Water Heater Repair: 7 Signs Your Water Heater Needs Repair | Helotes, TX

Water Heater Repair: 7 Signs Your Water Heater Needs Repair | Helotes, TX

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Every appliance in your Helotes, TX home is designed to make your life easier and more convenient. Although you rely on every appliance in your home, some are more essential than others. Your water heater is one appliance you cannot live without. Although it is technically an appliance, your water heater is a critical component of your plumbing system.

The water tank is designed to store and heat water, so you have hot water when you need it. If your water heater isn’t functioning correctly, you won’t have hot water, or the water won’t be safe for use. Because a complete water heater breakdown can make your life very inconvenient, it is best to recognize issues early so that you can make a water heater repair appointment. Waiting too long can result in further damage and a more expensive repair bill.

If your water heater is experiencing any of the following issues, it is best to call a plumber specializing in water heaters right away.

#1 You Have No Hot Water

The most obvious sign you need to call for water heater repair is if the water coming from the hot water tap is cold. The issue may not be related to your water heater; therefore, you should check a few things first to avoid an unnecessary service call.

  • Electric unit: Check the circuit to ensure it hasn’t tripped and make sure there is power going to the unit.
  • Oil or propane units: Make sure there is fuel in the tank.
  • Natural gas unit: Check your records to ensure your gas bill has been paid, and check the gas company’s website to ensure there isn’t a widespread outage.

If everything checks out on your end, it is time to schedule an appointment for water heater repair. The most common cause of this problem is with the heating element. There could also be an issue with the fuel source, power source, or the unit may have reached the end of its lifespan.

Because so many issues can cause a lack of hot water, it is best to call a licensed plumber.

#2 The Water Isn’t Getting Hot Enough

When you turn on the hot water in your home, you expect it to come out hot. If the water is lukewarm, check the thermostat. If it is set lower than 120 degrees, turning it up will help. If the thermostat is set correctly, you should call a plumber that handles water heater repair.

If your water heater has two heating elements, one may have failed, and the remaining heating element isn’t powerful enough to heat the entire water tank to the desired temperature. There could also be an issue with the thermostat. When you schedule an appointment for a repair, the plumber can inspect the unit to figure out why the water isn’t getting hot enough to make the necessary repair.

#3 You Frequently Run Out Of Hot Water

Running out of hot water often is a significant issue because nobody likes a cold shower. First, you should consider any changes in your family’s hot water demand. If someone new moved into your home, or if you recently installed your first washing machine or dishwasher, your hot water demand will increase. This will require a new water heater with a larger tank or a tankless unit that provides hot water on demand.

If your hot water demand hasn’t changed, you should schedule an appointment for water heater repair. When large pieces of sediment build up in the tank, there won’t be enough storage for water, causing you to run out frequently.

A plumber can determine if the sediment can be removed by flushing the tank or if replacing the water heater is best.

#4 Discolored Hot Water

You expect the hot water coming from the taps in your Helotes, TX home to be clear. If the water has a brownish tint, you should schedule an emergency water heater repair appointment.

When sediment builds up in the tank, it can break apart and contaminate the water, causing discoloration. If the unit is over ten years old, the inside of the tank could be breaking down, causing the metal and deposits to contaminate the water.

A plumber specializing in water heater repair can inspect the unit to determine whether it can be repaired or if a replacement is the best option.

#5 Foul-Smelling Hot Water

Does the hot water coming from the taps in your Helotes, TX home smell like rotten eggs? If you said yes to this question, you should schedule an appointment for a water heater repair right away.

This smell is caused by sulfate bacteria that can develop in the tank, usually when water is left in the tank for too long.

A plumber can solve the problem by flushing the tank, which should also flush the bacteria. If the issue is severe, a water heater replacement may be necessary.

#6 Moisture or Leaks

The area around your water heater should be dry. If there is moisture on the walls and under the unit or water pooling, you will need to have the unit repaired.

Moisture indicates a loose or broken hose. This is a simple fix; however, waiting to have it fixed can result in water damage and mold growth.

Water pooling indicates a crack in the water tank, which can cause 50+ gallons of water to flood your home.

These are serious issues and require a call to an emergency plumber.

#7 Strange Sounds

Banging and popping sounds coming from the water heater indicate issues that would require a call to a plumber. A banging sound is caused by large pieces of sediment in the tank that bangs against the sides. Ignoring the issue can crack the water tank, resulting in a flood. A popping sound is also caused by sediment. When water gets trapped under the sediment and starts to boil, it can cause a popping sound.

It is best to call a plumber as soon as the unit starts making noise.

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