3 Reasons You Need Water Heater Repair | San Antonio, TX

3 Reasons You Need Water Heater Repair | San Antonio, TX

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Everyone has to take a lukewarm shower from time to time if they are the last one in line for the shower. Sometimes you have to deal with low water pressure as well if you need to take a shower while another major appliance is running. However, if you start to notice that every shower is lukewarm regardless of when you take it and the water pressure seems to be getting lower and lower than it is time to talk to a plumber in San Antonio, TX about water heater repair.

These are just a few of the many signs that your water heater may not be working the way that it should. While you may not think about your hot water much, from time to time it can experience issues that mean you need to call a plumber for water heater repair. Most of the time your water heater will give you a few signs before it dies, and knowing those signs can help you get your hot water tank fixed before it leaves you stranded without hot water. Here are the most common signs that it is time for water heater repair.

Your Hot Water Keeps Running Out

As mentioned, if your hot water runs out quickly this is a sign that your hot water heater is not working the way it should be. You should not have to choose between taking a bath and doing your dishes at night. If this has always happened, then it is a sign that your hot water heater is not suited to the size of your home. If this is a new occurrence, then that means something is wrong with your hot water heater and it is time for water heater repair.

Before calling a technician the one thing you can do is check the temperature dial on your water heater. If it got hit this could be impacting your hot water supply. Also, make sure that the circuit breaker is on because if it tripped there is a chance that the thermostat is stuck on a new setting. However, if both of these checks don’t turn up anything then you need to consult a professional to find out what is wrong. Many times a plumber will drain the water tank, remove the built-up sediment and then start it again. Not only will this increase its efficiency and lower your bills, but it may help restore a steady stream of hot water to your house for much less than the costs of buying a new unit.

The Water Temperature Is Inconsistent

On the other hand, if it seems like your water is changing temperatures frequently and no one is flushing the toilet while you are in the shower, then there is probably something wrong with your water heater. You should not notice your hot water going from hot to cold to hot during the same bathing or dishwashing session. This is a bigger problem than just your comfort level because chances are it is doing this while you wash clothes and dishes which is probably making all of your appliances less effective.

Once again, your first step should be checking the thermostat on your water heater to ensure it is set correctly. Sometimes adjusting just a bit will fix water that seems too hot or cold. It may be a good idea to place a piece of tape on the thermostat after you set it so you can revisit it later if the water starts to feel odd again. This can alert you to whether or not the thermostat is moving on its own.

If you do this and the water is still too cold or hot or simply inconsistent this is probably a sign that you need to call for water heater repair. A technician will inspect your water heater and most likely recommend replacing the heating element or the thermostat based on what they find. The worst-case scenario is that your water heater is not large enough to meet the demands of your home. In this case, regardless of any repairs, your water heater will probably not be able to ever deliver a consistent amount of hot water.

The Water Heater Is Leaking

This should be a no-brainer, but it bears stating that if your water heater is leaking this is an instant sign that you need to call a plumber in San Antonio, TX for water heater repair. This is not something you want to watch or keep an eye on, because if there is a leak there is probably a serious internal issue that eventually is going to cause your water tank to burst if you don’t do something.

If you know-how, it’s not a bad idea to disconnect the electricity or gas so that the water tank can cool down. You can then get a better look at the area where it is leaking while you wait for the water heater repair technician to arrive. They will have to do the same thing so it may help them if you already allow the hot water tank to cool down, but again, if you don’t know how that is no big deal. Safety is paramount here so it is better to wait for a professional if this is outside of your knowledge base.

These are just a handful of common reasons why people call for water heater repair, there are dozens more like diminished water flow, noises, smelly water, rusty water, or an aging water heater. If you think that your water heater needs to be inspected, bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio is here for you. Give us a call and we happily schedule a maintenance or water heater repair visit.

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