11 Advantages Of Using A Hydro-Jet For A Drain Cleaning Service | Cibolo, TX

11 Advantages Of Using A Hydro-Jet For A Drain Cleaning Service | Cibolo, TX

There are many ways to clear clogged drain lines, from using chemical cleaners and plungers to blasting hydro-jets and using high-torque drum machines. Often, plumbers in Cibolo, TX will treat sewer line clogs with hydro-jetting equipment during a drain cleaning service, particularly if the clog is severe and hard to reach.

Hydro-Jetting: What Is It?

Hydro-jetting uses a high-pressure water sprayer to clean out your pipes and drains. A specialist in drain maintenance may first inspect the pipes using video equipment to determine the damage to pipes and locate the clog. Once the clog has been located, if the pipe inspection reveals no broken plumbing, the plumber will use a hydro-jet to clean your pipes.

A hydro-jet is a hybrid piece of equipment, combining the flexibility and mobility of a drain snake with the high-powered cleaning capability of a traditional power washer. The head is the most important component of the hydro jetter. It sprays water 360° at a high pressure (up to 3500 psi) during a drain cleaning service. The high-pressure spray mechanism allows the hydro-jet to penetrate any debris that might be clogging your drains. The hydro-jet’s snake section allows your plumber expert to maneuver the hydro jet almost anywhere in your plumbing system.

Sewer hydro-jetting is an effective method to clear clogs or slow-moving sewer lines. This trenchless technique does not require digging. Instead, a high-pressure hose is used to send clogs down the sewer line, taking it off your property and washing them safely down to the municipal sewer.

Hydro-Jetting Services: Why Do You Need Them?

Hydro-jetting is a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly way to clean pipes and improve drainage flow. Let’s dive deeper into one of the most sought-after pieces of equipment used during a drain cleaning service.

1. Environmentally friendly solution

Hydro-jetting simply uses high-pressure water streams for cleaning your pipes. Your plumbing is not exposed to any of the harsh chemicals found in store-bought drain cleaners.

2. Works on large or small jobs

Hydro-jetting can be used to do small plumbing jobs, such as a single drain blockage, as well as to clean out the entire plumbing system of an industrial plant. Although many people believe this type of pipe cleaning can be used only in industrial settings, a hydro-jet is also suitable for a smaller residential and commercial drain cleaning service.

3. Gets rid of residue

Sometimes, when using a drain snake to clean pipes, areas can be missed, or multiple attempts are required to 100-percent clear a clog. Hydro-jetting cleans pipes right down to the pipe itself. There will be no residue left in the pipes that act as a foothold for clogs to build up again. There will be no need to worry about any chemicals lingering in pipes or threatening to spread, as a hydro-jet session will strip everything unwanted away during a drain cleaning service.

4. Protect from wall and trench damage

High-pressure water can easily be used to clean your pipes and remove clogs. Using this equipment will eliminate the need for anyone to go into the walls or dig out a trench to fix the problem. Hydro-jet can be used on any part of the plumbing system, right down to the edge of the municipal sewer system, without necessitating digging or wall damage to your Cibolo, TX property.

5. It’s a great preventative maintenance tool

Hydro-jetting pipes by our drain cleaning service specialists is a great way to prevent flooding. It will help to remove any sediment buildup and prevent clogs. It can also be used to clean out bacteria and other substances, making your workplace or home much safer to spend time in.

6. Offers more mobility

Pipes in older Cibolo, TX homes can be unstable and precarious. It is not a good idea to have to open pipes in order to clean them, especially in older properties. This can lead to costly repairs and extensive damage. A hydro-jet is a non-invasive tool with the flexibility to clean even hard-to-reach pipes.

7. Reduces bacteria

Your pipes can harbor many bacteria strains due to their regular use and the dark, damp conditions that mold and bacteria love to thrive in. Clogged drains can lead to health problems, nasty odors, and other unpleasantness. Hydro-jetting during a drain cleaning service is more effective at removing bacteria and all other dirt and grime than other cleaning activities.

8. Cost-effective

Hydro-jetting can be a more cost-effective option than other methods of cleaning pipes. The method of cleaning is so thorough that you don’t have to clean the plumbing as often. It’s also cheaper than having to regularly invest in chemical cleaners and home cleaning solutions, or repeatedly needing to use a drain snake to cleanse problem areas.

9. Long-lasting effects

It is much more difficult for dirt and grime to remain behind if you opt for a drain cleaning service that utilizes hydro-jet equipment. More effective cleaning first-time means it’ll be longer before you need to book another cleaning service or drain inspection.

10. Compatible with multiple pipe materials

Hydro-jetting can be used in drains and sewer systems of all sizes and materials. You can use it to clear any type of clog in pipes of any size and scope, including:

  • PVC and cure-in-place resin pipes
  • Steel
  • Cast iron
  • Clay
  • Sewer pipes made of cement
  • Orangeburg pipes.

11. Suitable for industrial, commercial, and residential plumbing

Hydro-jetting is the most commonly used drain cleaning method for industrial and commercial drain cleaning jobs. However, a hydro-jet is an equally useful tool in residential settings where there’s a severe clog caused by lack of maintenance, improperly flushed items, or blockages caused by tree roots encroaching on your home’s plumbing.

What Can We Do for You?

We can help you determine the health of your main sewer lines, and what steps you should take to keep your plumbing system in working order. Whether you need a comprehensive drain cleaning service, or you have a single pipe blockage, call bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio today!

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