Reasons Your Water Heater Is Not Making Enough Hot Water | Insight from Your Trusted San Antonio, TX Plumbing Service

Reasons Your Water Heater Is Not Making Enough Hot Water | Insight from Your Trusted San Antonio, TX Plumbing Service

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Not having hot water at home feels terrible. Simple everyday tasks, such as taking a shower or washing the dishes, now become unpleasant. Additionally, many appliances, such as your dishwasher and laundry machine, depend on your water heater. In fact, the average household hot-water use averaged at about 239 liters per day.

If your water heater doesn’t make enough hot water, you likely need to call a plumbing service. Ultimately, how complicated the plumbing service call is will depend on what is causing the water heater problems. Keep reading for a complete breakdown of the main reasons why a water heater doesn’t make enough hot water.

Your Water Heater Is Overworked

One of the most common reasons a water heater can’t produce enough hot water is that it’s simply overworked. Some signs that this may be the problem are if there has been:

  • An increase in the household members, such as new roommates or family members, that put an extra drain on the hot water supply.
  • Remodeling projects that take up a lot of extra hot water, such as the installation of a larger, luxury tub or new shower heads with higher volumes.
  • Installation of a new kitchen or bathroom.
  • Installation of new appliances that require a lot of hot water, such as large-capacity washing machines.

If you think this is your problem, it’s best to book a plumbing service to confirm your suspicions. The plumber may recommend you upgrade to a larger water heater or upgrade to a tankless water heater. These types of projects will require professional plumbing services. Consult with your plumber about which kind of water heater is best for your household.

Some families try to resolve the problem of an overworked water heating by having a water-usage schedule. The schedule outlines when people can take a shower versus other activities such as washing the dishes, so hot water is readily available. However, this is a complicated system, and we recommend you instead invest in a water heater that can keep up with your demands.

The Water Is Very Cold

In regions with cold climates, the water going into the water heater can be extremely cold. This means the water heater needs to do a lot more work to heat it. The result often is reduced availability of hot water, especially in the winter months.

One possible solution is that your water heater’s thermostat simply needs to be turned up during the winter months. However, we don’t recommend you make this assumption. Schedule a plumbing service to come and inspect your water heater. If it’s a matter of increasing the thermostat, the plumbing service call will be very cheap. However, if there’s a bigger problem at play, you have just potentially saved yourself thousands of dollars by addressing it early on.

Reduced Water Pressure

The way a water heater works is incoming cold water pushes out the hot water to appliances. If the water supply suddenly experiences a reduction in water pressure, it can reduce the pressure that hot water is forced out of the tank. This makes people think they don’t have as much hot water as usual.

Unfortunately, fixing water pressure issues can be quite complicated. Always call for a professional if you think you have water pressure problems. These problems can stem from a wide variety of issues, such as corroded pipes or issues with the water pressure regulator valve.

Water Heater Isn’t in the Right Location

In some homes, if the bathroom is a far distance from the water heater, it can mean that it takes a long time for the hot water to reach the sink or shower. Additionally, the hot water may also run out quickly. That’s because a lot of the heat is used up in the long journey from the water heater to the faucets.

The solution sounds simple: move your water heater. But, the execution of that solution is a lot more complicated. Water heater installation is considered a professional plumbing service. It’s a complicated process and your water heater can’t be moved just anywhere.

Additionally, your plumber may offer up more manageable solutions, allowing you to save money on the plumbing service. Some options include:

  • Installing a supplemental point-of-use water heater near the faucet. This is essentially a secondary small water heater that is located closer to your bathroom.
  • Installing an instant hot water recirculating pump. This pump helps to keep the water in the pipes consistently warm.
  • Insulating the hot water pipes. This helps to keep the water from losing heat as it runs through the pipes from the water heater to the faucet.

When you call the professionals in for a plumbing service, they will be able to advise which route is best for you and your situation.

Water Heater Is Old 

The average lifespan of a water heater is between eight to twelve years. And, that is for the responsible water heater owners that called for regular maintenance plumbing services annually. Eventually, even with proper maintenance, the water heater will need to be replaced. Most likely, sediment will accumulate, impacting the efficiency of the water heater and reducing the volume of hot water available.

If your water heater is ten years old or older, it likely needs a full replacement. However, before you assume anything, call for a professional plumber to inspect the heater.

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