Reasons to Hire a Drain Cleaning Service | San Antonio, TX

Reasons to Hire a Drain Cleaning Service | San Antonio, TX

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Along with the many benefits of owning your San Antonio, TX, home comes the many responsibilities associated with its upkeep, such as maintenance of your plumbing system, which includes regularly reaching out to your local plumber for drain cleaning services. Your home’s drains have a big job to do, handling thousands of gallons of H2O as it winds its way through your plumbing system each year. That’s not to mention the other unmentionable dirty messes that snake their way through your pipes too. Over time, drains have issues, including clogs, that keep them from running smoothly. With regular drain cleaning, you can keep your drains clear and working as they should while warding off future issues.

There are several sound reasons to get your drains cleaned bi-annually or at least once each year. These include:

  • Reducing blockages. Taking time to have your plumber come out for drain cleaning services can prevent blockages in the future. Even a small blockage can cause your plumbing system to work inefficiently. Larger blockages can cause real damage and big messes while being notoriously more difficult to get rid of altogether. A delay in addressing existing clogs can lead to inopportune total blockages that put your plumbing system out of order until you can get the plumber out to help.
  • Reduce odors. Once sewer odor is in the air, it’s hard to get rid of. When drains start to back up, particles that linger in the line, whether it be grease, oil or rotting food, can cause a malodorous scent throughout the home. Only professional drain cleaning services can truly rid you of that smell, no matter how much you flush it yourself with water.
  • Deter future costs. Most folks are familiar with the old adage of an ounce of prevention being worth a pound of cure. And this applies to drain cleaning services too. It is invariably less costly to solve a small problem than to tackle a big one.

Kitchen Drains

As time goes by, kitchen drains tend to run more and more slowly. Before you know it, buildup from fats, soap scum, detergents, and grease eventually cause a clog. When you call out for drain cleaning services, your San Antonio, TX, plumber will likely use a machine that cuts through the clog to remove whatever is causing the blockage, restoring your kitchen drain to its full and optimal functionality.

Bathtub Drains

Hair, hair, everywhere, even in the drain. You may think it just disappears when your rinse hair away, but some of it doesn’t. And over the course of time, hair is the number one culprit of clogged bathtub drains (although pet fur, soap, and even small toys kids play with while bathing are also clog contributors). A clogged bathtub drain and a busy home are not a good mix, and usually have a bathtub out of order can become a huge and inconvenient issue. Your drain cleaning services professional has tools at his disposal to find and clear the clog fast, so your family can get on with their morning shower schedule uninterrupted.

Toilet and Bathroom Drains

The toilet should be used only for flushing away human waste and toilet paper, but we all know that that doesn’t always happen. A clogged toilet (or worse yet, a clogged toilet that overflows and makes a nasty, disgusting mess on your floor) is one of the top reasons that homeowners arrange for drain cleaning. Non-flushable materials in the toilet are usually the cause, whether someone flushes cat litter or empties an ashtray into the loo or kids send their LEGO blocks for a dip and then flush them away. Drain cleaning pros can remedy the clog quickly and get your toilet back to good in no time flat.

Floor Drains

Drains in the utility or laundry room or the garage or basement are an additional area of concern when your professional does a sweep of your home for drain cleaning services. Moreover, if you have a sump pump that you rely on to keep things dry in the basement, you also want to be sure that its discharge drains are working properly. Regular drain cleaning can give you peace of mind that if you experience flooding or water backing up in the basement, your sump pump is going to work at its best to get rid of it.

Outdoor Drain Cleaning

Your home’s indoor plumbing may affect you more directly, but outdoor plumbing shouldn’t be ignored either. Your under-ground sewer pipes are vulnerable to clogs caused by debris, such as leaves. If you get a clog in a sewer pipe, then it can cause sewage to back up into your home too. Downspout drains on the outside of your home can also become backed up due to leaves and other items in your gutters, which can impede water flow during rainy periods, leading to rot and potential structural damage to your home. Regularly gutter cleaning can help, but if you have a problem with downspout drains, drain cleaning can get things moving efficiently again.

What to Expect at a Drain Cleaning Appointment

When you set up an appointment for drain cleaning service, your technician will use a drain cleaning machine to clear all of your home’s drains. A small camera is generally used afterward to inspect the drains and sewer lines to make sure that everything is working as it should. Typically, drain cleaning appointments take about two hours or less.

Don’t put the health of your plumbing system and your home in jeopardy. Schedule regular drain cleaning services with your bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio, TX, to keep things running in tip-top shape.

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