8 Signs Your Home Has a Slab Leak | Slab Leak Repair in San Antonio, TX

8 Signs Your Home Has a Slab Leak | Slab Leak Repair in San Antonio, TX

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To stave off unusually high bills, costly repair jobs, and damage, it is necessary to keep an eye on the foundational areas of your home. This foundation is made from a concrete slab that comprises of several underneath pipes. These pipes leak or burst if not cared properly, especially in the summer season. To locate a slab leak, you must keep a tab on multiple things.

A slab leak is a type of leak that materializes under the concrete foundation of your home – in your copper water lines. Since they are not visible, it is hard to identify them. If these leaks are left to their devices, they can cause irreparable damage. They may go as far as to dislodge your foundation from its place! Hence, it necessary to contact a plumber for slab leak repair in San Antonio, TX, at the right time.

What Causes a Slab Leak?

A slab leak is caused due to a wide range of factors – most of them are not in your control. Here are some of the most common causes of a slab leak.

  • Soil inflicts corrosive damage to the water pipes.
  • Shifts occur in the ground or foundation
  • Pipes are damaged at the time of installation.
  • If your pipes touch tough surfaces such as gravel, they may suffer from pipe abrasion.

Regular maintenance can help you in preventing slab leaks. Consider the following signs to detect a slab leak.

1.   Mold

If you spot water accumulation, at any of your floors for an extended period, a slab leak might have caused it. Standing water produces mildew and mold – they are out of sight, but you can smell them due to their strong odor. Have a professional visit your home for slab leak repair in San Antonio, TX, so he can detect whether your home is suffering from a slab leak.

2.   Unusually High Bills

If your energy and water bills are higher than expected, don’t ignore them easily. Compare your water usage with your bills and try to understand if any rational factor caused the increase. If you cannot find any plausible reason, then you may be dealing with a slab leak. According to a professional who performs slab leak repair in San Antonio, TX, frequently, water runs 24/7 due to slab leaks. Turn off all of your water pipes, and look for any running water sounds for confirmation.

3.   Irrigation Leaks

If there is any irrigation or sprinkler line close to the slab, keep tabs on it. If it leaks, then your slab leak may be reeling from a leak. It is also possible that there is a breakage in the entire region. Therefore, call for slab leak repair in San Antonio, TX, to prevent any significant damage.

4.   Foundation Changes

Sometimes, the concrete foundation of your home settles or shifts. A slab leak may have triggered this soil erosion. Look for any cracks in your baseboard or walls. If you find any anomalies, immediately contact a professional service for slab leak repair in San Antonio, TX. It is worth keeping in mind, that due to the severity of the situation, you cannot wait or delay the inspection – as soon as you find it, avail a professional service or else you might have a costly repair job waiting for you.

5.   Warm or Cold Spots

On the weekend, walk freely in your home and find any warm or cold area of your floors – leaking water pipes may have caused them. If the leaking water is hot, it can warm up the floor. However, you may miss it if you have a carpet at that area. Therefore, let an expert of slab leak repair in San Antonio, TX, check it properly.

6.   Wet Floorings

If a leak becomes bigger, it can inflict greater destruction to your floors and carpets. As more and more water gathers after a leak, whether you have a tile, hardwood, or a carpet, all floorings will have to withstand enormous upward water pressure. Your hardwood floors may warp while the carpets will get wet. Hence, as soon as these you find these apparent signs, find a reliable service for slab leak repair in San Antonio, TX.

7.   Running Water Heater

It is not normal for your water heater to run continuously without any breaks. This can mean that your heater is forced to heat water from a slab leak. Although you may miss out on the sound of running water in the pipes, you can notice if your heater is constantly forced to operate. Therefore, as soon, as you identify it, have a plumber for slab leak repair in San Antonio, TX, inspect your home.

8.   Low Water Pressure

Whenever, there is any type of water leak, it always reduces the pressure of the pipes in your plumbing systems. You can turn on your shower and checker whether the pressure has decreased. On a similar note, if other water sources of your home have low water pressure, call a plumber for slab leak repair in San Antonio, TX.

Final Thoughts

It is vital to remain vigilant and monitor your plumbing systems. Look for any irregular plumbing activity and maintain a proactive approach. If you can ensure regular maintenance of your home’s plumbing infrastructure, you can weed out these problems before they snowball into a problem of more gigantic proportions.

If you find any of the signs mentioned above, contact a plumber for slab leak repair in San Antonio, TX, and get a timely appointment. In case you neglect these signs, these can bring internal destruction to your home, and soon you will be forced to deal with external damages too.

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