Water Heater Repair: 3 Causes Behind Water Heaters Bursting | San Antonio, TX

Water Heater Repair: 3 Causes Behind Water Heaters Bursting | San Antonio, TX

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You’ll only start to notice a problem with your water heater once you’ve run out of hot water. After all, most people aren’t fond of cold baths or showers. Water heaters are quite robust. They’re designed to last many years without requiring any type of water heater repair services; however, as they age, they are susceptible to bursting.

Bursts can be a huge concern for homeowners. Not only does this mean that they’ll need to replace the water heater entirely, which can be rather expensive, but the water that leaks out from the water heater can cause significant water damage to the entire home. To prevent the water heater from bursting, it’s important to have regular maintenance and repair services completed.

This article will look at 3 of the most common causes behind water heaters bursting, how to look out for signs of these issues and the water heater repair services that can solve them. If you are running into any problems with your water heater, do not hesitate to contact us. Our plumbers service many cities in Texas.

#1. Sediment Build-Up

Over time, sediment, or minerals within the water, will start to settle at the bottom of the water heater’s tank. This layer of sediment is detrimental to your water heater, as it insulates the water from the burner. This prevents the water from heating up, so your water heater tank is forced to run longer in order to heat up the water. The water heater will be much more susceptible to overheating, and the heat will cause the tank to deteriorate at a much quicker rate.

To determine if there is sediment build-up, keep an ear out from popping and knocking noises. This sound comes from the water that’s trapped underneath the sediment. When it tries to escape the layer of sediment, it will cause the sediment to crack or make a weird noise.

If sediment has built up inside your water heater, the most common water heater repair service recommended is a regular flushing and draining. This process is relatively simple and can be completed within several hours. From the sediment that’s flushed out, our plumbers can recommend a more routine maintenance schedule. Regular maintenance will allow you to avoid costly water heater repair services.

#2. Too Much Internal Pressure

Most people don’t realize this, but too much internal pressure can also cause water heaters to burst and pop. In worst case scenarios, the tank may even explode. This is an extremely dangerous situation for anyone in the house. Thankfully, most water heaters have T&P, also known as temperature and pressure, relief valves to prevent this from happening. These valves are able to release some of the water pressure building up within the tanks before it becomes a massive problem.

If you notice that the T&P valves are constantly opening to release pressure, you may have too much internal pressure inside your water heaters. You’ll also know that there’s too much internal pressure if anything goes awry with the T&P valves.

To prevent the heaters from bursting and more costly water heater repair services, make sure that you don’t set the temperature inside the tanks too high. Your water heater’s temperature should be set around 120 to 125 degrees Fahrenheit. You should also consider testing the T&P valves at least once a year. If not, ask our plumbers to test the valves for you. Most T&P valves can be found either at the side of the water heater tanks or at the top.

#3. Rust

Most water heater tanks are made from steel. Steel contains a significant amount of iron, which will rust with time. To prevent water heater tanks from rusting, all water heater tanks have an internal rust protection part known as the sacrificial anode rod. This rod is usually anywhere from 3 to 5 foot long, and is placed inside the tank. The rod will deteriorate and rust instead of the water heater. However, once the sacrificial anode rod deteriorates, your water heater will start to rust.

Fortunately, you’ll easily know when the sacrificial anode rod has deteriorated, as you’ll notice that the hot tap water coming from your faucets has a brown, rusty color to it.

Replacing a sacrificial anode rod is not easy work, especially since novices should not handle water heaters in general. It’s very easy to accidentally hurt yourself. You’ll want to call our plumbers to replace the anode. We also recommend getting the anode rod inspected every two years or so. In general, most anode rods need to be changed every 4 to 5 years. If you have a water softener in your home, you may need to get the sacrificial anode replaced even sooner.

This type of water heater repair service is also relatively easy to complete. Most plumbers can get the job done within a few hours.


Prevent Your Water Heater from Bursting by Getting Water Heater Repair Services as Soon as Possible

Replacing a water heater can cost several thousand dollars while repairing a water heater may only cost several hundred dollars. Best of all, after the water heater repair services are completed, the water heater will be as good as new. It can last for many more years without running into any problems at all. If you are running into any problems with your water heater, you want to give our plumbers in San Antonio, TX a call immediately. Don’t let the problem worsen; otherwise, it may reach a point where the damage becomes irreversible.

Here, at bluefrog Plumbing + Draining, we offer a wide range of plumbing services in San Antonio, TX. Our plumbers are licensed, insured and able to offer a guarantee on any of the work that they complete, like water heater repairs. You can rest assured that you’re in good hands. If anything comes up, we’ll come out and fix it immediately! To reach us, you can either contact us online or give us a call at 210-876-1629.

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