Do I Need A Professional For Water Heater Repair? | Universal City, TX

Do I Need A Professional For Water Heater Repair? | Universal City, TX

The hot water heater is a vital component of most modern homes. We rely on a steady supply of hot, clean water for many daily tasks. Showering, brushing our teeth, washing laundry or dishes, or even bathing a pet are all dependent on hot water. A household can be thrown into chaos, or at least experience a great deal of inconvenience or irritation, very quickly when the water heater doesn’t perform as expected. Water heater repair depends on identifying the underlying problem. However, most homeowners in Universal City, TX don’t have a lot of experience fixing hot water heaters and may not find the problem easily.

Fortunately, local businesses such as bluefrog Plumbing + Drain are available to provide water heater repair services. Professional assistance is the best, and fastest, way to get dependable and safe hot water flowing in your home again. Regular maintenance is also a good idea because a technician may notice potential problems before they interrupt the household routine, and a well-maintained water heater may last longer and experience fewer issues.

Unusual Noises

Most water heaters aren’t especially loud. This can change if dirt and debris are stuck in the burner. Debris may cause clunking or whining noises. Sometimes it can even sound like something is burning, which is very alarming. Leaks from a sealed combustion chamber can be noise as well, although an unstable combustion process may be more alarming than the noise. Call a water heater repair professional as soon as you notice strange noises from your water heater.

Cold Or Lukewarm Water

The only thing worse than lukewarm water when you’re ready for a shower is straight-up cold water. If anything comes out of the tap or showerhead besides the hot water you expected, it may be time for water heater services. The problem could be anything from an inadequately sized water heater tank to malfunctioning heating elements.

A plumbing technician in Universal City, TX, can find the root of the problem and replace any worn out or broken parts. Sediment build-up is another common problem. The minerals present in the water supply, whether it’s well water or comes from a municipal source, can leave residue on the inside of your hot water heater tank. Some homeowners attempt to deal with this problem themselves, but water heater repair professionals have the appropriate tools and expertise to handle the job quickly and efficiently.

Unreliable or Fluctuating Water Temperatures

Fluctuating water temperatures are very frustrating. This problem is especially inconvenient in the shower, but it isn’t much better when you’re trying to wash dishes or perform other tasks. No one enjoys water suddenly becoming much too cold or hot enough to cause discomfort. This can happen if two fixtures in the home are accessing large amounts of hot water at once.

For example, someone may be showering at the same time another person does laundry. Sometimes you can solve this issue by making sure only one task requiring lots of hot water is completed at any given time. However, your water heater tank may not be large enough to supply hot water for your home. Other possible causes include improperly sized gas lines, malfunctioning sensors in the tank, or damaged components in the heater. Call a water heater repair professional to address the problem as soon as possible so you don’t have to worry about unpredictable water temperatures anymore.

Excessive Water Temperatures

Extremely hot water can be even more problematic than cold or lukewarm water in some cases. Water should not be hot enough to cause injury. Children and the elderly are at higher risk of burns and may not react as quickly as other members of the household if the water temperature suddenly increases. You can fix the problem quickly if the thermostat was set too high by accident. A faulty thermostat, malfunctioning pressure sensors, and excess sediment are other potential causes. If the thermostat setting isn’t the problem, you’ll probably need a water heater repair professional to address the issue.

Gas Burner Ignition Issues

Non-igniting burners are a common reason for water heater repair. Poor ventilation is one possible cause of the problem. The burner won’t stay on if it doesn’t have enough oxygen to maintain the flame. Excessive condensation could also be dowsing the flame. Loose or damaged frame rods are another common culprit. Sometimes the problem is relatively simple, such as a gas valve that doesn’t open when it should. There are many different potential problems, which is why a professional is so helpful.

Loss of Water Pressure

Low water pressure is a very noticeable and inconvenient problem. The cause may be something inside the water heater itself or in the pipes leading to, or away, from the appliance. A clog or blockage may be disrupting water flow into your tank or interrupting the hot water between the tank and the targeted fixture. Leaks in the water heater tank or in plumbing pipes can also reduce water pressure, not to mention wastewater that becomes very apparent on your water bill. The problem could even originate in the utility company or public infrastructure. There are so many factors that could potentially interfere with water pressure that you may be better off calling a water heater repair professional immediately instead of trying to find the problem first.

The professionals at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain in San Antonio are always available to address plumbing issues in Universal City, TX. Experienced plumbers at Bluefrog have the tools and expertise to diagnose problems and provide timely, efficient water heater repair services so your household can resume normal routines with a dependable supply of hot water.

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