5 Facts That Will Make You Get A Tankless Water Heater In San Antonio, TX

5 Facts That Will Make You Get A Tankless Water Heater In San Antonio, TX

Among the large number of water heating systems that you’ll come across, you should opt for a tankless water heater in San Antonio, TX that will keep the water heated with ease. You’ll never have to worry about someone taking a long shower and using up all the hot water with a tankless water heater. On the other hand, the cost of an average tankless water heater is almost three times the cost of a regular one.

The high price tag can be a huge issue but a tankless water heater has plenty of different benefits to offer that make it a worthwhile investment. The following are a few other facts that will convince you that getting a tankless water heater in San Antonio, TX is a good decision.


Tankless water heaters are renowned for their ability to provide an unlimited supply of heated water to your home. Despite their compact size, tankless water heaters are more powerful and can heat up water with ease. Moreover, they also have a longer lifespan as compared to normal water heaters. A tankless water heater has a life span of 20 years. Traditional water heaters usually have a life span of only 10 or a maximum of 15 years.

Moreover, based on the brand of the tankless water heater in San Antonio, TX, you can also find that they come with a warranty that can range up to 12 years. With such reliability, getting a tankless water heater becomes rather attractive and the price appears as an investment due to the fact that it has such a long life and delivers so much hot water. If you’re a fan of long, hot showers, the tankless water heater should be on your wish list.


For homes that like to go green, being energy efficient is a huge factor and they try to install appliances that meet this criterion. Among them, tankless water systems are also near the top of the list since they cut down on energy consumption. While most people usually assume that they take up more energy, in fact, a tankless water system requires only 30% of the energy needed by traditional water systems.

Due to this reason, they are 30% more efficient in producing hot water without causing any damage to the overall system. They also cause less wastage of water by providing water as needed and when it is needed. This means that you don’t have to leave a water faucet on and wait for the warm water to start coming. This is one of the biggest reasons why traditional water heaters cause so much wastage of water.


Naturally, with less consumption of energy and more efficiency in performance as well as minimal wastage of water, your tankless water heater will allow you to save a lot of money. The energy bills and water bills will reflect this from the time you get the tankless water heater installed in your home. This is one reason that makes tankless water heaters in San Antonio, TX extremely attractive. Like a long-term investment, the total amount you pay for it will be recovered and more in the following years. In some cases, you can even enhance the value of your home by having it installed.

Compared to traditional water heaters, this aspect makes tankless water systems more popular and people are more willing to shoulder the high costs as long as they get to see the positive impact it makes. On the other hand, this also means that if you’re thinking of getting a new water heater, it is worthwhile to save up and opt to get a tankless one since it will pay off in the long run.


One of the biggest problems with a traditional water heater is that it can be a bit of a hazard if you aren’t careful. Based on how old the water heater is, it might run on kerosene, gas, or even coal. In any of these cases, you face a fire hazard in your home, particularly in the gas scenario since gas can leak, accumulate in a small place and cause an explosion.

In comparison, tankless water heaters are really safe since they rely on electricity for heating purposes. This means that you or your home will not be in any danger should there be a malfunction. The most you can expect is no hot water if the electricity should ever go out in your home. For this reason, getting a tankless water heater can be the best step forward since there are no problems regarding safety when you are using it.


Tankless water systems are easier to install due to their compact size which allows them to fit into a cramped basement or even the attic with ease. Moreover, the tankless water system is wall mounted which just adds to its compact nature. This works very well in their favor as traditional water heaters tend to be huge and bulky and consume a certain amount of space.

For this reason, getting a tankless water heater is better since most people can then utilize their available space more economically, particularly if they already live in a rather small home. Installation is also very easy and occurs within one day so you won’t have to worry about having a team of professionals trudging through your home.

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