any other plumbing need that you may want to be addressed.

Drain Cleaning Services in San Antonio, TX

Clean drains mean a healthy home. Hygiene is vital for the well-being of your family. Do you mind what goes inside those drains? How regularly do you have them cleaned by a professional?

Food materials are among the leading causes of blockages and clogging in your drains. Therefore, you must exercise caution with what food wastes you drive down the drains. Are the drains at your San Antonio, TX home clogged by what you suspect to be food material waste? Entrust their cleaning to the experienced and licensed technicians at bluefrog Plumbing +Drain of San Antonio.

Call us today or visit our website to learn about our drain cleaning services. Practice drain hygiene and mind what you throw down the drains.

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