4 Times You Need A Drain Cleaning Service | Schertz, TX

4 Times You Need A Drain Cleaning Service | Schertz, TX

Two types of plumbing emergencies are fairly normal but equally annoying and disgusting to deal with. The first is a sudden lack of hot water, which usually has to do with a broken water heater. While this can be extremely annoying if you find out in the shower, it can be fixed with the help of a qualified plumber. The second is the topic for today: a clog that is causing a drain backup. If you are experiencing this issue, then you are probably online looking for a drain cleaning service in Schertz, TX.

To start, you might wonder what a drain cleaning service is and who needs it. In simple terms, the goal of drain cleaning is to remove a blockage that is forcing sewage to come back out into your home. If you are in this position, then you already know your basement or first-floor drain is spewing back sewage and waste every time you use water in your home. Which, by the way, is why you probably should not use any more water until a plumber comes up because you will see it again in a few minutes.

While a drain cleaning service is tasked with breaking up the clog so that you can flush the toilet without adding more waste to your backup pile, they also can be extremely helpful if you live in an older home with drainage issues. Some homes in Schertz, TX are simply more prone to clogs in their sewer lines than others. Some have a bit of a belly in their piping that forms as the soil under the piping shifts and settles. This can create a natural blockage that you can’t do much about.

Other homes have large trees out front with equally large tree roots that constantly break into and protrude into piping. Even if you take the tree down, the roots will still be in the ground causing trouble with your sewage lines. In these scenarios, your only goal is to keep the roots from interfering with your plumbing which means you need to have your pipes cleaned out every six months to a year. By proactively staying ahead of the problem, you can avoid any future backups that are unplanned and unwelcome in your home.

With that in mind, there are sometimes acute reasons why you might need to call a drain cleaning service, but if you have never had to deal with a clog or any of the associated issues, then you may be questioning when is the right time to call. The following is a brief recap of a few times when you should call a drain professional to help you out. Keep in mind this is just a brief list. There are a dozen or more problems that can arise in your home, and there is always one unique situation out there that no one has thought of.

Therefore, you need to trust your gut instinct. If you don’t see your problem on the list but are still highly concerned about it, then go ahead and make a call to a drain cleaning service and schedule a visit. Most reputable companies will offer both emergency drain services and appointments. If you are unsure which one you need, ask a plumber when you call. Most companies will walk you through the process and give you some advice. There is absolutely nothing to be lost by making a quick phone call.

Slow Draining Sinks

One of the top indicators that you will need help from a plumber who can handle drain cleaning is slow-draining sinks. The goal of the drain cleaning service is sometimes to catch the problem before it escalates, and your warning signs are the sinks that are slow to drain. If a sink is taking its time to drain, this is probably because there is a partial blockage somewhere down the line. Eventually, that partial blockage is going to turn into a full blockage, so call a plumber out before that happens.

Backed-Up Plumbing Fixtures

As mentioned, the next step in this scenario is a backed-up fixture or drain. If you are in the shower and water is pooling around your feet and doesn’t drain once you are done, you need a plumber. In this case, the backup is sealed, and now you cannot add any more water because nothing is draining. This can make your shower, toilet, or sinks unusable. In the worst-case scenario, it also might cause waste to back up somewhere else. It is not uncommon for someone to flush a toilet and discover it’s coming up in the kitchen sink. Clogs can be tricky, but a drain cleaning service is equipped to handle them.

Higher Than Usual Water Bills

Another indicator of something wrong in your home is a higher-than-usual water bill. If you have a high water bill and haven’t consumed much water, there is a leak somewhere in your home or something awry. You want to call a cleaning service or a plumber immediately to get to the bottom of the issue because you will likely just keep paying more and more.

Gurgling Sounds in Your Pipes or Drains

Gurgling sounds in your pipes or drains mean that gas is getting trapped somewhere in your pipes. Air should not get trapped because the water should push it smoothly through. However, if there are pockets of debris in your pipes then little air pockets can hide under the debris. Therefore, if you hear gurgling noises, treat this as a head’s up that a clog is forming. Your objective is to clean that debris before a complete blockage occurs. A drain cleaning service can help with that.

If you need help from a drain cleaning service in Schertz, TX, contact bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio. We will be happy to send someone out to take a look.

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