Signs It Is Time For Drain Cleaning | San Antonio, TX

Signs It Is Time For Drain Cleaning | San Antonio, TX

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Your plumbing system is one of the hardest working systems within your home. While you rarely pay it any attention, it is hard at work every day supplying you with a constant stream of hot and cold water while flushing out wastes from your home. If you wash your hands, enjoy an ice-cold glass of water from the fridge, take a shower, or flush the toilet you are using your plumbing system.

With this in mind, it is never a bad idea to schedule a routine drain cleaning service in San Antonio, TX to make sure that everything is working the way it should be. Drain cleaning is the best preventive service you can offer your plumbing system because it helps troubleshoot any potential clogs before they form. Clogs can cause a lot of extra pressure on your pipes and if left untreated for too long can even result in burst pipes and flooded floor drains.

Ideally, you can call a drain cleaning company before any of these things happen, although they should definitely be your first call if one of these events has already occurred. Wondering if now is the right time to call and schedule service? Here are a few of the most common signs that your drains may need to be cleaned.

Gross Odors Wafting Out of Your Drains

Household wastes are gross, there is no getting around that fact. Whether it is biological wastes in the toilet, old scraps in the garbage disposal, or scraps of food in the dishwasher your plumbing system regularly has to handle some pretty odorous materials. However, after they go down the drain you should not have to smell them again.

If you start to notice gross odors or foul smells near your drains when they are not in use this is a clear sign that it is time to book a drain cleaning service. Sometimes a crack in the sewer line allows gases to seep up the drain, but usually bad odors mean you have a clog in your piping. Either way, the problem needs to be investigated and solved, and when it comes to clogs and cracks sooner is always better than later.

This is not something you want to wait on, because the clog will only become worse. If you let it go too long the water will simply start to back up and overflow which creates an entirely new problem to deal with on top of the first one.

Fixtures Continually Backup

That said, fixtures continually backing up is another clear sign that it is time to get a plumber out to your home for a drain cleaning service. Water is supposed to go down your pipes, so if it’s coming back up then something is wrong. Once a fixture or pipe gets clogged the water and wastes inside have nowhere to go but up which results in toxic materials splashing back into our sinks or spilling out over your floors.

While you may get lucky the first time a backup occurs, don’t wait for the second time to happen. It will happen again and again until the source of the clog is found and fully removed. A drain cleaning service can do this for you quickly and efficiently.

Slow Draining Drains

The age and condition of your overall plumbing system usually impact how quickly your drains empty, but if you have lived in your home for more than a few months you already know what is “normal” for your house. If you start to notice that it is taking a long time for a fixture or drain to empty this is a clear sign that there is a clog somewhere along the way.

If it is just one fixture or drain experiencing an issue then you probably have a local clog, but if you notice that all the drains in your bathroom and kitchen are draining slow it is time to call a plumber to perform professional drain cleaning services. Multiple slow-draining regions indicate a clog in the main sewer line and only a professional can truly troubleshoot and solve this dilemma.

Mold Near Your Drains

Mold should never be anywhere in your home, but if it is the location of the mold can sometimes help you figure out why and how it is growing. Mold that is growing close to your drains can indicate that there is a leak somewhere closeby. A lot of small leaks are caused by mounting pressure as the result of a clog that won’t let water pass at its normal rate.

In addition to visually spotting mold, you can usually smell it if it is growing near your plumbing fixtures. Mold loves to grow in damp, dark areas and can often be found under sinks or near floor drains that occasionally backup. The problem is mold can also be toxic for your health, so you don’t want to mess around with it. Call a professional plumber right away to check out the situation and clean out your drains if necessary to get water flow restored and cracks sealed.

These are just a few of the many signs that it may be time to schedule drain cleaning in San Antonio, TX. The age of your plumbing system and amount of trees or shrubs in your yard also play a heavy role in determining how often your drains should be cleaned. If you are unsure or just have questions about the process, give bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio a call today. We have offered drain cleaning services for decades and our experienced team can quickly get to the bottom of any issues you may be experiencing with your drains.

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