Plumber Tips: Best Water Heaters Of 2021 | Cibolo, TX

Plumber Tips: Best Water Heaters Of 2021 | Cibolo, TX

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Nothing feels good like a hot steamy shower, especially after a long tiring day. In fact, studies show that taking hot baths regularly reduces symptoms of loneliness and depression. To enjoy warm and relaxing baths, you need a water heater in your home in Cibolo, TX. If you don’t have one or your current system has malfunctioned, then you’ll need to shop for a new water heater.

However, most folks may not know what to look for, and some do not know anything about water heaters. Finding a water heater that suits your needs may be challenging with many types of water heaters in the market, from solar, electric, gas, tankless, storage tank, and on-demand heaters.

But if you know the different types of water heaters, you’ll be able to pick out one that’s cost and energy efficient and have a professional plumber install it. Therefore, continue reading this blog post to discover the different types of water heaters out there.

Tankless Water Heater

Tankless water heaters don’t have a tank to heat the water. Instead, they have coils that get super-hot when filled with water to deliver hot water. They are popular among many homeowners because they save money on electricity as they don’t produce the standby energy losses common with storage water heaters.


Most tankless water heaters have a lifespan of 8 to 10 years; therefore, you have to clean them annually to remove mineral scale and prevent corrosion. Because the parts of this water heater are small and difficult to access, it’s advisable to hire a plumber to get the job done.


A tankless water heater heats large amounts of water quickly, and you enjoy an endless supply of hot water, thus you don’t have to worry about finding yourself in a cold shower during the frigid winters.

Another advantage is that they are available in different sizes, thus you should pick the size that suits your needs. It’s important to consult with a plumber when selecting this type of water heater; otherwise, you might choose a size smaller than will produce lukewarm or cold water since there will be more demand on the heater than it can take.


Despite their numerous advantages, these water heaters have their downsides. For instance, they are expensive to purchase compared to traditional-style heaters. Also, you may have to do a costly renovation because they may need more extensive gas lines or more power capacity, which you may not have.

Conventional Storage Tank Water Heater

These were the first types of water heaters to hit the market and are still common among many homeowners in the United States.

They have a storage tank of a specified capacity where water is stored as it gets heated. When shopping for this tank, it’s important to purchase the right size because the amount of hot water available depends on the size of the heater’s tank.

These tanks have good insulation, thus the water remains warm even after heating. It’s important to note that these traditional heaters have two valves for temperature and pressure control.

The temperature control valve opens after the water has been heated to 120 degrees Fahrenheit to release moderate or heat temperatures. On the other hand, the pressure control valve opens around 150 PSI to reduce pressure.

Over time, some folks are opting for newer models because conventional storage tank water takes time to heat your water and if you’ve used all heated water and still need more, you may have to wait for another round of heating, which could even take an hour.

On the brighter side, these water heaters are affordable and a plumber can easily install them without any difficulties.

If you purchase this tank, you’ll have to clean it regularly to increase its lifespan because it stores water constantly. A professional plumber recommends that the water heater tank be cleaned twice a year to remove sediments and mineral scales to reduce corrosion. With proper maintenance, a conventional storage tank water heater can last you for around twelve years.

Heat Pump Water Heaters

They also go by the name hybrid electric water heaters and can save residents in Cibolo, TX, electricity bills because they don’t generate heat directly. Heat pump water heaters capture heat from the ground or air to warm water. Electricity is only used when transferring the heat from the ground or air to the water tank.


To keep this water heater functioning efficiently throughout the year, you have to hire a professional plumber for maintenance twice a year to clean the tank regularly.


Unlike other models, this heater does not depend entirely on electricity; therefore, if you seek an energy-efficient and cost-efficient heater in the long run, you can go for this hybrid water heater.


To accommodate this heater, a plumber may need to place it on top of the water heater, thus you may need at least eight feet from floor to ceiling.

If you live in a cold place, the heat pump may not be effective because it depends on external sources. Also, this type of water heater is expensive to purchase.

Condensing Water Heater

This energy-efficient water heater runs on gas by absorbing and using the extra fumes to heat water. Also known as condensing boilers, they extract heat coming from the hot exhaust gas, store it, and then preheat the water in the boiler.

Just like conventional heaters, condensing water heaters also have storage tanks. They capture the flue gas, which is blown via the coil placed at the heater’s base. If your home requires 55 gallons of hot water at a go, these water heaters are a perfect option.


You’ll need a plumber to clean the tank at least once a year to prolong its lifespan, especially the gas import valves.


Since condensing boilers can hold plenty of hot water, you don’t have to worry about running out of hot water when taking a bath.

