Reasons To Leave Your Drain Cleaning Service To A Plumbing Company | Boerne, TX

Reasons To Leave Your Drain Cleaning Service To A Plumbing Company | Boerne, TX

How regularly do you clean your drains? Do you enlist the help of a plumber, or do you just Do-It-Yourself? As a rule of thumb, NEVER DIY your drain cleaning service. Regardless of how simple the issue appears, leave the plumbing repair to a professional. Otherwise, you might worsen the issue, injure yourself, misdiagnose the problem, or even void the warranty you might have had. Hence, Don’t Do-It-Yourself (DDIY).

Most homeowners DIY their plumbing to save some bucks on professional plumbing services. However, this is just a misconception. DIY plumbing works are costlier compared to hiring a plumbing company to complete the task. For instance, to repair a faucet, you must purchase the necessary tools and dedicate time to complete the task.

What if you misdiagnose the problem? Then you will be exacerbating the problem even further. This means that in the end, you’ll end up paying a professional plumber to complete the job. In effect, you will pay more than you would have, not accounting for the tools you have bought ad time wastage. If you were working on a water heater or a dishwasher, you would have effectively voided the warranty, meaning that you’ll have to pay for any subsequent repairs from your pocket.

Drain cleaning is one of the major plumbing issues that some homeowners opt to tackle rather than hire a professional plumbing company for a drain cleaning service. However, things aren’t always as planned, and DIY drain cleaning can turn catastrophic swiftly. Imagine when you puncture the drains and water spills all over your Boerne, TX home or yard. Wouldn’t this have defeated your intentions while exposing you to many infections? If you are all about saving money, then DDIY. Hire a professional instead, and you’ll receive professional drain cleaning.

Below are the main DIY drain cleaning methods homeowners use and why you should avoid them.

Using Boiling Water to Clear the Drains

One phrase that should inform you never to use this method is, splash back. When you pour boiling water down the drains, you might sustain severe burns in case of a splash. You’ll have to pay for medical bills to cure the sustained burns. Is this worth a temporary solution to your drainage issue?

Did you know that boiling water might also cause irreparable damage to your drain pipes? Using this DIY hack to clear the clog from your drainage system might have more harm than good. The boiling water might melt if you use plastic or PVC pipes.

Hence, you might soon have to hire a plumbing company in Boerne, TX, for a repipe or pipe replacement service. Additionally, this method doesn’t permanently remove a clog. At best, it only serves as a temporary solution, meaning the clog will eventually return. Hence, rather than go through all the trouble of using energy to heat the water only to burn yourself without a clear indication that it will permanently resolve the problem, have a plumbing company offer a drain cleaning service.

The Concoction Conspiracy

You might have heard or even seen some DIY enthusiasts say that using vinegar or mixing it with baking soda can be effective in clearing a blockage. However, mixing various chemicals to make a drain cleaning concoction is ineffective and might not even work. Rather, it is a waste of both time and resources. The concoction will eat away your galvanized steel and copper drain pipes rather than remove the blockage. Hence, the mixture will corrode your piping, leaving the blockage within the piping.

If it removes a section of the clog, that will happen temporarily, and the blockage will return vengefully. This is because the dirt and debris can seep into the drains from the pinholes caused by the corrosion. When you hire a plumbing company for a drain cleaning service, their plumbers will know how to remove the blockage entirely using environmentally friendly means effectively. Remember, your DIY attempts will only resolve the issue temporarily or even exacerbate it. Thus, enlist the assistance of a professional for annual drain cleaning services and never DIY your plumbing issues.

Coat Hanger Drain Cleaning Hack

To avoid purchasing drain cleaning tools, homeowners use their imaginations to make some of them. One of the hacks uses a coat hanger to make a homemade drain snaking tool. This is the worst idea a homeowner can think of. Using a coat hanger or a hanging wire to remove a clog cannot compete with a plumbing snake. Inserting your “MacGyvered” tool inside the drain pipes might even push the blockage deeper, making it harder to remove or clear later.

Additionally, the tool can also get stuck in the pipe. Whenever your handmade tool is stuck in the drains, never try inserting your hand down there in an attempt to remove it, more so when dealing with a garbage disposal unit. Your hand might get cut, bruised, or even stuck. Rather than resort to making your tools, hire a plumbing company to perform the drain cleaning service. The professionals use industry-accepted methods that are environmentally friendly and safe.

Using Chemical Drain Cleaners

You might have seen those commercials advertising the effectiveness of liquid drain cleaners on TV or on the internet. They may even have convinced you they are cheaper than hiring a professional drain cleaning service provider. Unfortunately, that can never be further from the truth. Liquid drain cleaning agents harm you, the drain pipes, the septic tank, and the environment in general. If the drain pipes are old, plastic, metallic, and clogged, using chemical drain cleaners might result in severe damage.

Most chemical drain cleaners are made using hydrochloric acid. This specific acid has a corrosive effect on metallic pipes and eats away or reacts with plastic pipes. This means that rather than ending up with clean drains, you will have irreparable damage on your hands. Rather, have a plumbing company in Boerne, TX, offer you a drain cleaning service to avert all these issues. Additionally, breathing the fumes produced by these drain cleaning products might impact your respiratory health.

Thorough and Reputable Plumbing Services

Whatever you do, don’t DIY your plumbing works. There are many negative impacts to this that you could imagine. Rather, hire a reputable company that specializes in drain cleaning services. You’ll have your drainage system professionally cleaned and cared for. You could also retain the plumbing company for a routine drain cleaning, preferably once yearly. Need reliable and thorough plumbing services? Call us at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio today.

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