In addition, they are an energy-efficient option for homes running on natural gas.


On the downside, this type of water heater may not be readily available in smaller models, and it’s suitable for families in need of a capacity of over 55 gallons. Also, condensing water heaters may not function effectively in homes that don’t run on natural gas.

Solar-Powered Water Heater

A solar-powered water heater draws energy from the sun. These heaters are a relief to many homeowners because they reduce their water heating fuel consumption by 50 to 70 percent.

For starters, this is how a solar-powered water heater operates. The solar panel’s cells capture heat and transfer it via the heat-conductive material located in the closed-loop system, which eventually reaches the tank and heats the water.


Lastly, don’t forget about regular maintenance since this type of water heater comes with a tank; hence, periodic cleaning by a plumber twice a year is important to remove mineral deposits and prevent corrosion. Also, an annual professional inspection is recommended to maintain the solar panels.


These heaters are essential in the reduction of the carbon footprint throughout the year. Plus, they are energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, cost-efficient, and you enjoy unlimited hot water on sunny days.

Solar-powered water heaters can save considerable amounts on electricity bills.


However, before calling a professional plumber to mount this water heater in your home it’s essential to know that it has many demerits compared to other water heaters. For instance, it’s unreliable on rainy days, quite expensive, and maintaining some of its various parts can be a hassle.

Even if you live in sunny areas, you may need an alternative backup energy source such as natural gas or electricity because you cannot have sunlight 365 days a year.

Combined Space and Water Heating System

These water heaters were built to replace forced-air furnaces, and they feature an optimized hydronic air handler with large coils for heat transfer and space heating.

The fan coil is installed with the ductwork, and the small pump circulates water from the water heater along with the fan coil. Homeowners who need floor or radiant heating can distribute the hot water via the in-floor piping.


Residents in Cibolo, TX, should have a plumber conduct general inspections and cleaning twice a year for benefits such as safer equipment operation, lower energy bills, longer equipment life, and fewer repairs.


You can go for this type of water heater if your home has low heating requirements. It offers more space efficiency, insulation, and lowered leakage of air. In addition, this water heater removes spillage issues from the natural draft appliance since it uses a powered combustion vent.


However, the initial investment for this heater can be very high since most plumbers may not be familiar with this system. Also, due to its novelty, it’s essential to consult with a licensed plumber and mount it correctly.

Combined Space and Water Heating System with a Hydronic Boiler

Instead of a water heater, a combined space-water heating device comes with a hydronic boiler. It’s preferred because it is compact and an excellent energy-efficient option to save energy and reduce the number of appliances.

Combined space and water heating systems with a hydronic boiler, also referred to as combi-boiler or segregated heating systems, come in different models, and in some types, you have the option of heating your water and space simultaneously. In contrast, for the others, you can heat water-space one at a time.

They use the hydronic boiler to produce heat, which is transferred to the water via a heat exchanger. Some models use double-wall heat exchangers to prevent the boiler heating loops from contaminating the potable water.

There are also new combination boiler designs with full-energy saving power and a tankless feature to prevent unnecessary water heating when you’re not around.

Plus, it has a flow control valve that maintains a constant temperature level regardless of your incoming water temperature. Therefore, you can enjoy a good quantity of hot water flow with accurate water stability.


Proper maintenance for the flow control valve and auxiliary pump connections is necessary to prevent corrosion and mineral deposits. Therefore, it would be best to have a competent plumber in Cibolo, TX, conduct annual cleaning and general inspection to ensure the boiler works efficiently.


This water heater has fewer products that have to be purchased separately for each function. It has a compact design with in-built parts for auxiliary pump connections, outdoor reset control, and recirculation capability.

Also, due to its compact size, homeowners can free up the roof space used for cold water storage in conventional heaters since this type of heater gets its water supply directly from the main without any tank. Plus, It’s an efficient heating system; thus, you can save around 90 percent on your monthly electricity bills.


Segregated heating systems are expensive to mount because of the complicated installation procedure that requires several electronic devices for their functions. You will also need a licensed and experienced plumber to set it up correctly.

If you have a large family, this heating system will not be suitable due to the high demand for hot water, and these heaters lack a backup of a water tank.

Smart Water Heater

Smart water heaters could be a tankless system or a thermostat that works alongside your existing heater.


With smart water heaters, you can connect to Wi-Fi, reduce water damage through leak detection, save energy by monitoring and adjusting temperature, and kill bacteria inside the water heater by cycling water temperatures.


Smart water heaters are expensive and require an experienced plumber for professional installation.

Consult a Professional Plumber in Cibolo, TX

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